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Chapter 331: Stealing The Limelight Of The Host

The wedding photos of Russell and Victoria were about less than two meters behind Jordan and Victoria!

It was the venue for Russell and Victorias wedding.

Yet, Jordan and Victoria were kissing each other passionately right in front of Russell, unable to get a grip on themselves at all!

Everyone present got into an uproar.

“Oh my God, this is… really nonsensical.

The bride actually kissed another man in front of the groom!”


Miller, the richest man in the city, has been utterly humiliated and insulted today!”

“Jordan Steele is really brazen to do such a crazy thing!”

The Howards, who were sitting at the table that was the closest to the stage, were incredibly displeased too!

Martin was frowning hard with a murderous gaze in his eyes!

He intended for Jordan to marry his granddaughter, Lauren.

However, Jordan got back together with his ex-girlfriend right in front of them!

“If I had known earlier, I wouldnt have let him leave DC!”

At that time, Martin wanted to detain Jordan in DC by force, but he happened to learn that Victoria was getting married to someone else, so he chose not to resort to brutal means.

He thought Jordan would naturally pursue Lauren and marry her after breaking up with Victoria.

He didnt expect Jordan to be so smitten and in love with Victoria that he kept desperately trying to salvage their relationship after the breakup.

Brad flew into a rage, too.

“Whats going on between these two people Are they treating the groom as non-existent Jordan Steele is horrendous!”

Jordan would have definitely given Brad a tight slap if he were to hear those words.

Brad was the true crook who didnt deserve to have a say in anything because he had slept with Hailey and knocked her up while Jordan was at work!

Lauren felt extremely hurt when she saw that scene.

She then stood up and said, “Ill get going now.”

Hailey, who was standing at the door, was just as jealous after seeing that scene.

“Jordan Steele, youre actually here to snatch the bride! You were the one who ruined both my weddings.

Seems like this is all you do!”

“Today, youre actually here to ruin Victorias wedding and get back together with her!”

“Victoria Clarke must have already slept with Russell Miller again during this period.

Yet, you actually forgave her too!”

“Why wont you forgive me when I slept with someone else, which is exactly what you forgave her for Thats not fair! Youre really pissing me off!”

Hailey was filled with indignation.

She admitted that she had done something wrong, but she felt she had merely made a mistake that many pretty women would make.

She felt Jordan should forgive her.

At this moment, Lauren had already walked out with a straight face and brushed shoulders with Hailey as she walked past her.

Hailey was stunned to see Lauren.

“What a beautiful woman!”

It was Haileys first time meeting Lauren, and she couldnt help but be awestruck by her beauty.

On the stage, Russells face was flushed and the wedding emcee was at a loss for words too.

From now on, Russell, the richest man in Houston, will become the laughingstock of the business circle of the city!

Russell yelled, “Shut up! Shut up, all of you! Jordan Steele, Victoria, stop what youre doing!”

However, Jordan and Victoria simply ignored him and continued to kiss each other passionately.

They had been through lots of hardships together, and they couldnt stop themselves now at all.

Russell was enraged.

He could never tolerate the act of watching his fiancée kiss another man in front of all the guests at their wedding!

“Go! Pull the both of them apart!”

Russell yelled at the security officers whom he had hired.


The tall and burly security officers took action immediately and went on stage in a bid to drag Jordan away.

However, just as they took action, Pablo and Salvatores underlings subdued them!

“Come here, you punk! How dare you ruin the mood for Mr.

Jordan You must have a death wish!”

Salvatore grabbed a security officer who wanted to rush onto the stage and beat him up into a pulp.

The others also started fighting one after another.

The wedding turned into a group fight!

Pablos henchmen were all elite martial artists from Southeast Asia.

Although Russells security officers were rather skilled too, they were a far cry from these professional fighters.

Seeing that his underlings couldnt defeat Pablos henchmen, Russell was enraged and he immediately called the police.

Soon, the police arrived at the scene, and Jordan and Victoria finally stopped kissing.

“All of you, stop! Squat down now!”

At this moment, Pablo and Russells underlings all squatted down.

Russell, whose face had turned pale from anger, walked down from the stage and pointed at Jordan.

He exclaimed, “Sir, this is the man who came with a bunch of people to ruin my wedding.

Please arrest him and put him in jail!”

Salvatore, who was squatting on the ground, yelled, “We did it purely because we cant tolerate your actions, Russell Miller.

It has nothing to do with Mr.


The police officer walked over and asked Jordan, “Are these your people

Of course, Jordan wouldnt admit it.


“Were you involved in the fight” the police officer continued to ask.

Jordan replied, “No.”

“What did you do after you got here, then” the police officer asked.

Jordan glanced at Victoria and said, “I kissed her.”

The police officer glanced at Victoria and felt that she was obviously the bride!

Victoria hurriedly said, “I was the one who initiated it.”

The police officer felt rather helpless, too.

He looked at Russell and said, “This… is a little difficult to handle.”

Jordan didnt do anything illegal after he arrived.

All he did was kiss the bride, who had initiated the kiss.

That wasnt illegal.

At this moment, another police car arrived at the door.

A domineering man arrived with many police officers.

Lots of people recognized him.

“Its the chief of police, Commissioner Louis!”

“Commissioner Louis is here too!”

Commissioner Louis walked towards Martin and said, “Mr.

Howard, I heard a brawl has occurred to her, so I rushed over immediately when I learned you were here, too.

Are you alright”

Martin waved his hand and said, “Yes.”

Afterwards, Martin stood up, glowered at Jordan with displeasure, and then said to Commissioner Louis, “Louis, do you still remember Norman Clarke”

Commissioner Louis said, “Of course I do.

He was an outstanding programmer and businessman, but he had unfortunately died 11 years ago.”

Martin said, “Norman isnt dead.

I suspect that the father of this man here, Jordan Steele, was the one who imprisoned Norman!”


Martin actually said that Jordans father had imprisoned Victorias father!

Jordan had a ruthless expression on his face.

It was his first time meeting Martin, but he had already guessed that this old man was Lauren and Brads grandfather.

He didnt expect Martin to go against him at their first meeting!

“Yes!” Russell chimed in, “If Mr.

Norman Clarke didnt die, he must have been held in purgatory by the Steeles! Otherwise, why wouldnt he not show any concern for his family for the past eleven years He didnt even appear when his wife passed away!”

Victoria was just as stunned.

She stared at Jordan, in hopes of hearing the answer from him!


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