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Chapter 332: How Cheap Hailey Can Be!

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Victoria looked at Jordan and asked, “Jordan, where is my father”

Jordan shook his head because he only knew that Norman was dead, but he was clueless about his exact whereabouts.

Commissioner Louis, who also knew Norman Clarke, asked in puzzlement, “Why is everyone so sure that Norman Clarke is still alive”

Russell pointed to Jordan and said, “He has a photo of Norman that was taken recently.”

Commissioner Louis looked at Jordan and asked, “Can you show me the photo”

Jordan nodded and showed Commissioner Louis the photo, after which Commissioner Louis nodded.

“Indeed, its Mr.

Norman Clarke.

He was in his forties 11 years ago, so he must be in his fifties now.”


Steele, how did you get this photo”

Of course, Jordan couldnt expose his brother Jesse, so he said, “I went to France to investigate on the murderer of Victorias father and offered a reward of 5 million francs to collect some clues so someone gave this to me.”

His explanation was reasonable, too.

Besides, they just had to do a slight check to know that Jordan had indeed offered a reward of 5 million francs in Paris to get some clues.

At this moment, Russell said, “Commissioner Louis, Ive also been investigating the matter of the death of Norman Clarke.

I happen to also have a photo of Norman with the suspected murderer on the day of his death, and that suspect is Jordans father, Rowan Steele!”

“Wheres the photo” Commissioner Louis asked.

Russell said, “At home.

Ill send someone to retrieve it immediately.”

Commissioner Louis looked at Victoria and said, “Mr.

Dalton, Mr.

Steele, please make a trip back to the police station with me and assist us in the investigation of the case of Mr.

Norman Clarke.”

Afterwards, Commissioner Louis looked at Victoria and asked, “You must be Mr.

Norman Clarkes daughter, right Come with us too.


The three of them didnt refute.

“Im Normans daughter too.

Ill come with you!”

Emily, who was at the side, also walked over.

Commissioner Louis nodded and said, “Please come with us then.”

After saying that, Commissioner Louis turned around and left while instructing the other police officers, “Take these troublemakers away!”


After Jordan, Russell, Victoria and other main characters left, the lively wedding officially ended too.

The guests also left the table and returned to their respective seats.

Brad said, “Grandpa, Jordan didnt do anything, and he doesnt have a criminal record either.

He hasnt committed any crimes in the US.”

“Hell probably pretend not to know anything about Norman, and I reckon hell be released soon.”

“This punk really doesnt know any better.

Hes gotten back together with Victoria Clarke, completely disregarding Lauren.

I have to teach him a lesson!”

Martin said indifferently with a sullen expression, “Dont worry, Jordan cant get away with it so easily this time.

Even if he leaves the police station unscathed, Ill make sure he loses a layer of skin!”

“He wants to leave irresponsibly after bullying my granddaughter.

Hmph, he must be dreaming!”

After saying that, Martin strode and left, too.

When the Howards reached the door, they saw Hailey had long since arrived.

Hailey stood in place, looking like an inexperienced young lady.

She thought she would be pretty enough to attract Martins attention.

However, the Howards simply walked away without even looking at her at all.


When Hailey brushed shoulders with Brad as they walked past, Hailey reached out her slender finger to hook Brads hand.

Brad stopped in his tracks and looked at Hailey, who was looking at him devotedly.

I have something to say to you.”

Brad looked rather annoyed, and he immediately said to Martin, “Grandpa, you guys head home first.

Ill make a trip to the washroom.”

After his family left, Brad said in annoyance, “Whats going on”

Hailey asked with a smile, “Was that your grandfather”

When Brad went to Jordans villa to hook up with Hailey previously, he showed her some photos of his grandfather with many big shots, which left Hailey in awe and admiration.

“Yeah, whats the matter” Brad questioned coldly.

Hailey said with a sweet smile, “Why dont you introduce me to your grandfather”

Brad said nonchalantly, “Introduce you to him Are you even worthy”

The Camdens were now in decline.

Even during their peak some time ago, they were still inferior to the Howards.

Hailey bit her lips, feeling displeased about being chastised by him.

“You said you would give me 150 million dollars, so you should fulfill your promise and give me the money now.”

At the end of the day, Hailey was just trying to ask Brad for money.

It wasnt like Hailey to not ask for money.

Brad laughed and said, “I said that Id give you 150 million dollars if you gave birth to a boy, but I now know that you gave me a daughter, and Jordan a son.”

“I dont like girls, so I dont want that daughter of mine.

You can keep her yourself!”

Brad was about to leave as he said that, but Hailey quickly grabbed her and asked, “How can you be so cruel Shes your flesh and blood.

Having a daughter is so nice, shell always be Daddys girl.”

“Do you know how much Jordan wants that daughter to be his Yet, you dont even cherish her!”

“I dont care.

I gave you a daughter, so even if you wont give me 150 million dollars, you have to give me 75 million dollars!”

“As long as you give me 75 million dollars, you can stay out of all matters regarding our daughter.

Ill raise her on my own.”

Brad gave it some thought and felt that 75 million dollars wasnt considered much to him.

Looking at Haileys beautiful face, Brad couldnt help but reach his hand out and place it on her delicate face.

“Youre so beautiful.

Our daughters definitely going to be as pretty as you.

Fine, Ill give you.””

Hailey was surprised and overjoyed.

“Transfer the money to me immediately, then!”

Brad sized Hailey up with a sinister smile and said, “Hailey, youve really shed the pregnancy weight and you look just like a young woman who hasnt had a baby yet.

Tsk, tsk, tsk…”

“How about this You accompany me to the hotel, serve me well and Ill transfer the money to you.

How does that sound”

Hailey began to hesitate.

She had come over this time with the main purpose of making Jordan stay.

However, now that Jordan and Victoria were together again, she no longer stood a chance.

Hence, Hailey nodded and said, “Okay, Ill accompany you.”

Brad immediately kissed Hailey and said, “Lets go then, baby!”

Hailey turned around and shot Drew a glance.

“Drew, keep this a secret for me and make sure not to tell Jordan.

Dont forget that Im the richest person in the family now!”

Drew gritted his teeth indignantly and had no choice but to agree.

However, Brad seemed to intentionally want Jordan to find out, so he deliberately checked into a room in the Intercontinental Hotel where Jordan was staying.

In the luxurious suite, the svelte Hailey was laying in Brads arms and asking, “Honey, I heard your grandfather mention at the wedding that Jordans father imprisoned someone or something.

Does your grandfather loathe Jordan Is your family going to go against the Steeles”

Brad laughed and said, “Yes, Jordan has completely angered my grandfather by choosing to reconcile with Victoria Clarke.

Its over for him!”


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