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Chapter 333: Assets Frozen!

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In the police station in Houston.

Jordan, Victoria, and Russell were interrogated in different rooms of the police station.

Norman was not dead, but no one had heard from him in the last 11 years, so both Martin and Russell decided that he was kidnapped by Jordans father.

Hence, Jordans father became the key to this case,

Holding the photo that Russell had submitted, Commissioner Louis said to Jordan, “Mr.

Steele, we have also communicated with the police in Paris.

Your father, Rowan Steele, was the last person to meet with Mr.

Norman Clarke.”

“We have adequate reason to suspect that Mr.

Norman Clarkes disappearance is related to your father.

So, I hope you will take the initiative to contact your father and figure out Mr.

Norman Clarkes whereabouts sooner.”


Norman Clarkes daughter, Victoria, is your girlfriend.

Youd want her to reunite with her father sooner too, right”

Jordan thought about it and felt that there was no reason not to call his father, since his father didnt kill anyone.


Jordan then called his father in front of Commissioner Louis.

However, his father strangely didnt pick up.

Afterwards, he called Frank and his grandfather, but neither of them answered.

“Could it be that they already know that I went to the police station”

As a mysterious family, the Steeles naturally couldnt be contactable at all times.

“Im sorry, I cant reach them,” Jordan said.

“Can you provide your fathers address” Commissioner Louis asked.

Jordan shook his head and said, “He is often abroad and he moves to a different place from time to time.

I havent met him for years.”

Commissioner Louis said to a police officer, “Go check if there are any records of Rowan Steele coming to the US in the past few years.”


Soon, the police officer came over after checking the information and reported, “Commissioner Louis, weve checked and there is no information about Rowan Steele.”

Commissioner Louis nodded and asked Jordan, “Mr.

Jordan, your grandfather lives in England now, right Where exactly in England”

Jordan said, “My apologies.

This concerns my grandfathers personal privacy.

Please pardon me for not being able to disclose his address.

Moreover, my grandfather has nothing to do with this matter.”

Commissioner Louis said, “Heres the thing.

We discovered that the funds in your account were transferred from abroad and we doubt the legitimacy of the funds.”

“Unless you can get your grandfather to return abroad to prove that point, we will temporarily freeze all your bank accounts!”

‘Freeze my accounts!!

Jordan didnt expect it to be so serious!

“Why do you have to freeze my accounts My grandfather has been running numerous businesses in the US since decades ago, and all of our assets are earned from proper businesses,” Jordan defended himself.

Commissioner Louis laughed and said, “Mr.

Steele, please calm down, were just suspecting it.

As you know, your father was first accused of murder, and now he is suspected of holding someone captive.

Besides, youre in close contact with gangsters like Pablo Dalton and his underlings.”

“We have no choice but to temporarily freeze your funds to find out the source of your funds.”

“If your grandfather can personally come to the US and explain it, it wont be an issue, and we can unfreeze your accounts at any time.”

Jordan could tell that they had frozen his assets, undoubtedly to make his grandfather come back from abroad.

“What kind of person wants to lure my grandfather back here Could it be Laurens grandfather, Martin Howard”

Commissioner Louis continued, “Of course, you may also file for an appeal if you have any questions about this, Mr.


Jordan said indifferently, “I will.”

Soon, Jordan and Victoria came out of the police station.

“Jordan, how was it” Victoria asked.

Jordan sighed and said, “Things arent going too well.

My funds have all been frozen.”

“What” Victoria knew he had billions of dollars in his bank account!

“How could this happen” Victoria did not expect Jordan to be involved.

It was clearly a matter that concerned Jordans father.

Jordan said, “Lets go back to the hotel and talk about it.”


Pablo, Salvatore, and their underlings had gone to prison and none of them had been released yet.

Tim, who was in charge of logistics and issuing commands, wasnt arrested, so he sent the two of them back to the Intercontinental Hotel.

Back in the presidential suite of the hotel, Victoria asked eagerly, “Jordan, what exactly happened Who gave you that photo Where exactly is my father now”

Jordan told Victoria about everything that he did in the last 24 hours, from taking Emily to Paris with him, offering a reward, and meeting Jesse.

Jordan said, “Sorry, Victoria, I can only be certain about the fact that your father is still alive and doing well now, but I dont have the authority to find out where exactly he is now.”

Hearing Jordans recount, Victoria found it rather mysterious too.

“Seems like the Steeles really hold some secrets that have something to do with my father, too.”

“I wonder what this secret of the Steeles really is.

It actually made my dad refrain from contacting me for 11 years.”

Victoria understood her father, Norman, very well.

He loved his daughters very much and he could never bear to not show them any concern for 11 years.

There must be some special reason that prevented Norman from contacting them.

Jordan comforted Victoria and said, “Victoria, I promise you I will get the permission from my family soon and find your father.

Unfortunately, my funds are now frozen again, and I dont know if I can complete my business trial.”

Jordan had now become penniless, and it wasnt his first time becoming poor.

When he married Hailey as a live-in husband, he had deceived her twice by telling her he was penniless.

However, it was different this time.

He had money, but he couldnt use it.

He was really penniless now.

Victoria felt rather guilty because if it wasnt for her, Jordans assets wouldnt have been frozen.

Thinking about the hardships she had put Jordan through the past few days, Victoria was riddled with so much guilt that she got on her knees in front of Jordan!

“Victoria, what are you doing Get up quickly.”

How could Jordan let Victoria kneel

Victoria kneeled in front of Jordan and said, “Jordan, Im sorry, I married Russell without explaining to you at all.

You must really hate me the past few weeks.”

Jordan helped Victoria up and looked at Victorias haggard face before saying, “Honey, Ive never hated you or complained about you.”

“I know you broke up with me because you wanted me to forget about you.

If anything, Ill have to blame Gods will for letting that old fogy Russell seize the opportunity!”

At the mention of Russell, Victoria hurriedly said to Jordan, “Jordan, after coming to Houston, I lived in Russells villa, but I didnt sleep with him.

We didnt even kiss each other.

I really didnt betray you.

Do you believe me”

Looking at the sincere gaze in Victorias eyes, Jordan answered, “Yes!”

He had long learned about Victoria and Russells relationship through the listening bug, so he knew they had done nothing.

Of course, it was only until today.

If Jordan couldnt stop them from getting married today, Victoria might already be lying in Russells enormous bed at this moment!

The thought of it made Jordan feel the preciousness of being able to have Victoria again.

Jordan couldnt help but leap towards Victoria.


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