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Chapter 334: Pablo And Salvatore Face Trouble!

Jordan and Victoria had a passionate night.

The song,Suffer by Charlie Puth, which was used to alleviate the mood, was put on loop throughout the night!

On this night, Brad and Hailey had likewise been getting it on exhilaratingly in another presidential suite of the Intercontinental Hotel.

The two of them almost didnt catch any sleep at all.

Coincidentally, the two couples ran to one another in the elevator at 9am the following morning.

Jordan was holding onto Victorias hand while Hailey had her arm wrapped around Brads.

Upon seeing Jordan and Victoria, Hailey blushed, and she hurriedly let go of Brad.

The last time she met Jordan in a five-star hotel was when she and Tyler got caught red-handed in the hotel room by Jordan.

This time, it was a similar feeling, which made Hailey feel flustered.

However, Brad smiled graciously and even greeted Jordan.

“Jordan, you two seem to be exhausted, and you cant even walk properly.

You must have been drained from last night.


Brad looked at Victorias legs and noticed that her knees were red and bruised, clearly because of what they did last night.

Hailey was also wearing a short skirt so Jordan couldnt help but look at her knees, only to see that they were also red and bruised!

Since they were both men, Brad and Jordan naturally understood at a glance just what had happened last night!

Jordan was still pissed off to know that Brad, and Hailey had checked into a hotel room together.

Although Victoria was his current girlfriend and he no longer loved Hailey, Hailey and Brad had betrayed him after all!

Besides, just yesterday, Hailey had the cheek to say to Jordan that she was the one who loved him the most in the world!

‘Love, my foot!

‘You tell me you love me in the morning and then check into a hotel room with another man at night

‘Is this how much you love me!

Jordan felt really disgusted when he recalled what Hailey said yesterday!

Jordan looked at Hailey and asked, “Where is my son”

Hailey didnt quite dare to stare at Jordan.


Jordan repeated, “Im asking you, where is my son!”

Hailey whispered, “Oh, our son is in Orlando.

My moms taking care of him.”

Jordan said furiously, “Hailey, seriously My son is still an infant, and you left him in Orlando so that you could come here for a rendezvous with your lover!!”

Hailey frantically explained, “Im not here for Brad Howard.

I didnt even know hed come to Houston.

Im here to see you!”

Jordan humphed coldly.

“To see me Why did you end up in someone elses room then”

Hailey immediately said, “Its because of you.

You got back together with Victoria and you dont want me.

Yet, you wont allow me to find another man”

Jordan said, “Im not forbidding you from getting together with another man.

You can go to whoever you want for all I care, but youre being an irresponsible mother who only cares about your own enjoyment.

I think youd better let the Steeles take my son away sooner!”

“No! Jordan, please, dont take my child away!” Hailey panicked.

At this moment, Brad chuckled and said, “Hailey Camden, why are you begging him Hes now a penniless man whose assets have been frozen.

He cant spend a single cent of his money at all.”

“Moreover, he cant contact his family at all and theyve long stopped showing him any concern.

The Steeles dont even dare to come to the US.”

Hearing Brads words, Jordan flew into a rage and barked, “Indeed, the Howards are the ones targeting me!”

Brad humphed coldly and said, “Yes, were the ones targeting you.

So what!!”

“Jordan Steele, you really dont know any better.

You should count your blessings that my sister likes you.

Besides, instead of choosing my sister, you chose to get back together with this old woman, Victoria Clarke.”

“Im telling you, freezing your assets is considered a light punishment! Next, Im going to make your life worse than that of a beggar!”

“You have a death wish!” Jordan immediately swung his fist at Brad.

“Dont.” Victoria pulled Jordan back because there were surveillance cameras around, so if he were to hit Brad, he would definitely be thrown in jail.

On the other hand, Brad was completely dauntless.

“You want to hit me Go on, hit me.

I wont fight you today.

I dont have the energy to do that, anyway.

Your ex-wife can last so long that Im drained out of my energy, haha.”

Seeing Brad proudly flaunting his affair with Hailey, Jordan recalled the fact that they had once done him wrong by committing adultery.

Ignoring the fact that there were cameras around, he kicked Brad.


Brad was kicked to the elevator door.

“Bastard, how dare you really hit me! Seems like you want to live behind bears with Pablo and Salvatore for the rest of your life!”

Brad yelled in exasperation.

“What did you say” Jordan felt that something was amiss when he heard that.

Brad chuckled and said, “Jordan Steele, youre just a disloyal bastard who prioritizes lust over anything else.

All you care about is having a good time with your old woman.

Thats why you forgot your buddies, huh”

“Pablo, Salvatore and that group of Southeast Asian fighters have all been arrested and none of them have been released!”

“Thats not all.

Im telling you, Pablo and Salvatore, your most powerful subordinate, will stay in jail for the rest of their lives!”

Jordan yelled, “Bull**! I know their situation very well and its not even that serious.”

At this moment, Tim came up in the elevator and said to Jordan anxiously, “Mr.

Jordan, bad news.

Tiger betrayed Mr.

Dalton and Salvatore! He told the police everything that the two of them had done.”

Jordan did not have a deep impression of Tiger, and only remembered that he was one of Pablos underlings.

Jordan looked at the smug Brad and said, “You must have bribed Tiger, huh”

Jordan got worried.

Salvatore hadnt committed any serious crimes in the last few years.

However, the crimes that Pablo had done over the years would warrant a jail term of many years.

However, Brad said, “Pablo and Salvatore will spend the rest of their lives in jail.”

Tim said, “Tiger also accused Mr.

Dalton and Salvatore of many other crimes, blaming them for some gang fights, and the accidental deaths of people caused by traffic accidents and fires.”


Jordan, Mr.

Dalton and Salvatore might really have to be jailed for life! Quickly, find a way to save them!”

Jordan was enraged.

If the two of them were just going to receive the punishment they deserved for their misdeeds, Jordan could still accept it.

However, Brad actually got someone to smear them now!

Pablo and Salvatore were both capable assistants of Jordans, who were loyal to him and had done a lot of things for him.

There was no way he could sit back and do nothing about it.

Jordan looked at Brad and said, “How dare you get someone to smear my subordinates”

Brad laughed.

“Why not When you caught me for the first time, those two lackeys of yours even tried to kill me!”

“Jordan, do you want to save them or not Well, I just need to get my underling to withdraw the charges against him and admit that he had been lying, and that the evidence was all fake.”

Jordan asked, “What are your conditions”

Brad said, “Its not up to me to decide.

Go to DC and ask my grandfather! Do you dare to do that or not!”


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