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Chapter 335: To DC!

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‘Go to DC!

Jordans grandfather had long warned him that the Howards power in the US was not to be underestimated and that he may be in danger at any time if he goes to DC!


However, now that Pablo and Salvatore were arrested and were at risk of facing a life sentence, Jordan couldnt stand by and watch them spend the rest of their lives in jail.

Besides, Jordans had now been frozen and he couldnt contact his family either.

His power in DC was definitely inferior to that of the Howards.

If he does not go to the Howards, there would be no other way to save Pablo and Salvatore.

Although Pablo and Salvatore were just Jordans subordinates, he had long considered them as his closest kin.

He wouldnt focus all his attention on his and Victorias happiness, and let them spend the rest of their lives in jail.


Jordan looked at Brad and said, “Okay, Ill go to DC tomorrow morning and visit him personally!”

Brad smiled and said, “Very good.

In that case, Ill wait for your arrival! Lets go!”

As he spoke, Brad walked into the elevator with Hailey in his arms.

When the elevator doors were about to close, Jordan said to Hailey, “Hailey Camden, youd better cherish the time you have with my son.

Youll have plenty of opportunities to hook up with men in the future because my son wont stay with you forever!”


Hearing Jordans warning, Hailey frantically said, “Im going back to Orlando….”

Before she finished, the elevator floors closed.

After the two of them left, Victoria asked worriedly, “Jordan, are you really going to go to DC Ive heard Russell say that the Howards are powerful in the country, what more in DC where their turf is.”

Jordan said, “Pablo and Salvatore were arrested because of me, so I cant just sit back and do nothing.

Moreover, my assets have been frozen and I have to get them to unfreeze them.”

“Victoria, why dont you stay in Houston and wait for me Ill come back for you right after I finish handling those matters.”

“No!” Victoria grabbed Jordans hand and exclaimed, “I want to go to DC with you.

Im not comfortable with you going there alone!”


Jordan knew Victorias character well.

The more dangerous it was, the more unlikely she was to separate from Jordan.

“Okay, lets go together then.”

At this moment, Tim said with a look of worry, “Mr.

Jordan, most of our people have been captured and there are only over ten left.

None of them are good at fighting.”

“I heard that Mr.

Dalton has a thousand fighters over in Southeast Asia, and he only brought a hundred or so to the US.

There are still more than 900 left over there.

Why dont we call those 900 fighters over before going to DC”

Tim was obviously a little scared, thinking that the dozen of them were definitely no match for the Howards.

Jordan said, “Its true that Pablo still has 900 professional fighters in Southeast Asia, but they are all trained by Pablo and only listen to his orders, so I dont know where to find them.”

Tim hurriedly said, “Why dont I send someone to send a letter to Mr.

Dalton and ask him to find a chance to make a phone call there”

Jordan shook his head and said, “No, Pablo is facing enough charges now, dont let him get into more trouble.”


“Besides, we dont need so much manpower.

You and I are enough.”

Tim smiled awkwardly and said, “Thank you for your appreciation.

Maybe I usually pretend to be impressive so youre not too clear about my real abilities.”

“In fact, I cant even beat an adult husky…”

Jordan smiled and said mysteriously, “I know you are weak.

Im not asking you to go to DC to fight.

I just need you to manipulate behind the scenes.”

“Manipulate Manipulate what” asked a curious Tim.

Jordan did not answer him.

Instead, he said, “Ill tell you when we get there.”

Jordan had clearly left a backup plan the last time he left DC!

That was something that no one knew about!

Jordan and Victoria first went to Russells villa, where she lived previously, to pack her luggage, before proceeding to bid goodbye to Emily.

After that, Tim drove Jordan and Victoria to the airport.

Jordans private plane was parked there.

However, they didnt expect that a few uniformed men would walk towards them as soon as the three of them arrived at the private jet.

One of them said to Jordan, “Hello.

Its Mr.

Steele, right Sorry, your private aircraft has been temporarily detained and you cant use it.”



Jordan, Victoria and Tim were all shocked.

Not only had Jordans assets been frozen, he was even prohibited from using his private plane.

The matter was indeed serious and unless Jordan asked his grandfather to intervene, he can never enjoy the glory that he used to!

Jordan did not argue with the other party because he knew it was useless to do so.

Instead, he said, “My luggage is still in there.

I have to go in and get my stuff.”

However, the uniformed man still continued to stop him.


Steele, in order to prevent you from taking your valuables to sell for cash, we cant let you in.”

“What did you say!!”

This time, it was Victorias turn to be furious.

“You guys are seizing the plane just because you dont want us to leave the US.

Why cant you even let us take our things Even if there are valuables inside, they belong to us, so why cant we use them

Jordan knew the Howards wanted to turn him into a penniless man!

Not only were the billions of dollars in his bank account frozen, he wasnt allowed to take any of his valuables which he could have sold for cash!

In this way, Jordan would really become a penniless man.

Jordan said calmly, “Im not going to take any valuables, just some medicine and some of my daily necessities.”

“Medicine What kind of medicine” The uniformed man asked.

Jordan said, “Some medicine for asthma, which Im diagnosed with.”

The uniformed man thought about it and felt that it would be quite unjustifiable if he wasnt even allowed to take his medicine.

Hence, he agreed, “Okay, come up.”

The uniformed man accompanied the three of them onto the plane.

Jordan really had a large box that contained plenty of medicine.

The uniformed man remarked in surprise, “You have a lot of medicine.”

Jordan deliberately coughed and said, “My health has been ailing since I fought in Syria for a year.”

Hearing this, the uniformed man was immediately full of respect.

“Really You actually fought on the battlefield before!! Ive also been a soldier, but unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to go to the battlefield.

Why were you there”

Jordan answered, “My family sent me there for training.”

The uniformed man laughed and said, “Your family is really ruthless.

Werent they afraid that something will happen to you”

Jordan continued to chat with the man while putting a few personal things into his bag.

“I had a close shave with death.

Brother, you should be glad that youre not involved.

You have no idea how tragic the battlefield is.”

“The comrades you talk and chat with one second may have his head and body parts dismembered the next second.”

Jordan soon made his way downstairs with his belongings.

In the end, the uniformed man also took the initiative to shake hands with Jordan.


Steele, rest well, I really respect people who have fought on the battlefield too.

Also, I suggest you contact your family as soon as possible.

Im afraid your assets will be unfrozen only if your grandfather intervenes.”

Jordan shook hands with the man and said, “Thank you for telling me this.


Jordan and Victoria got back inside Tims car and sat in the backseat.

Jordan took out a pair of earrings from his pocket and handed them to Victoria.

“Ah! Thats the Apollo and Artemis diamond earrings! When did you take them I didnt even see them!”

Those two items were worth $57 million!


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