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Chapter 336: Jordans Secret Weapon!

Jordan personally helped Victoria put on the exorbitantly priced earrings that were worth dozens of millions.

The blue earring of the pair was worn on Victorias tender left ear, while its pink counterpart was worn on her right ear.

They accentuated her elegance and noble aura!

“Sweetheart, youre so beautiful…”

Jordan couldnt help but praise her.

He had long wanted to give that pair of earrings to Victoria.

The last time he asked Emily to give them to her, Victoria was still upset with Jordan, so she asked Emily to return them to him.

Victoria was quite a vain woman too, so she quickly took out a small mirror from her bag and looked at it with awe.

She praised in admiration, “Oh my God, these diamond earrings are gorgeous!”

One can imagine how pressurizing it must be to wear a pair of earrings that were worth dozens of millions, on ones ears!

However, Victoria had no intention of accepting it.

“Honey, your assets have now been frozen.

Why dont you keep the earrings”

Victoria really liked the gift, but after considering Jordans current situation, she thought it would be better to return it to Jordan, so that he could exchange it for money if necessary.

However, Jordan shook his head and said, “There were lots of valuable things on the plane, but I didnt take any of them.

I only took these because I want to give them to you.”

“Youd better keep the earrings.

When we get to DC, they might be stricter with the checks and theyll probably frisk me for valuables.

So, if I keep them, they might be taken away.”

“Were not legally married, so youre not bound to me legally.

Theres no way they can take any restrictive measures against you.”

Hearing this, Victoria nodded and said, “Yes, Ill definitely keep it well.

Honey, Ill provide for you from now on.

When you run out of money in the future, you can ask me for it.

It doesnt matter that your assets have been frozen!”

Jordan smiled and said, “No problem.

Haha, it seems that Im destined to freeload off of my girlfriend.”

Previously, Jordan pretended to be poor several times and freeloaded off of Hailey and Victoria, but he didnt expect it to really happen this time.

However, Jordan would not let this matter go on for long.

He already had it all planned out.

He decided that once he rescued Pablo and Salvatore, he would forget about his assets if they were still frozen, and take Victoria to England, where they would settle down.

When they arrived at the airport, Jordan said to Tim, “Tim, Victoria and I will go to DC for now.

Why dont you take a different flight from us Otherwise, the Howards might keep close tabs on you.

Take the evening flight.”

Tim replied, “Yes, Mr.


Afterwards, Jordan and Victoria took a flight to DC.

When they arrived in DC, Jordan and Victoria met an acquaintance as soon as they left the airport.


Steele, Miss Clarke, what brings you to DC”

A businesswoman who was about 40 years old took the initiative towards the two of them.

She was none other than one of the vice presidents of Perry Express, Mandy.

Mandy had known Victoria for years and Victoria promoted her after the latter became the president of the company.

“Miss Hill”

“Mandy! What a coincidence.

Are you going out” Victoria asked.

Mandy said, “Yes, Im going to New York City for a meeting.

Things are in a gigantic mess over there.


Steele, Miss Clarke, why dont you guys come with me too”

Jordan knew that the fact that he was being investigated and that his assets had been frozen had already been spread around in the circle and affected the stock price of Perry Express.

Jordan said, “We cant go for the time being.

We have to go to DC to handle some things.”

Mandy had a lot to report to the two presidents, so he said, “You havent booked a hotel yet, have you Why dont you stay at my place today Ill bring you guys there now.”

Victoria said, “Mandy, dont you have to rush to New York City for a meeting You dont have to send us off, lest you miss your flight.”

Mandy waved her hand and said, “Its okay.

I wont be late even if I take the next flight.”

Immediately afterwards, she made a phone call and asked someone to pick them up.

In the car, Mandy couldnt help but report to them, “Mr.

Steele, Miss Clarke, the board of directors is now having an intense argument and theyre discussing whether to hire foreign female couriers in the future.”

“Well, you should know that the costs of doing that are very high and the expenses used to be covered by the funds you provided but now that your assets have been frozen, this expenditure will affect the interests of shareholders so they arent very keen on it.”

Jordan nodded.

In fact, his purpose in doing so was to help single men in the US.

He had done enough so far and there were already more and more foreign women who had taken the initiative to come to the US to make a living and settle down.

Jordan said, “We can terminate this project.

Also, Mandy, Victoria and I might go to England and never return to the company.

I now appoint you as the president of Perry Express.

Manage the company well for us.”

Mandy was flattered and surprised.

“Thank you, Mr.

Steele! You… are you guys really going to leave”

Jordan looked out the window and said, “It depends on how well we talk to that old man tomorrow.”

Jordan wasnt very confident of gaining victory tomorrow.

Soon, they drove to Mandys place, which was close to Laurens place.

After opening the door for Jordan and Victoria, Mandy gave them the key.


Steele, Miss Clarke, you guys can rest here for the next two days while I head to New York City.

Call me anytime if theres anything you need.”

“Okay, thank you, Mandy.” Victoria walked Mandy to the door.

When Victoria returned to the house, she saw Jordan was rocking back and forth comfortably on the hanging chair in the courtyard.

Victoria said, “Look, Mandy asked you to move in here because she knows you like staying in such houses.”

Jordan asked in confusion, “When did I ever say that I enjoy staying in such places”

Victoria pretended to be jealous and said, “Didnt you stay in a house like this for a week the last time you came to DC You even moved in with a woman whos as pretty as a fairy.

Hmph, you must have enjoyed yourself that week, huh”

Jordan hurriedly got down from the hanging chair, hugged Victoria and coaxed her, “Honey, do you still not believe me She and I slept separately.

I dont have any romantic feelings for her.”

Victoria said, “You may not have any romantic feelings for her, but she does have feelings for you.

Do you know that Lauren Howard carries a torch for you”

Of course Jordan knew about it because he had heard the conversation between Victoria and Lauren that day.

However, Jordan pretended not to know and said, “How is that possible Shes the most beautiful woman in DC who can have any man she wants.

Im just a punk who had even taken advantage of her before.

How can she possibly fancy me”

Hearing Jordan call himself a punk, Victoria laughed.

Victoria asked, “Mr.

Punk, how do you plan to negotiate with the Howards tomorrow You dont have any underlings with you now, and Tim is the only person you brought.

The Howards are powerful and definitely have huge manpower.

They might even be armed with weapons.”

“What if the Howards want to harm you when you reach their place tomorrow”

Jordan said with a confident smile, “Tim is not my only aid.

I have one more thing to help me.”

“What is it”

“The UFO!”


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