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Chapter 337: Barging Into The Howards Residence Alone!

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When Jordan left DC previously, he had given the UFO aircraft to Brad.

Such a rare alien-spaceship-like aircraft was extremely expensive, and it was equipped with the most advanced scientific technology.

In terms of value, it was more expensive than any private jet or luxury yacht, so Jordan obviously wouldnt just give it away.

He just wanted to make Brad mistakenly think that he had found a treasure because he had deduced that Brad would definitely take good care of it.

Jordan would then take repossession of it.

Brad did not know that the UFO-shaped aircraft could be controlled remotely through the computer.

Jordan opened his computer to let Victoria look at it.

Pointing to the location of the red dot in the screen, Jordan said, “Thats where the UFO-shaped aircraft is now.”

Afterwards, Jordan clicked on the map and inspected carefully to see that its location wasnt a police station nor a military area or an aircraft research institute, but a residential area.

Jordan had been worried that the UFO might be seized by the police, but it seemed that Brad had taken care of the matter.

“This should be the place where Brad Howards grandfather lives!”

Jordan smiled.

He would be visiting Brads grandfather tomorrow morning, so it was more than appropriate for the UFO-shaped aircraft to be there.

He could order Tim to attack the Howards at any time!

At night, in Martins luxurious house.

Brad entered Martins study and said, “Grandpa, that punk Jordan Steele has come to DC and hell probably come to see you bright early tomorrow morning.”


At this moment, Martin was wearing his glasses and doing some penmanship.

Brad said, “Hes here with Victoria Clarke, so I reckon he wont be willing to leave her and marry Lauren.”

Martin continued to write calmly as he said, “If hes not willing, he can stay in DC forever.”

Brad said with a murderous expression, “We let him get away once the last time.

Now I can finally deal with him properly!”

“Tomorrow will be the day of Jordan Steeles death!”

“Grandpa, Ive already gathered the manpower and weapons.

No matter how good of a fighter he is, he can forget about leaving this place alone!”

Martin nodded.

He secretly thought, “Charleston Steele, whether we become in-laws or enemies will depend on the choice that your dear grandson makes tomorrow!”

At nine in the morning the following day.

Jordan and Victoria kissed each other goodbye.

“Im leaving, Honey, wait for me at home.

Ill be back soon.”

Jordan looked at Victoria, reluctant to part ways with her.

Victoria was even more reluctant, for she was still worried that something untoward might happen to Jordan despite knowing that he had long drawn up a plan.

Victoria couldnt help but hug Jordan again tightly, as if this was the last time they would be hugging each other.

“Honey, we have to stay in touch at all times.

If you dont return before 12, Ill call the police.”

Victoria said.

“Okay, Ill get going now.”

Jordan caressed Victorias face gently before hailing a cab to head to the location that Brad sent him.

It was the same location where the UFO-shaped aircraft was, according to the information displayed on his computer.

Just as Jordan had expected, the UFO was now at Brads grandfathers home.

At the same time, Tim had also long been hiding there and he could control the UFO-shaped aircraft at any time using the computer.

Jordan and Tim could also communicate at any time.

Jordan would smash a cup as a signal for Tim to immediately maneuver the UFO-shaped aircraft to attack the Howards residence!

Soon, Jordans cab arrived, and someone stopped him.

“You cant go.


Steele, please step out of your car.”

An old man had been waiting there for a long time.

Jordan knew he was one of the Howards, so he paid the fare and stepped out of the car.

After following the elderly man for a long time, Jordan walked to the entrance of Martins home.

Brad was standing at the door.

With an unrestrained smile, Brad said, “Jordan, my grandfather asked me to receive you here.

Were showing you enough respect, huh”

Jordan humphed coldly, and he was just about to enter but Brad stopped him.

“Wait a minute, whats that in your hand”

Brad was worried that Jordan might bring a gun or some other weapon.

Jordan raised his arm and said, “Here are some cigars for your grandfather.”

After all, Jordans grandfather had some ties with Martin, who had once helped the former.

Thus, Jordan couldnt come empty-handed.

Even if they were to get into a fight later, he would have to be polite first.

Brad took it from Jordan and opened the box to look at its content.

“Wow, Arturo Fuente Opus.

They must cost dozens of grands, huh Jordan Steele, how can you afford it Your assets have been frozen, you should be penniless now.”

Jordan said coldly, “My girlfriend, Victoria, paid for it.

If you dont want it, I wont bring it in then.”

Brad was furious.

“We dont care about your lousy presents! We have lots of such cigarettes in our storage room!”

“Since it was bought by that woman Victoria Clarke, all the more we dont want it!”

However, at this point, another servant came over and said, “Mr.

Howard, your grandfather wants you to bring Mr.

Steeles gift in.”

Brad humphed coldly and handed the cigars to Jordan.

“Come in! My grandfather has been waiting for you for a long time.”

Brad walked in front while Jordan tagged along.

Jordan stopped in his tracks when he saw his UFO-shaped aircraft in the courtyard.

Seeing how surprised Jordan was, Brad laughed and said, “Hahaha, Jordan, you made Salvatore throw me into this UFO-shaped thing and sent me to the police station in it the last time.

You even took a voice recording and greatly embarrassed me!”

“But I still have to thank you for giving me this UFO-shaped aircraft.

Ive asked some technicians to study this aircraft, and it turns out that its really impressive.

No one else has been able to create it.”

“Stop looking, this thing belongs to the Howards from now on!”

Jordan said in disdain, “Indeed, your family lacks knowledge.

You treat this garbage as a treasure.

There are plenty of such things in my familys warehouse.

Why would I bother about this”


Brad was enraged.

‘How dare Jordan Steele show off in our place!!

However, when it comes to such advanced technology, the Howards were no match for the Steeles at all because they were on good terms with Musk, who held the most advanced flight technology in the world.

“Why did you guys leave it here” Jordan asked.

Brad said, “My grandfather likes this thing very much, so he kept it here.

Cut the crap and come in with me.”

“Grandpa, that little beast is here!”

Brad made a snide remark about Jordan as soon as they entered the hall.

Jordan was furious.

If he were elsewhere, he would have gone forward to kick Brad without hesitation!

However, he couldnt do that now.

Martin was sitting all the way inside the luxurious living room with his children around him.

The third-generation heirs of the Howard family, namely Lauren, Clarice, Alex, and Brad, were seated on the far side.

The Howards were intimidating enough.

Besides, there was a tall and robust man in a suit behind each of them.

They were probably all armed with guns!


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