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Chapter 339: Jordan Marries Two Women

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Clarice lost her temper immediately, and she started getting defensive.

“When did I ever steal glances at you Me Have a crush on you My foot! Take a look at yourself in the mirror.

Are you even worthy”

Jordan laughed and said, “You peeked at me the first time I went to your parents house, and the day before yesterday at Russell Millers wedding in Houston.

I stare at myself in the mirror every day and I think Im very handsome.

Do you have an issue with that”

It was a widely recognized fact that Jordan was handsome and suave.

No matter how much the Howards despised him, they couldnt deny it.

In the past, Jordan had never made a big deal out of his looks, but now, it was a suitable weapon to deal with Clarice.

Clarice was sitting next to an average-looking and chubby man who seemed extremely embarrassed.

It was likely that he was Clarices husband.

Jordan said that on purpose to anger her and her husband.

These days, married couples with no problems practically dont exist, especially when the woman is shrewish and rude.

If he could sow some discord, it would be even more interesting.

Clarice was extremely anxious, and she also admitted that Jordan was indeed very good-looking.

She continued to deny further, “Bull**! You were the one who kept staring at me the first time you came to my parents place.

You caused a ruckus at Russell Millers wedding the day before yesterday, and you even kissed the bride passionately for such a long time.”

“Everyone was watching.

Why couldnt I stare at you I was staring at you openly!”

Jordan laughed and said, “Clarice Howard, quit explaining.

How would you have known that I was looking at you if you werent looking at me You must have been green with envy when you watched me kiss Victoria passionately, huh I was really charming, wasnt I Do you want to give it a try”

Jordan kept slandering Clarice and accusing her.

In fact, during the wedding, Jordan and Victoria were so immersed in the kiss that he didnt even know if Clarice was looking at him or not.

Clarice blushed shyly and exclaimed, “You… youre spouting nonsense!”

She then turned around and said to the man beside her, “Hubby, please dont listen to him.”

The man looked incredibly embarrassed.

He probably believed Jordans words.

Since he believed Jordan so easily, that meant that Clarice probably behaved inappropriately all the time!

Clarice was exasperated.

Since she couldnt out-argue Jordan, she complained to Martin, “Grandpa, this little punk actually had the guts to insult me and humiliate me in our home.

Grandpa, you must teach him a good lesson!”

However, Martin wasnt mad at all.

He smiled and said, “Watching you guys argue reminds me of the times when you used to argue with Brad when you were kids.

Haha, its normal for family members to argue with each other.”

Jordan secretly thought to himself scornfully,You old psycho.

Im not your family!

Laurens mother laughed too because she was surprised by Jordans eloquence and his ability to leave Clarice speechless.

In fact, Lauren and Clarice had always been at odds with each other.

Although Lauren was pretty, she was straightforward and often lost in arguments with Clarice.

She wasnt as good at twisting facts and cooking up stories as Clarice was.

Laurens mother smiled and asked, “Jordan, I heard the Steeles are on good terms with several famous families in the world, as well as some royal families and officials, right”

Jordan nodded and said, “Yes, my grandfather has lots of investments in various fields all over the world, so he has many friends.”

Laurens mother laughed and said, “Thats great.

The Howards may be glorious in the US, but no one knows us anywhere else.

It doesnt matter.”

“You kids are young and like traveling around the world.

How can they do without some connections”

“When Alex went to Dubai to play last year, he flirted with the Crown Princess of the Dubai royal family, and was beaten up and arrested.”

“If we had the Steeles connection, I reckon we wouldnt have had to spend so much money to get him out.”

Hearing this, Alexs face dimmed, and he looked rather ashamed.

Alexs mother chimed in, “Do you take the Steeles to be immortals I believe they know the British royals but how are you so sure that they are connected with the Dubai royal family too”

Jordan laughed and said, “Coincidentally, I spent some time in Dubai before going to Syria and I was on good terms with their Sheikh.

We dined together all the time.

Do you need me to give him a call to prove it to you now”


Well, the Steeles really have an extraordinary influence in the world.

What a perfect match for the Howards!”

Martin was elated.

Laurens mother laughed and chimed in, “Yes, yes, I see that Lauren and Jordan are also a match made in heaven.

Our daughter has such a wonderful taste in men.”

Everyone else said nothing either.

Once the Howards got into a marriage alliance with the Steeles, the Howards would be the ones to benefit.

However, at this moment, Jordan said, “Im sorry, but I think I think you may have misunderstood.

I am not here today to marry Lauren.

Im here to ask Mr.

Howard Sr.

to pardon my subordinates, Pablo and Salvatore.”

“Pablo and Salvatore ought to accept the punishment they deserve for whatever crime theyve committed in the past.”

“But please dont press false charges against them.”

“They all have wives and children.

They cant stay behind bars for the rest of their lives.”

Martins face turned sullen, and he said, “Pablo and Salvatore are just lackeys.

I can just issue an order to have them released.”

“But if you want to save them, you also have to show your sincerity.”

“Unless you promise to be responsible for my granddaughter, Lauren, and marry her, your lackeys will never see their wives and daughters again for the rest of their lives!”

Martin was actually forcing Jordan to marry Lauren!

Jordan immediately refuted, “I have a girlfriend.

Her name is Victoria Clarke.

Im sorry, but I cant marry your granddaughter!”

At this moment, Brad said, “Jordan Steele, I know you and Victoria are in the honeymoon stage of your relationship and you definitely wont agree to break up with her.”

“How about this Well make a concession and let Victoria be your lover after you marry Lauren.

Anyway, Victoria Clarke has been a mistress before, so shed definitely agree to it.”

Martin nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, Ill allow you to have both Lauren and Victoria.

For notable families like ours, such a practice isnt uncommon.”

It was common for married men to have lovers.

Martins son himself had two wives, none of which had ever left the family.

Many men found joy in polygamous relationships.

However, Jordan had never believed in polygamy.

Instead, he believed in loving only one person for the rest of his life!

Jordan had limited energy too, so he couldnt love two women at the same time.

Besides, a strong and assertive woman like Victoria would not agree to share a husband with someone else.

Jordan immediately retorted, “Victoria is the only person Ill marry in this lifetime.

I wont let her be my mistress or lover!”


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