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Seeing how pitiful Hailey seemed while she was sobbing, Jordan felt rather emotional.

Jordan had treated her like a princess, served her like a queen, and protected her like a precious gem for the past three years.

Hence, she had never been so aggrieved before.

If anyone dared to slap Hailey in the past, Jordan would have never spared them.

However, Jordan knew that Victoria had slapped Hailey to stand up for him.

Besides, Hailey had brought it all upon herself!

Jordan pressed his right hand on Victorias shoulder and said, “Forget it.”

Immediately afterward, he said to Hailey, “Leave, Im not your man anymore!”

Hailey suddenly stopped crying.

She had never shown her soft side to Jordan.

“Even if I no longer want a dog that Ive raised for three years, Ill never give it to someone else casually!”

“Jordan Steele, I order you to leave Ace Corporation immediately and quit being Victoria Clarkes bodyguard!”

“Victoria Clarke pays you an annual salary of $30,000 a year, huh Ill pay you $80,000!”

Hearing Haileys words, Victoria couldnt help but burst into laughter.

“Hahaha, with just $80,000, youre trying to poach Mr…”


Jordan immediately coughed to interrupt Victoria, who was about to habitually call himMr.


Hailey was now incredibly agitated.

She had just faced the music at home and got slapped on the face by Victoria.

If she were to find out Jordans true identity, she probably wouldnt be able to withstand this series of consecutive blows.

Victoria glanced at Jordan before continuing, “Haha, youre trying to poach Jordan with just $80,000.

Arent you a little too naive Even if you add another zero to that, it wont be enough!”


With a look of disbelief, Hailey thought,Could it be that Jordans annual salary as a bodyguard is not $80,000 but $800,000

‘No matter how rich Victoria Clarke may be, she shouldnt be willing to spend $800,000 on a bodyguard.

Knowing that she wasnt as wealthy as Victoria, Hailey demanded, “Jordan, you must resign from Ace Corporation today!”

“Im telling you, Drew has already found evidence of you stealing the watch, and once we hand it over to the police, they will sentence you to prison!”

“On account that we were married, I dont want you to spend the best time of your youth behind bars!”

“If you listen to me and leave Victoria Clarke to come home with me and become my bodyguard, I can get Drew to let you off!”

Not bothered at all, Jordan retorted, “Thank you for your kind offer, but I really cant be your bodyguard.

I cant bring myself to protect you while watching you get a room with another man!”

“If Drew Camden has evidence against me, he can feel free to press charges as he wishes.”

After saying his piece, Jordan got into the drivers seat of the Porsche and drove off with Victoria beside him.

“Jordan, youre not allowed to leave!”

Watching Jordan leave, Hailey was so furious that she began stomping her feet.

“What an adulterous pair! Victoria Clarke cant be paying Jordan $800,000 just to be her bodyguard.

She probably wants him to be her lover too!”

“Wow, Victoria Clarke, youre already dating the president of your company, but youre still hooking up with another man.

Yet, you have the cheek to call me shameless.

Youre the shameless one!”

“Jordan is such a jerk too.

He clearly knows that Victoria Clarke has a boyfriend, but he still willingly agreed to be her lover.

Since he can put up with Victoria Clarke having another man, why cant he make the same compromise with me!!”

“Such double standards! Hes the death of me! How am I inferior to Victoria Clarke!!”

7th Street.

The poor lived there, as well as the big bosses.

The infamous big boss Salvatore had been residing there for a long time.

At this moment, Drew had already reached 7th Street and was introduced to the legendary Salvatore.

“Hello, Mr.

Salvatore,” Drew called out when he saw a burly, tattooed man who had dirty dreadlocks.

Salvatore was eating oysters and drinking beer.

He glanced at Drew and said, “Mr.

Camden, welcome.”

Despite being kind on the surface, Salvatore continued eating and drinking without even looking at Drew.

Drew didnt get offended, either.

Drew said, “Im here to make a deal with you, Mr.


I have a Richard Mille watch here thats worth more than $800,000, which Id like to sell to you at a discounted price of $700,000.”

“But you cant say that I sold it to you.

Just say that a person named Jordan Steele sold it to you.”

After taking a glance at the wound on Drews face, Salvatore smiled and asked, “Did that Jordan Steele give you that bruise on your face”

Drew nodded awkwardly and said, “Youre right, Mr.


Hes my cousins loser husband.

For the sake of our familys pride, we dont want to make a big fuss out of this, but we cant take this lying down! I have to put him behind bars!”

Salvatore took a sip of beer and said, “Theres no need to go to all that trouble.

Ill just send a few people to help you teach him a lesson.

Wouldnt that do the trick”

Drew sighed and said, “Mr.

Salvatore, that punk is good at fighting.

He crippled all the professional fighters my dad sent to deal with him!”

“Oh, is that so” Salvatore was immediately interested.

‘Can a so-called loser and live-in son-in-law be that good at martial arts

After some thought, Salvatore shook his head and said, “I cant help you with that.


Pablo warned us not to get involved in the family affairs of others, lest we end up being the only sinners after they reconcile.”

After being rejected, Drew exclaimed anxiously, “No! My cousin has already divorced Jordan Steele! Besides, whos Pablo Why do you have to obey him”

“Bastard! Mr.

Pablo is Salvatores boss!”

Salvatores underling suddenly barked at Drew.

After hollering at his underling, Salvatore said to Drew smilingly, “Mr.

Pablo is my leader.

Without him, there will be no me, so I have to obey him! Youd better look for someone else.”

Drew refused to give up.

He knew that Salvatore was a money-grubber and needed money because the bans placed on illegal businesses recently had affected many of the ones Salvatore owned.

Hence, Drew offered, “Ill sell this watch to you at $600,000!”

Salvatore shook his head and declined, “As I said, Mr.

Pablo is like my father.

I have to obey him!”

Drew gritted his teeth and exclaimed, “$450,000! You can earn $350,000 if you resell it after buying it from me!”

Salvatore guffawed loudly, “Mr.

Pablo also said that we should never say no to money.

Making money is the most important thing in this world.


Camden, Ill do it!”


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