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Chapter 341: Were Not Fated!

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Just a minute ago, Jordan was still at the Howards mercy.

At this moment, the lives of all the Howards were in Jordans control!

Seeing that Jordan was pointing his gun at Martin and seemingly wanting to kill him, the Howards all became extremely agitated.

“Stop it! Jordan, you bastard.

If you dare to lay a finger on my grandfather, Ill kill you!”

Brad screamed powerlessly.

Clarice yelled, “If you dare to shoot and kill any of us, you wont be able to walk out of this courtyard alive!”

Jordan was exasperated to hear Brads words because he had been putting up with him for a long time!

When Jordan and Hailey were at the most loving stage of their relationship, Brad actually secretly slept with Jordan while he was heading to work every morning!

The two of them even gave birth to a bastard child!

Fortunately, the Steeles had a tradition of conducting paternity tests for children.

Otherwise, Jordan would have to end up raising someone elses child for years!

Jordan walked towards Brad and shot him in the leg!



Clutching his leg, Brad shrieked in misery.

He had a look of misery and surprise on his face because he never thought that Jordan would dare to shoot him!

He never thought that someone in this world would dare to shoot him!

Without mercy, Jordan shot him and said, “If it wasnt for your sister who pleaded for you, I would have shot you to death!”

Those who had touched Jordans woman would definitely not end up well.

Tyler and Cayden were both infertile at the moment.

He decided to cripple Brad!

That shot made all the Howards wail in misery, especially Brads mother.

“You beast, how dare you hurt my son You have no humanity at all.

So much for planning to make you my son-in-law!”

Brads mother cried out in agony.

Any mother would cry bitterly upon seeing their child get shot.

If he could, Jordan would not choose to fire this shot in front of Brads parents.

However, Brad was really asking for it.

He provoked Jordan countless times and Jordan had long been unable to tolerate it!

At this moment, Clarice said indignantly, “Jordan, I advise you to put your gun down.

This is DC! Now all your assets have been frozen and youre restricted from traveling.

How dare you be so lawless…”

Before he could finish, Jordan continued doing what he thought was lawless.


Jordan didnt shoot Clarice because she was a woman and she hadnt done anything particularly overboard to Jordan, so he merely gave her a tight slap.

“How dare you hit me You bastard…”

Clarice had long gotten used to being arrogant and bratty.

After being hit, she was still as indignant as ever.



Jordan slapped her again.

“Go on, continue speaking.

Ill hit you once for every word you say.”

Jordan simply squatted down in front of Clarice.

Clarices mother quickly covered Clarices mouth and begged Jordan for mercy.


Steele, my daughter, has just been spoiled rotten by me.

Please dont be angry.

She doesnt mean any harm.”

Jordan humphed coldly and said, “Your daughter treats everyone like her servants just because shes born into a wealthy family.

She even gossips and makes distasteful remarks about her own sister.”

“Whats wrong with Lauren not getting married Its none of your business! Stop being nosy!”

Clarices mother hurriedly said, “Yes, yes, its Laurens freedom to decide if she gets married or not.

Even if she wants to stay single for the rest of her life, we cant interfere with her decision.

We wont say anything about her again from now on…”

Seeing that Clarices family had conceded, Jordan got up again and walked towards Martin.

Furious to see that his grandson had been beaten up into a pulp, Martin glared at Jordan and said, “Jordan Steele, so you deliberately left the UFO-shaped aircraft behind here when you left DC, because you had long predicted that this day would come!”

Martin didnt expect Jordan to be so good at devising schemes, even though he was of such a young age!

Today, the Howards are going to fall by the hands of the third-generation scion of the Steeles!

Martin said, “Jordan Steele, if you kill me or any one of us, I can guarantee that you will never be able to leave this house alive and your girlfriend, Victoria, will also be buried with you within 24 hours!”

“I hope you think twice before you act.

Your grandfather painstakingly trained you for so many years.

I just want to be in-laws with the Steeles and want you to marry my granddaughter.

We dont bear any hatred!”

Jordan humphed coldly.

“Now there is no hatred How about when you tried to kill me just now”

Martin was rendered speechless.

“That was just to scare you and force you to give in.

Lauren loves you so much, and Chloe is your daughter.

How can I let Chloe grow up without a father Even if I keep you imprisoned in DC for the rest of your life, I couldnt possibly shoot you to death!”

They couldnt turn back time to a few minutes ago.

No one knew if Jordan would be dead or alive if he didnt retaliate.

At this moment, Jordan suddenly heard a heavy sound from the room on the second floor.

Lauren smashed open the door of the room on the second floor with all her might and hurried down the stairs.

“Jordan, please dont kill my grandfather.

We promise we will never force you or get in your way again.

Lets forget about what happened in the past, okay”

Lauren pleaded with Jordan in tears.

Looking at the tears streaming down her face, Jordans heart grew soft as he thought about how she had been crying and begging him for mercy.

Lauren was a good woman, and he didnt want her to hate him for the rest of her life.

Hence, Jordan said to Martin, “Fine, I wont kill you.

You have to fulfill my requests.”

“Is it the matter regarding Pablo and Salvatore Ill make a call now and get Tiger to disappear.”

As Martin spoke, he immediately made a call and gave instructions in front of Jordan.

“And what about my frozen assets” Jordan asked.

Martin was put in a spot.

“Its not that I refuse to help you with that, but it is very difficult to do so.

Now, many people are paying attention to this matter, and they all hope that your grandfather can make a trip back to the country.”

“You also know that your grandfather made a lot of money in the US back then, so they all hope that your grandfather will cough up the money.”

Jordan nodded.

He believed that Martin was telling the truth.

Otherwise, it was impossible for his grandfather to not even dare to answer the phone.

‘No money So be it. Jordan did not intend to stay in the US, anyway.

Now that he had provoked the Howards and his assets had been frozen, he could not do well in the US in the future.

He decided he would immediately take Victoria to England!

“Get someone to lift my travel restrictions,” Jordan said.

Martin said, “I can do that.

Ill make the call immediately.

Martin made a phone call in front of Jordan and then said, “Okay, you can leave the US anytime now.”

Only then did Jordan put down his gun.

Everything had been solved, and he was going to leave!

“Lauren…” Jordan looked at Lauren.

She could tell something from his eyes.

Lauren smiled affectionately and said, “Go, Ill take care of Chloe.”

Jordan said to Lauren with a somewhat apologetic tone, “Lauren, youre an exceptional woman and I might have fallen in love with you if I hadnt met Victoria.

We can only blame it on fate!”


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