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Chapter 342: Jamie Appears!

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The gentle and alluring Lauren was standing opposite Jordan.

Since they had just come downstairs and had yet to be fully affected by the toxicity, the two of them felt as if they were the only ones who survived on the battlefield when they were standing in the living room.

Jordan could definitely sense that Lauren was a good woman.

If he had married Lauren and became her live-in husband instead of Haileys, right from the beginning, he would have fallen in love with her without a doubt.

Even a materialistic and philandering woman like Hailey could win Jordans heart.

There was no reason for him not to fall in love with Lauren.

If the two of them got into a relationship, there was a high chance that they wouldnt be separated and even if he met Victoria later on, he wouldnt cheat on his wife.

Jordan and Victoria will then be nothing more than acquaintances.

At this moment, Jordan finally felt that the order of appearance of lovers was really important.

The relationship would similarly be fruitless if the right person appears at the wrong time.

After leaving the US this time, Jordan might never return again in this life, so he couldnt help but take a few more glances at Lauren, catching a glimpse of her beauty.

Afterwards, Jordan opened the door to the room.

“Dont move!”

A bunch of uniformed gunmen charged in immediately.

*sounds of guns firing*

Without Jordans command, Tim immediately maneuvered the UFO-shaped aircraft and started firing at them when he saw that Jordan was in danger.

“Dont shoot, let him go!”

Lauren coughed twice and walked out, too.

They were rather subservient towards Lauren, so they didnt shoot.

Jordan said to Tim through the microphone that was attached to his body.

“Stop attacking and enter stealth mode.”


The UFO-shaped aircraft that was flying in midair vanished immediately.

“Thats amazing!”

“This fighter jet can actually go into stealth mode!”

Stealth fighting had long become internationally popularized in the field of military.

The F-22 of the US and the J-20 of China were both very powerful stealth fighter jets.

Meanwhile, the UFO-shaped aircraft that Jordan borrowed from Musk actually couldnt be compared to the F-22 or J-20 at all.

Compared to them, Jordans aircraft was at best a mini version with a limited variety of equipped weapons.

Its volume of defense was also rather weak and a single cannon was enough to blast it into ashes.

It was just one of Musks toys.

Jordan didnt delay any further and walked out one step at a time.

There were probably only a few that could safely leave the Howards residence after breaking Brads leg.

He walked out of the alley and called a cab because he was planning to go back and see Victoria.

At this moment, in the house where Victoria lived.

“Mommy, I want a lollipop.”

“Okay, okay, Ill get you some later.”

A pair of mother and son were chatting when a man in a cap and a mask walked past them.

However, in the next second, the man suddenly stepped on the wall and leaped up.

He then climbed over the wall and arrived in the house!

No one noticed that scene, and his reflexes were simply amazing!

“Huh Mommy, someone seems to have just walked over.

Why did he go missing so soon” the child asked in shock.

“Theres no one here.

Stop being so paranoid.

Come on, lets go over there.

Ill get you a lollipop.”


The man gently landed on the ground in the courtyard of the house before walking in slowly.

The door to the main house was not closed, and there was a woman sitting on a bamboo rocking chair, clad in a long white down jacket and a large sun that people usually only wear at the beach.

Her legs were completely stretched out, and the pair of black stilettos she was wearing could be seen clearly.

The woman lying on the chair should be Victoria.

The man approached slowly, his footsteps so light that he was barely making any noise.

He then walked over to the rocking chair, stretched out his hand, and pressed it on her shoulder.

However, as soon as he touched the jacket, his expression suddenly changed!

Immediately afterwards, the man grabbed the jacket forcefully in midair.

There was no one in the rocking chair at all!

“Its a dummy!”

At this moment, a knife was pressed on the mans neck and a woman appeared behind him.

It was Victoria!

Victoria was wearing a tight-fitting outfit that she would normally wear only to the gym, and a pair of sneakers.

Her outfit had completely accentuated her figure.

It seemed that she had planned it a long time ago.

Victoria said, “I guessed right.

I knew the Howards would take advantage of Jordans absence and send someone to nab me! Speak up, were you sent by the Howards!”

Victoria was very smart and had expected that she might face a crisis.

In order not to let herself become a burden to Jordan and to avoid the cliché movie scene of the hero saving the damsel in distress, Victoria had long set up this trap to lure the crooks.

However, the man whom she was pressing a knife against did not beg for mercy like the small fries did.

Instead, he laughed and even applauded.

The man said, “Beautiful, there are very few people in this world who can successfully trick me and manage to put a knife on my neck.”

“Victoria, you are worthy of being the woman my younger brother loves!”


Hearing the man mention Jordans name, Victoria was instantly stunned.

“Who are you”

The man also stopped pretending and removed his black mask, revealing a handsome but somewhat sinister face!

He also seemed very young, probably only a few years apart from Jordan.

Victoria had been in the business world for so many years, and was the “presidents killer”, so she could tell at a glance that this man was definitely not an ordinary man but the scion of a wealthy family!

Ordinary punks will definitely not have such a temperament and aura, which was unique to the Steeles!

“Youre Jordans eldest brother” Victoria asked, overjoyed.

However, the man immediately frowned and asked, “Am I that old Besides, didnt Jordan tell you that Jesse is the worst-looking one among the three of us”

“Among the three of us, Im the most handsome one, followed by that rascal, Jordan, and finally, Jesse.”

Victoria laughed and said, “Youre Jordans second brother Youre Jamie”

The man smiled and nodded!

He was Jamie!

He was the person who had chosen Hailey to be Jordans wife and set Jordan up with Lauren, Jamie Steele!

Now, the Howards had sent many people to nab him, so it was no wonder that he would keep himself covered.

Victoria asked happily, “Are you here to help Jordan He went to the Howards, but he just sent me a message saying that the matter has been solved.

Did you help him”

Jamie didnt answer her question and instead asked Victoria, “Victoria, do you… want to go see your father”

Jamie took out his cell phone and played a video, in which Victorias father, Norman, was eating!


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