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Chapter 343: Victoria Has Gone Missing

Half an hour later.

Jordan returned to the house where Victoria was.

“Victoria, Victoria.”

As soon as he reached the courtyard, Jordan called out to Victoria.

He had settled the matter of Pablo and Salvatore, and believed that Martin would not go back on his word.

He reckoned it wouldnt be that simple to unfreeze his assets.

Hence, Jordan decided to take Victoria to England for some time and wait for the matter to blow over before returning.

Jordan scurried over and entered.

However, he looked around, only to realize that Victoria was nowhere in sight.

“Victoria, where are you”

Jordan searched every room, including the bathroom.

He gently pushed the door in to take a look and said

Hence, Jordan called Victoria, but she did not answer.

“Strange, where did Victoria go”

When Jordan was on his way home just now, he also sent a message to Victoria, saying that he would be home soon.

Victoria also replied to Jordan, so it was impossible that she had called the police.

“Could it be that Victoria was taken away by the Howards”

Jordan thought about it and decided that there was only possibility!


Jordan was infuriated, and he finally realized that he had made a mistake.

Since the Howards wanted Jordan and Lauren to be together, how could they not go after Victoria

In order to keep Jordan and Victoria apart, the Howards would most likely capture Victoria, kill her, or get a few men to take advantage of her!

Brad was definitely capable of doing such a thing!

The thought of Victoria getting bullied made Jordan panic and furious as he quickly called another cab and rushed to Martins residence.

When he arrived this time, the place was already tightly guarded by many more henchmen.

There was a man who recognized Jordan immediately as the man who had just caused a stir in the Howards manor and injured Brad.

That person stood forth immediately and said, “Punk, we let you live, and yet, you still have the guts to come back!”

Bent on finding Victoria, Jordan said coldly, “Get lost! I want to see Martin!”

How could the man possibly allow the dangerous Jordan to go back in

“The one who should get lost is you! How dare you go against the Howards You must have a death wish!” the man hollered menacingly.

Jordan also stopped talking and punched the other man in the face, knocking him straight to the ground!

However, at this moment, several guns were aimed at Jordan immediately!

Jordan didnt panic either.

He snapped his fingers and the UFO-shaped aircraft suddenly appeared in the sky slowly, revealing its muzzle.

“If you dare to shoot, I guarantee the Howards will all perish!” Jordan threatened.

The man was also put in a tough spot.

They had merely outnumbered Jordan and could only attack and defend from the ground.

There was nothing they could do about this aircraft, which was like a fighter jet.

Of course, they didnt dare to put the Howards lives at risk.

“Wait, Ill go report to Mr.

Howard Sr!”

The man quickly ran to the courtyard where the Howards had long scurried to for fresh air because the house was filled with toxic gas.

At this moment, Brad and his mother had already been sent to the hospital for him to receive treatment for the gunshot wound in his leg.


Howard Sr! That punk has come here again, and he wants to see you!”

As soon as the man walked into the courtyard, he rushed to Martin and reported to him.


Martin had just regained some strength, but he almost ran out of breath again.

‘Damn it.

Weve clearly solved the matter.

Why did he come back again

Lauren was stunned too, and she was eager to find out why he returned.

Clarice hollered furiously, “Good that lawless bastard is back.

He caught us off guard just now, but this time we can definitely kill him!”

Martin thought about it and said, “Let him come in.”


The man went out and scurried all the way to Jordan.

“Come in with me, but you cant bring your UFO-shaped aircraft in!”

Jordan snapped his fingers at the sky, and the UFO-shaped aircraft immediately got into stealth mode.

No one knew if the UFO-shaped aircraft was tagging along or not.

He went to the courtyard to see that Martin was seated on the chair.

Martin asked imposingly, “Jordan Steele, why did you come back”

Jordan questioned furiously, “Martin Howard, where did you take Victoria!!”

Martin asked with a look of bewilderment, “What did you say Victoria has gone missing”

Jordan snapped, “Drop the pretense! You must have sent someone to nab Victoria while I came out to confront you.

Quickly hand my fiancee over!”

Martin looked rather aggrieved, which was rare of him.

“I didnt send anyone to abduct your fiancée at all.”


Jordan yelled at Martin loudly.

“Outrageous, Jordan Steele!”

Clarice, who had just been slapped several times by Jordan, shouted, “How dare you behave so lawlessly in the Howards residence!! We couldnt kill you, but now that youre back, you clearly have a death wish! Max, shoot him dead!”

Clarice ordered the man who brought Jordan in.

However, the man didnt dare to shoot without Martins command, though he was still aiming his gun at Jordan.

“Dont be impulsive!”

Lauren suddenly stood out, and only then did she realize Jordan had returned for Victoria.

Lauren said, “Jordan, calm down.

Since my grandfather said he didnt do it, he definitely didnt.

He has no reason to lie to you.”

Martin humphed coldly and exclaimed, “Punk, youre now in my hands and even if I had abducted Victoria Clarke, Id openly admit to doing so.

What can you do to me”

“Since I said I didnt abduct her, I didnt!”

Lauren said, “My grandfather wont lie to you.

Brad might be the culprit.

Ill call him and ask about it.”

Jordan nodded, thinking it was likely that Brad was the culprit since he was very arrogant.

Lauren called Brad, who didnt answer at first, perhaps because he was getting the bullet removed from his leg.

Lauren hurriedly asked, “Brad, did you abduct Victoria”

Gritting his teeth in pain, Brad said, “Whats the matter I didnt do anything to Victoria Clarke.

Did she go missing Thats great.

That horrendous fiancee of Jordan Steele must have run away or been taken away.

I wont spare that bastard! Ah!”

Lauren said over the phone, “Recuperate well.”

After hanging up, Lauren said to Jordan, “Brad said he didnt abduct Victoria either.”

“Impossible! Victoria just replied to my text saying that she was waiting for me at home, but theres no one at home now.

Who else could it be except the Howards!!”

Jordan simply didnt believe that the Howards had nothing to do with Victorias disappearance.

Lauren said, “Maybe something cropped up for her and she went.

Ill accompany you to go look for her and also get the surveillance camera footage, okay”

Seeing how sincere Lauren was, as well as how the Howards all denied doing it, Jordan knew he wouldnt get anything out of them even if he continued to stay behind.

Hence, he left with Lauren first..


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