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Chapter 346: Lauren Is Getting Married!

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Martin said, “As far as I know, Jamie and Jordan are only half-brothers who share the same father.

Their relationship is like that of Brad and Alex.”

“As you know, Brad and Alex get into conflicts all the time.

So, Jordan and Jamie Steele probably dont get along well either.”

The young man nodded.

He may not be clear about the situation in the Steele family, but he was well aware of the relationship between Brad and Alex.

Not only did Brad and Alex often get into conflicts, even Lauren and Clarice were often arguing with each other.

The young man said, “Is it for the sake of the inheritance He shouldnt have to go to the extent of killing Jordan, right”

Martin shook his head and said, “I guess its not as simple as vying for the inheritance.

For families like ours and the Steeles, kids dont entirely have to kill each other for the sake of getting a larger share of the inheritance at all.

Well because, the money families like ours have, is enough for the descendants to live a carefree life for the rest of their lives.”

“Even if they take all the assets, it will be pointless.”

“It might be because of the Steeles secret.

Im guessing that Jamie has already found out about their family secret, so he decided to take action sooner and get rid of Jordan.”

The young man thought about it carefully and said, “Jamie and Jordan seem to have an elder brother, right”

At the mention of their elder brother, Martin frowned and said, “Their elder brother is too mysterious.

I cant even find out what he looks like now.

Im guessing that hes an upright and reliable kid who doesnt like causing trouble.”

“Louis, continue sending more people to search all over DC.

You must find Jamie Steele!”


“Also, Ive had enough of that little beasts threats with his UFO-shaped aircraft.

Send the most professional reconnaissance team to find his UFO-shaped aircraft and destroy it! Arrest the person controlling the UFO-shaped aircraft, too!”


“Okay, go ahead with your matters.”

The young man came out of the study and saw Lauren, who looked rather crestfallen.

“Miss Howard.”

Lauren nodded quietly and entered the study.


Lauren walked in and Martin saw the tear stains on her face.

He asked, “Whats wrong”

Lauren said, “Grandpa, Im willing to accept the marriage youve arranged for me.”

Instantly surprised to hear that, Martin asked, “What did you say”

In the past few years, Lauren had been stubbornly opposing against her family and refusing to accept the marriages that they arranged for her.

‘Did the sun rise from the West today Shes actually willing to accept the arranged marriage

With a sorrowful expression, Lauren said morosely, “Im willing to marry whoever you want me to marry.”

Martin asked in puzzlement, “What has gotten into you Didnt you accompany Jordan to search for Victoria today Is it because of Jordan”

Lauren lowered her head, still feeling aggrieved when she recalled what Jordan said to her just now.

“I dont want him to think that Id resort to unscrupulous means to marry him.

Please, marry me off!” Lauren said aggrievedly.

Martin said in great surprise, “You refused to get married the past few years, no matter how we tried to convince you.

Yet, youve now decided to marry someone else so that Jordan wouldnt misunderstand you”

“Lauren, it seems that you really like that punk!”

Martin initially thought that Lauren wouldnt develop any feelings for Jordan and at would at most think that he was a scion of a mysterious family.

However, at this moment, Martin realized that his granddaughter had developed real feelings for Jordan, a man who had hurt her before.

“The damned Steele family! How are the Howards inferior to you in any way Lauren is such a rare gem, and she deserves the world and more!”

“Yet, you dont even like her, huh, Jordan Steele!”

Martin felt extremely unjust to Lauren.

On the other hand, Lauren felt extremely aggrieved, as she couldnt help but tear up again.

“Grandpa, please dont go on.”

Martin sighed and said, “Lauren, are you sure you want to marry a man you dont fancy Im warning you in advance.

You cant go back on your decision.”

“Once you get married, you cant casually get a divorce and you have to prioritize our familys interests.

Even if you get mistreated by your husband and his family, you have to bear with it!”

“Can you do that”

Lauren recalled Chris, the tall but loathsome man whom she had previously been set up with.

Lauren gritted her teeth and said aggrievedly, “I can do it!”

“Okay, Ill give Chris a call now.

Go home and wait for my update.”

Lauren wiped her tears and turned around to leave.

Martin shook his head.

He initially thought that he could bring Lauren and Jordan together and then find out the Steeles secret through Jordan.

After the marriage, the Howards would also become much stronger both locally and abroad.

Unfortunately, his plans fell through.

Martin called Chris reluctantly.

At this moment, in a certain villa in DC.

A high-profile local actress was wearing a princess dress and leaning against a tall and burly man.

The man was none other than Chris.

This wasnt Chriss home but the residence of the actress.

Due to the fact that it was close to the airport, and it had a pleasant environment, many celebrities like buying properties here.

The actress was named Scarlet, whom many men fantasized about.

She had acted as a princess in several films and played the role really well.

That was the reason that Chris made her dress up like a princess now.

It was just like how some men fantasized about getting intimate with flight attendants and thus, make their partners dress up as flight attendants.

While enjoying the beauty in his arms, Chris suddenly received a call from Martin.

Chris immediately sat up straight and pushed Scarlet to the side before picking up the phone.


Howard Sr.!”

“Chris, Im not disturbing your rest at such a late hour, right”

“No, no, Im still practicing martial arts.

Whats the matter Please speak your mind.”

“Oh, I have a piece of good news for you.

Lauren has agreed to marry you.”

Chris was surprised and filled with disbelief after hearing his words.

“What did you say Lauren… has agreed to marry me”

Martin said, “Thats right.

Chris, well be a family from now on.

You guys discuss the wedding and settle on a date.”

Overjoyed, Chris exclaimed, “Alright, Id like to hold the wedding as soon as possible.

How about the end of this month or the beginning of the next”

Martin said, “Discuss this matter with Lauren.

You can choose to get married soon or wait for a while.”

“Thank you, Grandpa!” Chris gleefully changed the way he addressed Martin.

Lauren was the most beautiful woman in DC, so Chris felt he would definitely gain a lot of glory if he could marry Lauren.

Besides, Chris had been fond of Lauren for a long time.

After hanging up, the actress named Scarlet began to remove her heavy tiara and even seemed to be somewhat furious.

“What are you taking it off for” Chris asked.

Scared said furiously, “Youre already going to marry another woman.

Why should I continue wearing it”

Chris walked over and hugged Scarlet, who had an excellent figure.

He said with a sinister smile, “Baby, me getting married to Lauren doesnt get in the way of me pampering you..”


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