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Chapter 348: Youre Not Worthy of Being My Daughters Stepfather!

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The banner was torn in two but Jordan felt it hadnt been destroyed enough.

Hence, he continued to rip them again before tossing the pieces into the air!

“Swallow it!” Jordan said.

The broken pieces fluttered in the air while the middle-aged man from DC was completely petrified.

“You… How dare you tear up the celebratory banners for Mr.

Hanks wedding Kid, youre in trouble!”

“I remember your unit number.

If you have the guts, dont leave.

Ill go tell Mr.

Hank about it now.

Once he finds out, hell definitely skin you alive!”

The man left while clamoring.


How could Jordan possibly be worried about Chris taking revenge on him

However, after learning that Chris was going to marry Lauren, Jordan felt really uneasy because he didnt want Lauren to marry him.

Jordan was worried that Lauren had impulsively agreed to the marriage, only because she was hurt by his words yesterday.

“No, I have to talk to Lauren.”

Jordan immediately locked the gate of the house and hailed a cab to Laurens home.

Apart from chatting with Lauren, he could also get to look at his beloved daughter, Chloe.

Laurens place was only a ten-minute-drive away.

However, just as he was approaching Laurens house, a Lincoln Navigator SUV suddenly drove over quickly.


One second ago, the Lincoln was behind the cab that Jordan was riding in and the next second, the driver of the Lincoln, was honking and trying to overtake them.

The cab driver was just as displeased.

“Whos that What a tyrannical driver.

Im not going to give way to you.”

“Oh, its just a Lincoln Navigator.

This car costs close to a hundred grand, huh”

“Crap, I cant afford to provoke them.

Id better give way.”

The cab drier didnt intend to let the Navigator pass because Jordan was about to arrive at his destination soon.

He could stop soon after just accelerating once.

However, he was frightened when he saw it was an expensive car from DC.

He knew it must be a big shot from DC whom they couldnt afford to mess with!

However, Jordan recognized the car as soon as he took a glance at it.

“This car belongs to Chris Hank!”

When Jordan and Lauren went to get a paternity test done previously, Chris had blocked Jordan at the parking lot with that car.

After recognizing that it was Chriss car, Jordan figured out that Chris was here to look for Lauren, too.

“That bastard isnt worthy of being Laurens husband at all!”

Jordan was filled with jealousy.

If he hadnt said those hurtful words to Lauren yesterday, Chris definitely wouldnt have had the chance to marry her!

Yet, he actually had the audacity to arrogantly block the road now, as if the road belonged to him!

“Sir, dont let him overtake you! Speed up!”

Jordan immediately instructed the driver.

Looking at Jordan and feeling conflicted, the cab driver said, “Huh Dont let him overtake me This is an expensive car.

Look at the license plate!”

Jordan said seriously, “Dont give way to him! Keep speeding up.

Ill take responsibility if anything happens!”

The cab driver was quite a knowledgeable person and he could tell that Jordan wasnt an ordinary person either, so he agreed with a smile, “Sure!”

Thus, the cab driver stepped on the accelerator and the Lincoln SUV that was about to overtake him, immediately failed and had no choice but to embarrassedly drive beside the SUV.

“Hey, this cab driver is so brazen.

How dare he not give way”

The driver of the Lincoln Navigator was none other than Chriss underling, Robb.

Chris, who was seated in the backseat, was extremely displeased.

He was a prideful person who usually behaved like a tyrant in DC.

How could he allow a cab driver to one-up him

“Robb, continue to overtake him! Floor the accelerator and turn the steering wheel all to the right.

Keep driving and see if he will let you pass!”

Chris said viciously.


Chris humphed coldly and hollered, “How dare a cab driver be so cocky He really doesnt know any better!”

On the other hand, the cab driver stepped on the accelerator and exclaimed with shaky hands, “Bad news.

Theyre speeding up again! What should we do Do we slow down or not!!”

Jordan instructed furiously, “No, keep speeding up! Dont stop even when we reach the destination.

Dont let him overtake us!”

In the Lincoln, Robb panicked too.

“Damn it, the lousy cab has sped up too!”

Chris exclaimed furiously, “Dont bother about it! Just overtake!”


The Lincoln SUV sped up while forcing its way to the right.

At this moment, the cab driver had no choice but to slam on the brakes instinctively.

However, even then, the distance was too short.

With a loud bang, the cab driver crashed into the right rear of the Lincoln Navigator.

Although it was the cab driver who rear-ended the car, those who can drive would know that the driver of the Lincoln Navigator was at fault.


Robb was so furious that he got out of the car immediately and hollered at the cab driver, “Are you deaf, you idiotic cab driver Couldnt you hear me honking at you”

“You even deliberately sped up and prevented me from overtaking, huh Widen your damn eyes and take a good look.

This is Mr.

Chris Hanks car!”

The cab driver also hurriedly got out of the car.

Well aware that Robb was not an ordinary person, he bent forward and said, “Its not my fault.

Its the customer who kept making me speed up.”


Only then did Robb look at the passenger seat of the car.

Jordan too, got out of the car and looked at Robb.

He said, “Your vehicle neither a police car nor an ambulance.

Were not obliged to give way to you.”

“Youre not allowed to honk on this road, but youve been honking and disturbing the citizens.

Youre even overtaking tyrannically.”

“How dare you be so self-righteous when youve already caused the cars to collide”

Robb was stunned to see Jordan.

“You are…”

At this moment, Chris, who was sitting in the car, also saw Jordan.

“Damn it, its him!”

Chris hurriedly got out of the car and looked at Jordan.

“Jordan Steele I was wondering which cab driver would be so brazen as to not give way to me, but it turns out its you! What are you doing here”

Jordan said, “Im here to see my daughter.

Whats wrong”

Chris laughed and said, “Youre here to see Chloe, eh Hah, you should already know that Lauren and I are getting married soon, right Ill be Chloes father soon!”

“Youre not worthy!” Jordan immediately retorted.

“You…” Chris was livid.

At this moment, the cab driver realized that the two of them really knew each other and that they seemed to be notable figures.

Thus, he interjected, “Sirs, since you two know each other, thatd be great.”

“You see, my car collided with yours and my headlights are broken now.

How about you two discuss how to compensate me”


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