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Chapter 349: The Shame Of Being Penniless!

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As a cab driver, he didnt want to get involved in the scuffle between two scions of wealthy families.

As an ordinary citizen, he just wanted to be compensated as soon as possible and then leave this place.

However, Robb immediately snapped at the cab driver after hearing his demand for a monetary compensation.

“I havent even settled the scores with you for f***ing provoking Mr.


How dare you ask us for monetary compensation Youre not getting a single cent!”

The cab driver knew they were not to be trifled with, so he looked at Jordan and said, “Sir, you were the one who told me to overtake them at all costs in the car just now.

You also said that youd be responsible for all the consequences.”

“How about you give me $400 to get my car repaired”

The driver asked Jordan for $400!

At this moment, many residents nearby had also surrounded them to watch the commotion.

Jordan pointed to Chriss car and said, “They tried to force their way over, and thats an act of hooliganism.

Yet, they want to shirk responsibility”

“Call the traffic police or insurance company.

Theyre definitely 100% liable for such a situation.”

Hearing Jordans words, some onlookers chimed in.

“Yeah, I saw the driver of that SUV continuously honking and overtaking that car.

The SUV driver is indeed responsible.

“That goes without saying.

How can the cab driver possibly tailgate the SUV However, the general amount of insurance coverage for cab drivers is rather large, so even if the cab driver is to be liable for the accident, he doesnt have to worry much.”

As soon as Chris heard the cab driver asking Jordan for $400, which Jordan seemed to try to avoid paying, Chris immediately associated it with the matter of Jordans assets being frozen.

Chris was already aware of this matter and had even heard a little something about Jordan breaking into the Howards alone and even injuring Brads leg.

Chris laughed and said, “You dont have to call the traffic police or the insurance company.

I doubt 400 bucks is enough to cover the repair costs of this car.

Itll cost at least $800.”

“Robb, give this cab driver $800.”

Robb was stunned for a moment.



Robb thought to himself,Theres no need for a prestigious figure like Chris to bother about a lowly cab driver.

They wont dare to provoke him, anyway.

“Pay him!”

Seeing that Robb was hesitating, Chris immediately seemed displeased.


Knowing that Chris was hot-tempered and could hit someone whenever he wanted, Robb immediately took out his cell phone and transferred 800 dollars to the cab driver.

“Thank you, thank you.

You guys go ahead, Ill take my leave.”

The cab driver smiled and was ready to leave.

However, he was stopped by Chris.

“Wait a minute, dont go just yet.

Were not done here.”

Chris looked at Jordan and said, “Ive already compensated you for the damage done to you.

Its my responsibility, so Ill take it.”

“But you were in the car just now and you clearly promised to take responsibility for it if anything untoward happens.”

“Shouldnt you also transfer $800 to him”

Hearing that he might get to receive another $800, the cab driver was instantly overjoyed!

If he were to receive $800, he would have $1,600 in total.

He could get an acquaintance to help repair his car for just $200, which meant that hed be able to profit by $1,400!

Hence, the cab driver also made things hard for Jordan.

“Yeah, Sir, I was planning to give way just now because I thought they must have tried to overtake me because of an urgent matter.”

“But you refused to let me give way and even asked me to speed up while assuring me youd bear the losses, if there are any.”

With folded arms, Chris said, “Jordan, men ought to keep to their word.

You cant shirk the responsibility of paying just because Ive paid him.”

“This is all because of you.”

At this moment, the onlookers also nodded, thinking that there was nothing wrong with what was said.

They could all tell that both Jordan and Chris were scions of wealthy families while the cab driver was just an ordinary citizen.

Thus, they undoubtedly hoped that the cab driver could benefit from their scuffle.

Chris had deliberately put Jordan in a spot because he knew Jordan was penniless now.

$800 might be a large sum of money for Jordan now!

Jordan had always been generous and a man of his word.

Just now, the cab driver listened to his instructions and sped up all the way to beat Chris, which was also considered a favor to him.

Hence, Jordan also took out his cell phone and said, “Okay, Ill transfer $800 to you too.”

The cab driver got excited and immediately opened his mobile banking app.

He then thanked him profusely.

“Thank you, thank you!”

Jordan opened his PayPal app.

Although his bank account and cards had been frozen, he still had tens of thousands of dollars in his account.

However, when he was ready to pay, a prompt appeared on his screen.

“Sorry, abnormal activity has been detected on your account.

Payment transfers, acceptance, and other services are temporarily unavailable.

“What I cant make any transfers”

Jordan was stunned.

‘Could it be that even my Paypal payment function has been prohibited

The cab driver was stunned for a moment.

“Maybe you can try Venmo.”

Jordan opened Venmo again, but he still received the same prompt!

Since his real name was bound to those accounts, he reckoned he must have been blacklisted, as he couldnt use those payment apps at all!


Jordan was infuriated.

There was no other way he could pay the cab driver the 800 bucks because he didnt carry so much cash with him.

At this moment, Chris came over and sneered.

“Whats the matter, Mr.

Steele You cant make a payment Your account has been disabled, huh”

“Hahaha, what were you bragging about when youre penniless!”

Chris suddenly hollered at Jordan with a harsher tone.

Jordan lost his temper and barked with clenched fists, “How dare you speak to me in such a manner”

Chris humphed coldly.

“Im being nice enough to someone like you who goes back on your word and even cheated a cab driver.”

“You made the cab driver speed up and promised to take responsibility for the consequences.

Do it now then! Give him money to get his car repaired!”

The surrounding onlookers chimed in.

“Yeah, 800 bucks isnt a large sum.

Anyone can afford that.”

“He definitely isnt willing to part with his money.

He made it sound so nice in the cab, but now that an accident has happened, he refuses to honor his promise.

Trust him to call himself a man.”

Jordan was really upset by their words of mockery.

Jordan looked at the driver and said, “Sir, something went wrong with my payment account and I dont have so much cash with me now.

Give me your phone number and Ill have someone transfer you the money.

I promise I wont go back on my word and Ill definitely give you the $800.”

The cab driver looked at Jordan with disdain and retorted, “Why did you say such nice things just now when youre not willing to pay I thought you were really generous.”

“Forget it.

Since Mr.

Hank has already compensated me with $800, I wont demand more from you.

Im not a greedy money-grubber!”

“You dont have to pay for the repair of the car, but you ought to pay me for the cab fare, right”

“The fare is three dollars.

Are you going to pay by cash or mobile payment”

Since Jordans mobile phone payment functions have all been disabled, he could only pay in cash.

However, after searching his pockets, he realized he didnt have a single dollar bill!


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