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Chapter 350: You Cant Marry Him!

Jordans face suddenly became extremely sullen!

When the cab driver saw Jordans situation, he asked with a look of bewilderment, “Surely youre not that poor that you cant even afford a cab fare of three dollars, right”

Jordan said awkwardly, “Im sorry Sir, I went out in a hurry and forgot to bring any money with me.

Give me your contact number and Ill get someone to transfer the money to you.”

At this moment, Chris and Robb both laughed out loud.

Chris laughed and said, “Jordan, oh, Jordan,youre not willing to pay 800 dollars for the cost of repairing the car, and you cant even afford a fare of three dollars Call yourself a man and Chloes father”

The onlookers around also began discussing incessantly.

“Hes dressed in branded apparel, but I never thought that he wouldnt be willing to pay a fare of just a few dollars.

How stingy!”

“How can there be people in this world who cant even afford to pay a few dollars How poor must you be”

“I bet he stole all his clothes and rings to pretend to be a rich person here!”

The cab driver was furious, and he barked in exasperation, “No, how can you call for a cab when you didnt bring any money with you I dont care, I can forgo the 800 dollars.

Just take it that I was a fool to have thought you were wealthy!”

“But I must collect these three dollars worth of cab fares from you.

If you dont give it to me now, you wont be able to leave!”

Robb egged him on from the side, “Sir, if it doesnt work, call the police to arrest him!”

Jordan was livid.

He finally understood what it meant to be forced to death by money!

During the three years that he had been Haileys live-in husband in Orlando, he had never been so embarrassed!

He actually cant even afford to pay for the cab fare!

Victoria was currently uncontactable and Jordan couldnt reach his family either.

However, he had the contact number of lots of his employees who could transfer money to him.

However, Jordans mobile payments were all blocked and restricted at the moment.

Unless someone personally delivers cash to Jordan.

Now, Pablo and Salvatore were still imprisoned in Houston, so Tim was the only one in DC.

However, Tim was controlling the UFO-shaped aircraft and was the only guarantee of Jordans safety in DC, so he definitely couldnt show up easily.

Once he showed up, Jordan would be slaughtered at any time, and could no longer go against the Howards.

Just when Jordan was stuck in a great dilemma and was at a loss for what to do, a little girl suddenly ran over.


Jordan heard a familiar voice and immediately looked ahead, only to find that it was actually Chloe who was running over, followed by Laurens maid.

“Daddy, its really Daddy!”

Chloe seemed to be playing in front of her house and ran over when she saw Jordan from afar.


Jordan also welcomed him and picked up Chloe in his arms.

“Wow, this little girl is really beautiful.”

“Genetics is really powerful.

Her mother must be beautiful, too.”

Many of the middle-aged people present were very fond and envious of Chloes beauty.

“Daddy, are you here to see me” Chloe asked with a smile.

Jordan nodded.

Chloe took Jordans hand and said, “Lets go home then.

I want you to teach me how to play the piano, Daddy.”

“Wait, a minute!” The cab driver suddenly called out to the two and said, “You havent paid the cab fare yet, you cant leave!”

Jordan was furious, but he really hadnt paid the cab fare yet.

Although it wasnt much, he ought to pay for it.

This was not something that can be solved with physical violence, but with money.

“Daddy, do you need money I have some,” Chloe suddenly said.

As soon as he heard that Jordans daughter had money, the cab driver immediately said, “Okay, you can pay me too.

Three dollars, please!”

Chloe stretched out her pink little hand, reached into the pocket of her little pink down jacket and pulled out balls of bills.

There were denominations like $1, $2, $5, $10, and $20.

“There you go.”

Chloe reached out to the cab driver with the balls of money in hand.

The can driver took a $1 bill and said, “Okay, $1!”

After getting the money, the cab driver immediately drove away.

However, the surrounding citizens were still discussing.

“This man is really incapable.

He actually made his daughter pay How shameful!”

“Yeah, he must have divorced the childs mother.

Which woman would want a good-for-nothing like him”

Chris also mocked unrestrainedly, “Jordan Steele, to think that I still regarded you as a strong love rival previously and thought that you were on par with me.”

“Now that I think about it, I… ugh! You even have to make your daughter pay for the cab fare.

You good-for-nothing, how can you compare with me!!”

Robb chimed in, “Otherwise, why would Miss Howard choose you instead, Mr.

Hank Miss Howard really has a wise and discerning eye!”

Jordan was furious, but just as he was about to clench his fist, Chloes little hand melted his anger.

Chloe said, “Daddy, lets go home!”

Jordan looked down at his cute daughter and stopped feeling angry with Chris and his lapdog.

He said, “Okay.”

Chloe held Jordans hand, and the two of them quickly arrived at Laurens house in front.

As soon as he entered the courtyard, Jordan saw Lauren, who was dressed in white like a fairy.

The moment he saw Lauren, Jordan wanted to apologize to her…


“Lauren, Im coming!”

Chris swaggered in, followed by Robb, who was carrying boxes and bags of all sizes.

“Lauren, these are the wedding gifts from me to you.

Take a look.”

“Heres a diamond comb used by the ancient royals, which is worth close to a million.”

“There is the mirror used by your favorite singer back then, worth about a million.”

“There is also some jewelry.

See if you like them.”

Robb placed all the wedding gifts in the courtyard before opening them one by one with a smug grin on his face.

He also said, “These wedding gifts are worth millions, which means nothing to the Howards and the Hanks, but is a staggering amount for some.”

He obviously meant for Jordan to hear it.

Jordan humphed coldly because the diamond earrings that he had just given Victoria were worth dozens of millions!

A few million dollars meant nothing to him!

Lauren merely glanced at him before saying, “Thank you.

Im very satisfied with that.”

Afterwards, Chris said smilingly, “Lauren, its really wonderful you agreed to marry me! Id like to hold the wedding as soon as possible.

How about we get married on the first of next month”

‘Thatd be the 1st of April.

April Fools Day

It was less than half a month from now.

Jordan was surprised that Chris would be in such a hurry.

However, Lauren agreed with a nod, “Alright.”

Jordan was shocked that Lauren agreed so quickly!

She also seemed eager about getting married sooner, to prove to Jordan that she would never resort to unscrupulous means or hold herself cheap just to marry him.

Jordan looked at Lauren and said, “Lauren, you shouldnt be marrying him!”


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