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Chapter 351: His Daughters Incredible Talent!

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Lauren had been single for years and thus had extremely high requirements of her other half.

She would definitely not marry just anyone.

Jordan didnt want Lauren to sacrifice her own happiness because of him!

However, Chris lost his temper as soon as he heard that and he snapped, “Punk, what nonsense are you spouting!! How dare you try to stop Lauren from marrying me Do you have a death wish”

Jordan completely ignored him and was still staring at Laurens beautiful side profile.

“Lauren, I know you dont like him at all, and you shouldnt marry someone you dont have any feelings for at all.

You wont be happy if you do.”

In order to get closer to Lauren and to express goodwill to him, he decided to call her by her name instead of calling herMiss Howard.

It was just like how he called Victoria by her name.

Chriss face turned red, and he was hopping mad.

“Bull**! Lauren and I are childhood sweethearts and our families have long formed ties with each other since my grandfathers generation.

No one else is a better match for her than I am!”

“If Lauren doesnt like me, can she possibly like you”

At this moment, Lauren drawled, “Jordan, youre Chloes father so I wont object to you coming here to see her.”

“However, you dont need to worry about my affairs.

Whether I have any feelings for Chris and whether I marry him or not has nothing to do with you.”

Laurens voice was cold and austere.

She was no longer as gentle as she used to be!

Indeed, she was really mad at Jordan!

Hearing Lauren chide Jordan, Chris and Robb grinned happily because one sentence from Lauren was much more effective than ten from Chris.

Robb laughed and said, “Haha, youre right, Darling!”

Chris began to get smug and complacent, too.

“Jordan, did you hear that Lauren has already said that youre in no place to meddle with her affairs!”

Having had past experiences with Victoria and especially Hailey, who enjoyed creating trouble, he had long understood women well.

Most of the time, women like to say things they dont mean, especially when they are upset.

Whenever they were angry, they would tend to say the opposite of what they felt.

Jordan continued to walk forward and said, “Lauren, are you upset with me Im sorry, I shouldnt have said those things to you last night.

I just got really anxious and impatient because I couldnt reach Victoria.

I sincerely apologize to you, okay”

Hearing this, Chris was stunned immediately.

“Its no wonder that Lauren would suddenly be willing to marry me.

It turns out that she had gotten into a fight with Jordan, huh”

Seeing that Jordan was apologizing to Lauren in a bid to seek forgiveness, Chris was afraid that Lauren would forgive Jordan and then cancel their marriage.

Hence, he hurriedly stopped in front of Jordan to shield Lauren behind him.

“What are you doing standing so close to my fiancée!! Back off!” Chris barked loudly.

Jordan was enraged, too.

“Get lost.

I have something to say to Lauren.”

Chris obviously wouldnt give Jordan a chance to talk to Lauren.

“Im Laurens fiancé.

You need my permission to speak to her!”

Indeed, he was an absolute male chauvinist.

It seemed that Lauren wouldnt be allowed to speak to a stranger after Lauren marries him.

Seeing that the two of them had gotten into an argument that was getting so heated that they were about to get physical, Lauren interjected, “Jordan, why dont you go inside to teach Chloe to play the piano”

Chloe, who had been rather obedient for a long time, said, “Daddy, I want you to practice the piano with me.”

Chris chimed in, “Thats right, go play the piano with Chloe.

Lauren and I still have a lot of things to discuss, such as the wedding photos, hotel venue, wedding rings,and so on.

Dont hinder us from preparing for the wedding!”

Jordan was extremely displeased with Chris and he also wanted to have a chat with Lauren, but it was probably impossible to do so in the presence of Chris.

Chloe kept tightening her grip on Jordan, so he gave in to her request and went inside the house to teach her to play the piano.

The two sat by the piano and Chloe first played a piece taught by her piano teacher, which was of a rather high difficulty level.

However, Chloe managed to play it smoothly.

Jordan seemed really proud as he happily kissed Chloe and exclaimed, “Baby, youre awesome! Youre so much better at playing the piano than I was when I was four years old!”

“Since your fingers are already nimble enough for you to play a piece with such a fast rhythm, why dont I teach you another piece”

Chloe agreed happily, “Sure, I wanted you to teach me to play a piece, Daddy!”

Jordan began to think about which tune to teach her.

Jordan was now in low spirits and all he could think about was Victoria.

Hence, he thought of a rather sad song—”If I Aint Got You” by Alicia Keys.

The intro to this song was a melodious tune with a rhythm that begins to go down rapidly, just like his mood.

Jordan grabbed Chloes little hand and said, “Ill start by teaching you the fingerings of the left hand first.

Its very simple.

Press C with your left hand, followed by B, then A, and finally G.”

Chloe asked, “Are these the only four”

Jordan nodded.

Chloe said, “Thats so simple.

You dont need to teach me.

I already know how to play it!”

Jordan smiled and said, “In that case, Ill teach you the fingering for the right hand, which chords are E, G, and B, respectively.

This is the Em chord, followed by the DA F-sharp for the D chord.

Theres a black key here, and next, its C, G, E, for the C chord, and finally B-sharp FD for the Bm chord.

For each chord tone on the right hand, you have to play it six times repeatedly.”

Chloe listened carefully and asked with widened eyes, “Do I play the chords for the right hand six times together with the four notes for the left hand”

Jordan nodded.

Chloe asked, “How fast do I have to play it”

Jordan stroked Chloes head and said, “As fast as you can.”

Chloe pressed her hands on the keys and quickly began to play the piece.

She actually played the intro of the song perfectly without having heard the original song before!

“Oh my God…”

Seeing Chloe playing the tune perfectly, Jordan was stunned by her incredible talent!

He held Chloe in his arms in great surprise while kissing her face incessantly, making her giggle non-stop.

“My dear daughter, youre such a genius! Youve completely inherited my talent in music.

I love you so much!”

Chloe also laughed and said, “Daddy, you didnt shave.

Your stubble is poking me, haha.”

Jordan quickly apologized, “Sorry for hurting you, Baby.”

Looking at the adorable and pretty Chloe, Jordan felt genuine affection for her.

“Chloe, I swear Ill give you all the best things in the world and never let you suffer any hardships.”

Chloe nodded and said, “Yes, I believe that youll protect Mommy and me!”

At this moment, Lauren and Chris were still outside the courtyard.

From time to time, Laurens attention would be caught by the sounds of piano and laughter that Chloe was making inside the house, and feel an urge to go inside to take a look.

On the other hand, Chris kept pestering Lauren.

“Laure, Im really glad that youve made up your mind to marry me and Ive already informed all my friends, relatives, and practically almost the whole DC, about our wedding.”

“As you know, my family has a high status in DC and there definitely wont be any changes in our marriage!”


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