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Chapter 352: Hindered By A Trivial Matter!

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After learning that Lauren had possibly agreed to marry him out of spite and impulse, Chris decided to give Lauren a warning.

He was a male chauvinist who cared the most about his pride, and he would never allow Lauren to impulsively decide to marry him and then change her mind as and when she pleased.

On the other hand, Lauren was a person who had set her priorities right and knew to make the right decisions.

“Dont worry, since I have decided to marry you, I will not change my mind.”

Chris grinned happily, knowing that Lauren had always been a dignified and reliable woman, who was perfect for a wife.

She wasnt like the vast majority of heiresses of wealthy families who threw tantrums and created trouble all the time.

Hence, Chris happily discussed with Lauren about the details about their wedding.

For example, the site for the wedding photo shoot, and whether they should have it abroad or in the country.

For example, the type of wedding ring and gown that Lauren preferred.

For example, the bridesmaids and whether to invite any celebrities.

While Chris was pestering Lauren to discuss the details of their wedding, Jordan had been teaching Chloe to play the piano inside the house.

Two hours later.

Only then did Lauren and Chris come over to see how Jordan and Chloe were doing.

She was secretly amazed that Chloe had managed to sit still to play the piano for two hours because that had never happened before.

Usually, she would be clamoring about going outside to play after playing the piano for just half an hour.

Indeed, a childs father tends to be better at handling his child than the teacher.

She knew that paternal love would affect a childs growth, so she didnt want to deprive Chloe of it.

Lauren walked over and squatted in front of Chloe before ruffling her hair and saying with a gleeful smile on her face, “Youre such a good girl, Chloe.

You must be tired from playing the piano for such a long time, right Its time to eat.”

It was already lunchtime, and Chloe was indeed a little hungry.


Lauren too, carried Chloe off the chair.

At this moment, Lauren couldnt help but politely ask Jordan, “Are you going to stay for lunch”

Jordan had said such hurtful words to Lauren last night.

If she were another woman, she would have long treated Jordan as an enemy when they met again!

However, after Jordan apologized, Laurens attitude became much mellower, and she even invited Jordan to stay behind for lunch!

‘Lauren is really a good woman.

Jordan sighed as he thought to himself.

He then said, “Sure, Id like to spend more time with Chloe too.”

“Yay! Thats awesome!” Chloe clapped her hands happily.

At this moment, Chris said coldly, “I bet youre just using Chloe as an excuse to get a free meal here.”

“Jordan, Im afraid you dont even have the money for lunch now, right”

Jordan looked extremely embarrassed because he really didnt have money for lunch now!

He didnt have any cash with him and he couldnt use the mobile payment system on his phone either.

Chris had always wanted to take revenge on Jordan, and now that he had met Jordan while the latter was down and out, how could he be willing to miss the opportunity to rub it in and kick Jordan while he was down

Chris laughed and said, “Lauren, you probably dont know that Jordan couldnt even afford to pay for his cab fare of three dollars just now, and Chloe ended up paying for it with her pocket money.

That was so embarrassing.

Ive never seen such a disgraceful man!”

Jordans face was flushed, and he wanted to snap at Chris, but if he were to do so, it would only prove that he was incompetent!

The only way to shut Chris up was to smash money onto his face!

However, Jordan could not bring himself to do it!

Lauren was appalled, and she asked in huge disbelief, “How is that possible Cant you use your mobile payment apps”

Jordan nodded and said, “Yes, theyve been blocked.”

Chris began to mock, “Haha, your bank accounts have been frozen and youve been blocked out of your mobile payment apps.

I reckon you dont have much cash with you now.

Youll be left to suffer in DC.”

Chloe didnt quite understand the conversation between the adults, but she could tell that her father seemed to be very petulant because of something related to money.

“Daddy, Mommy has money! Ill go get you some!”

Before Jordan and Lauren could pull her back, she had long scurried out quickly.

She then quickly entered Laurens room and somehow found Laurens wallet, which she then handed to Jordan.

“There you go, Daddy!”

It was a long wallet, and there were obviously lots of bills in it.

Jordan was both touched and miserable.

He was touched that his daughter was so caring towards him she was giving him money.

However, he was miserable about the fact that he was so down and out that he needed to take money from his daughter!

“Chloe, I cant take that money.

Return it to Mommy quickly.”

How could Jordan possibly accept the money in front of Lauren and Chris!! That was way too humiliating!

Lauren took the wallet and pulled out all the 20-dollar bills from it.

There were about 20 of them, so they amounted to a few hundred dollars.

Lauren then handed the money to Jordan and said, “Jordan, although Im mad at you for what happened last night, thats a separate matter.”

“Your assets are frozen now, all because of my grandfather.

So, take the money.

Ill give you more if its not enough.”

After learning that Jordans assets had been frozen by Martin, Chris was overjoyed and in great admiration of Martins power!

Chris laughed and said, “Oh, I was wondering what you were doing here bright and early in the morning and why you made the cab driver drive so quickly that he crashed into my car.”

“It turns out that youre for money.

Arent you being a beggar, then”

Robb, who was at the door, chimed in, “Had I known that Mr.

Steele was here to ask for money from Miss Howard, I wouldnt have overtaken the cab.

He desperately needed the money to eat.

Of course, hed be in a greater rush than us.”

Jordan glowered at Chris and Robb viciously before reaching out to push the money back to her.

“Thank you.

I acknowledge your goodwill.

Im able-bodied and even if my assets have been frozen, I believe that I can still rely on my own abilities to make a living.”

Lauren knew that Jordan was a prideful man and just a while ago, he was titled the richest man in the US!

Besides, now that outsiders like Chris and Robb were waiting to see Jordan make a fool out of himself, how could Jordan possibly accept these handouts

Hence, Lauren didnt force him either and instead, said, “Okay, lets have lunch together.”


Chloe was holding hands with Jordan and Lauren as she sat down in front of the dining table.

At the dinner table, there was a large spread of delicacies and they had long smelled the fragrance from a great distance away.

There was baked fish, pasta, beef goulash, roast turkey, and many other dishes that were often served at celebratory events.

The dishes were full of vibrancy and flavors.

Chris sat down proudly and said, “Lauren, Chloe, these dishes were prepared by a Michelin chef who has cooked for presidential banquets.

Quickly give it a try.”

Jordan nodded.

He was well-versed in culinary arts, and he could tell from the look of the dishes and plating that they were extraordinary.

However, when Jordan picked up his fork and knife, Chris suddenly reprimanded Jordan again.

“Jordan, I specially ordered these dishes for Lauren and Chloe..

Youre not allowed to have any of them!”


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