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Chapter 353: Did I Say You Can Have The Food!!

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Chris had once again put Jordan to shame!

Standing at the door, Robb threw a bag of sauerkraut and two baked buns he had been holding at Jordan.

He said, “Mr.

Steele, not everyone is fit to eat the food prepared by a Michelin chef, so youd better eat this instead.

It suits your status better!”

Chris and Robb actually wanted Jordan to eat bread with sauerkraut!

At this point, even Lauren could not stand it any longer.

She looked at Chris and said, “Chris, theres so much food, the two of us cant finish it at all.

Chloe has a small appetite and shell at most have a small portion.

Why wont you let Jordan eat with us Hes Chloes father after all!”

There is a good side and a bad side to everything.

Although Chris humiliated Jordan again and again, it invoked sympathy for Jordan within Lauren.

If Chris did not come here today and did those things to Jordan, Lauren would probably continue ignoring Jordan because of the hurtful things that he had said to her that day.

However, Lauren knew Jordan was a good man, and she had merely said those words to her because of Victoria.

Lauren liked devoted men like Jordan, who had a great sense of responsibility when it comes to relationships.

Thus, Lauren had already forgiven Jordan deep down because she really couldnt bring herself to watch Jordan munch on baked bread and sauerkraut.

Chris leaned backwards and said, “Im a clean freak and I dont enjoy eating at the same table as people I dont know well.”

“I dont want to touch the dishes that his cutlery has touched.

Who knows if he has bad breath”

Chloe suddenly interjected, “Daddy doesnt have bad breath! Daddy just kissed me so many times! Mommy, you can smell it if you dont believe me!”

As Chloe said that, she suddenly kissed Lauren, causing her to be stunned immediately, and she suddenly became a little shy.

That… would mean that Jordan and Lauren had indirectly kissed each other.

Although Jordan and Lauren had a child together, she somehow felt a little shy and her heart started beating rapidly, as if she was falling in love for the first time.

Chris was just as upset too and he instructed Robb reluctantly, “Bring a plate and a set of cutlery from the kitchen.

Let Jordan Steele have some food.”

“Thats not necessary.”

Jordan immediately refuted Chriss handout and said, “I didnt have an appetite for food in the first place.

I drank some water just now and Im not hungry anymore.

Ill just stay here to feed Chloe.”

Lauren could tell that Jordan was vexed and worried about Victoria, so he really seemed to have no appetite.

She said, “You didnt eat anything all day yesterday.

Its been a day and a half, youd better eat something.”

Chris laughed and said, “Its okay for a man not to eat for a few days.

Lauren, lets eat.”

Jordan was indeed hungry now.

A man with excellent combat power like him had high standards and requirements for food, too.

At this moment, Chloe suddenly said, “Dad, I want to eat the food you cook.”

Lauren laughed.

Jordan didnt want to eat the food that Chris brought, but he would definitely eat the food he cooked himself.

However, Chris said, “Chloe, what home-cooked food These dishes I brought were made by a Michelin chef.

Give it a try.

It definitely tastes better than those home-cooked dishes!”

Lauren retorted, “Sometimes the food served in restaurants cant be compared to home-cooked dishes, regardless of how delicious they may be.”

However, Chris laughed proudly and said, “Lauren, you rarely go out with your grandfather, so its no wonder that youre less knowledgeable.”

“When I was a kid, I followed my father to a French state dinner in the Élysée Palace where I had puffed pastry with black truffle soup for the first time in my life.

Oh my gosh, it was heavenly!”

“Thats not all.

The other dishes taste really amazing too!”

“Later, we also visited the chef who cooked the feast for the banquet and it turned out that he was Paul Bocuse, the greatest chef in France.

No, the world!”

“Later on, Id look for Chef Bocuse whenever I visited France.

Lauren, only after eating the food he cooked, will you understand the difference between his cooking and that of ordinary people!”

“Unfortunately, Master Bocuse has passed away, and we will never be able to taste the food he cooks again.”

Jordan was stunned for a moment before he secretly thought,Chris has tasted Paul Bocuses food His horizons arent that narrow after all!

Chris had just bragged to his fiancee about how he had dined with the French officials at a state dinner, which was made by the worlds greatest chef.

However, Chris had no idea that Jordan had long known Paul Bocuse personally!

Paul Bocuse had even personally told Jordan about the untold secret recipes of two dishes!

Jordan remained silent and smiled at Chloe.

He said, “Sure, Ill go to the kitchen to cook you guys some food.”

When he came to the kitchen, Laurens maid, Felicia, also hurriedly came over and said to Jordan respectfully, “Sir, what do you need me to do Ill help you.”

Jordan had already met Felicia the last time he was here.

She was a cute seventeen-year-old girl with a great personality.

Jordan checked the ingredients in the kitchen refrigerator and said, “Please go buy me some black truffles, foie gras, and chicken.

Can I pay you the money the next time I drop by”

Felicia hurriedly said, “No, no, you dont need to pay me at all.

Just treat yourself as a master of this place.

Ill go there right now.”

Watching Felicia walk over nimbly, Jordan felt really comforted.

‘Indeed, a nice person tends to have a nice servant too.

‘Lauren is virtuous and kind, and so is her maid.

While Felicia went to get the ingredients, Jordan made a dish of sea bass in pastry, which was also one of Pauls signature dishes.

It could be considered one of the essential dishes of the French state banquets in the last few decades!

However, since Pauls death, very few people could prepare the dish well and, thus, it had been removed from the menu of the state banquet for years.

On the other hand, Jordan happened to be the person who could prepare the dishes the best in this world.

Soon, Jordan prepared two dishes and served them to the dining table.

Chris immediately widened his eyes and asked, “Sea bass in pastry Black truffle soup Did you make these”

Chris couldnt believe his eyes at all!

He was a foodie himself, which was evidenced by his robust figure.

Moreover, those two dishes were his favorites that he had loved eating since he was a child!

He could tell at a glance from the color of the dishes that they were very well done!

Chris couldnt help but drool!

Jordan laughed and asked, “Surely I dont need someone elses help in cooking.”

“Chloe, quickly have a taste of the black truffle soup.”

Chloe nodded frantically and exclaimed, “Yes!”

The soup was covered with thick cheese puff pastry, which looked like an adorable mushroom.

However, Chloe had been hesitating to dig in while holding the spoon.

“Daddy, how do I eat this” Chloe asked.

Before Jordan answered her, Chris suddenly picked up a spoon and said, “Chloe, you have to break the skin of the puff pastry by knocking a spoon against it before scooping the soup with a spoon.”

“Let me show you once!”

Sniffing the aroma of the soup, Chris swallowed saliva incessantly and got ready to take a mouthful of the soup with the spoon.

However, Jordan immediately chided, “Chris Hank, did I say that you can eat!”


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