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Chapter 355: Slander Me

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Previously, Jordan had called Mandy to ask about Victorias whereabouts, and he even told her to notify him once she had news about Victoria.


Jordan answered quickly.

On the other hand, Mandy asked eagerly, “Mr.

Steele, I just received a call from my neighbor in DC who told me that someone splashed paint on the door of my house and Im very worried about your safety.

Are you alright”

“What Someone splashed paint onto the door”

Jordan was stunned, and he immediately understood what was going on as he glared furiously at Chris, who was in front of him.

He had torn up the decorations for Chriss wedding just now, so he reckoned that the middle-aged man must have gone to complain to Chris.

He reckoned that Chriss underlings must have been the one who splashed paint on the door.

Jordan was in a foul mood and he said, “Mandy, Im alright.

This matter does have something to do with me, and I know the culprit behind it.

Ill give you an explanation.”

After all, he was living in someone elses house, so he felt bad that Mandys door was getting splashed with paint because of the trouble caused by Jordan.

Since Mandy was groomed and promoted by Victoria, she naturally wouldnt bother about those things with Jordan.

She said magnanimously, “Hey, Mr.

Steele, you dont need to give me any explanation.

Good, that youre fine.

The rest are all trivial matters.”

However, Jordan said, “Mandy, I dont know where Victoria has gone now.

I cant keep staying in your house.

How about this Ill send the keys of your house back to you via courier.”

However, Mandy said, “Theres really no need.


Steele, just keep staying there.

You dont have to be so formal with me.”

Jordan was now in a different situation than before, and he could no longer give Mandy anything.

Thus, he insisted, “Its settled.

Ill hang up now.”

After hanging up the phone, Jordan rushed to Chris menacingly and questioned, “Are you the culprit behind the paint-splashing”

Chris was still secretly tasting the sea bass made by Jordan, which he actually thoroughly enjoyed.

He was stunned for a moment after hearing Jordans question.

He then put down his cutlery and stood up furiously.

“Oh, so the one who tore my wedding decorations was you, punk! I was wondering who was so obnoxious as to tear up the decorations for mine and Laurens wedding!”

“Yes, I was the one who sent my men to splash paint at that house, but I remember the owner is a lady.

Are you living at someone elses pace”

Jordan said, “Good that you are willing to admit it.”

Jordan immediately picked up the phone to call the police.

“Police Id like to report a crime.

Someone splashed paint at the door of the house Im staying in.”

“My name is Jordan and I live at…”

After reporting the crime, Chris laughed unrestrainedly and asked, “Jordan Steele, you really dont seem like a descendant of a prestigious family.

How are you so simple-minded”

“You think you can put me behind bars just like that What are you thinking! Do you know how many henchmen I have”

Chris humphed arrogantly and then called Robb in.

“Robb, get the kid who splashed paint in the morning to go to the police station and turn himself in.

Hell at most be detained for 10 days and issued a fine of a few hundred dollars.

Tell him hell get $1500 for each day he stays there!”

Robb chuckled and said, “Hey, thats a really good deal.

Youre making me tempted to go to jail in his place.

Okay, Ill call him now.”

Chris proudly crossed one leg over the other.

Jordan once had numerous underlings, so he knew underlings would usually vie with each other to take the rap for their boss and would never expose their bosss crimes.

Jordan secretly swore that he would find the opportunity to land Chris in jail!

He ignored Chris again and instead placed a Perry Express order with his cell phone.

In less than ten minutes, a long-legged Ukrainian girl arrived at the courtyard on a bicycle.

“Hello, Im from Perry Express.

May I ask which gentleman placed the order”

The Ukrainian beauty asked in fluent English.

Jordan walked to the courtyard and said, “Its me.”

As soon as he came out, the Ukrainian beauty immediately jumped up in surprise.

“Oh my God, its you, Supervisor Steele!”

Jordan also recognized that the Ukrainian beauty courier in front of him was among the batch that he had trained when he was the head of the training department in New York City!

“Your name is Lisa, right”

Jordan asked with a smile.


The Ukrainian beauty named Lisa happily hugged Jordan, “Supervisor Steele, I really didnt expect to meet you in DC!”

Jordan asked, “How is it going here”

The Ukrainian beauty nodded and said, “Its wonderful here.

I really like DC and I even got a boyfriend here!”

“However, so many of my friends who came with me are ready to jump ship to Breezy Express.”


Jordan was slightly surprised to hear that.

“Could it be that the Huxleys are taking advantage of the fact that my assets are frozen and Victorias whereabouts are unknown, to make a comeback and rise back to power”

Previously, the Huxleys Breezy Express had been suppressed by Jordan to the point that they turned from the top courier company in the country to a second-tier family that had had their assets reduced by half.

However, the business industry is like a battlefield.

As long as a business was still surviving, they would desperately fight for the opportunity to retaliate.

Jordan had been busy with his personal matters during this period and had completely neglected the companys affairs.

He reckoned that Breezy Express was probably going to make a move now.

Jordan sighed and thought that perhaps the Huxleys were destined not to perish yet.

However, his feud with the Huxleys was over and he no longer cared about their actions anymore.

Jordan took out the key and said, “I want to send this to the Perry Express office in New York City.”

The Ukrainian girl replied, “Okay, please show me the address.”

Jordan opened a picture and the Ukrainian girl scanned it, after which the address was filled in automatically.

She then wrapped the key.

Jordan said, “Uh, I… I would like to opt for cash-on-delivery.”

Jordan was rather embarrassed when he said that, but he really couldnt afford to pay the delivery fee now.

Chris, who was standing at the door, had also long been attracted to the Ukrainian beautys long legs.

Upon hearing his words, he couldnt help but burst into laughter.

“Hahahaha, this is hilarious.

The owner behind Perry Express has to opt for cash on delivery when hes using his companys services.

This is really the most ridiculous thing I have seen in my life!”

At this juncture, the Ukrainian beauty said, “Mr.

Steele, youre the one who selected me and brought me here.

Without you, I wouldnt be here today, nor would I have met a man who loves me so much.

Let me pay the delivery fee for you!”


The Ukrainian beauty stowed the express parcel away and then got on her bike.

She waved at Jordan and said, “Goodbye, my handsome Mr.


After Lisa left, Chris asked again uncouthly, “Jordan, this woman is actually willing to pay for the express service on your behalf.

Seems like your relationship with her isnt ordinary.

Did you sleep with her when you trained her in the past”

After getting mocked by Chris several times, Jordan could no longer tolerate it!

“Do you want to know”

Jordan asked.

“Yes.” Chris nodded.

“Come here.”

Jordan beckoned to Chris.

As soon as Chris leaned in, Jordan punched him!


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