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Chapter 356: Heart-To-Heart Talk With Lauren!

Chris repeatedly tried to test Jordans patience, so Jordan had long wanted to beat him up into a pulp.

Chris previously insulted Jordan and called him poor, but Jordan couldnt retort because he was indeed really penniless now.

If he were to get physical, it would be akin to admitting that he was an incompetent loser and that he was jealous of Chris, who was wealthy.

However, it was a personality issue for Chris to insult Jordan by accusing him of having an affair with Lisa.

However, Jordans punch did not land on Chris.

Chris was undoubtedly a martial arts practitioner.

He hurriedly raised his arm to resist and got into an attacking stance.

He yelled, “Do you want to fight Bring it on! Since the last time I fought you, Ive been wanting to fight you every single day!”

Chris was defeated by Jordan the last time, and after that, he had been training hard every day in a bid to regain his pride.

However, how could Lauren watch Chris and Jordan fight

Lauren interjected, “Can you guys not fight in front of Chloe”

Although Jordan really wanted to teach Chris a lesson, he decided to tolerate it for Chloes sake because he didnt want Chloe to think that her father was a violent man.

Chloe walked over and asked Jordan, “Dad, do you not have a place to live in anymore since youve given the key to your house to that lady”

Children are immature and tend to say whatever comes to mind, so her words made Chris laugh out loud.

“Hahaha, Chloe, youre so right.

Jordan Steele doesnt even have a place to live now, hahaha.”

Jordan was now penniless and had returned the key to the house he was staying in, so he would probably have to sleep on the street tonight.

Chloe continued to raise her head and exclaimed, “Awesome! In that case, Daddy, sleep with me and Mommy! The three of us will sleep together!”

Chris, who was laughing and smiling, instantly turned pale and no longer felt that Chloes words were pleasing to his ears.

With a strong desire to spite Chris, Jordan stroked Chloes head and said, “Okay, baby, Ill sleep next to you and Mommy.”

“Ill cripple you if you f***ing dare to sleep next to Lauren!” Chris flew into a rage immediately.

Jordan retorted unceremoniously, “Im going to sleep next to my daughter.

It has nothing to do with you!”

With an awkward expression, Lauren looked at Jordan and said, “Dont say that.

You might cause a misunderstanding easily.

Chris and I are about to get married soon, so its really not appropriate for you to stay here.”

“If you dont have a place to stay, I can arrange a place for you, or book a hotel room for you.”

Last night, Jordan said that Lauren had resorted to unscrupulous means to marry him, which left Lauren with no choice but to be a little heartless towards him now.

She did not want to let Jordan stay in her house again, lest he mistakenly think that she would want to take the opportunity to get close to him or something.

Besides, Lauren knew that given Chriss temper and character, he would never allow a stranger to live in his fiancées house because of how prideful he was.

Seeing that Lauren also did not agree to let Jordan stay here, Chris guffawed and gibed, “Hear that, pauper!! If you dont have enough money to stay in a hotel, I can give you some! Forget about staying in my fiancées house!”

Jordan didnt want to get into an argument with Chris in Chloes presence, so Jordan took Laurens hand and said, “I have something to say to you.”

Seeing that Jordan was pulling Laurens hand, Chris immediately snapped, “Hey, what are you doing Let go of my woman!”

With Jordan holding her hand, Laurens heart skipped a beat and pounded rapidly.

She turned her head to face Chris and explained,Go outside and wait for me.

We do need to talk about Chloe.”


Chris knew that, as Chloes father, Jordan was qualified to talk to Lauren about some matters.

After all, Lauren was taking Chloe with her, even though she was getting married.

Hence, it would have something to do with Jordan.

However, Chris was worried that Jordan would ruin his wedding!

Jordan indeed intended to do so!

When he came to Laurens bedroom, the room was instantly filled with a fresh fragrance.

Thanks to her helper, the rooms were all spick and span, with every single part of the house spotless.

Although Lauren was a mother of one, the decor of her room was still young, energetic, and lively.


Jordan looked at Lauren and slowly began to speak.

On the other hand, Lauren lowered her head and took the initiative to let go of Jordans hand.

He then deliberately said coldly, “Dont address me that way.

Just call Miss Howard like you used to, or call me by my full name.”


Jordan insisted on calling her by her name.

“I used to deliberately keep my distance from you because you are too beautiful and the relationship between us is quite special.”

“But I figured out now that we dont need to act like this because Im Chloes father, and youre Chloes mother.

We are destined to be in close relations, so there is no need to care about whether its too ambiguous or not.”

Lauren understood what Jordan meant.

Since the two of them shared a child, it would seem a little too stupid to mull over the intimacy of the way they addressed each other.

Lauren nodded, giving silent consent for Jordan to call her by her name.

Jordan said, “Lauren, I want to solemnly apologize to you.

I shouldnt have said that to you last night nor doubted you.

Can you forgive me”

Jordan still felt now that it was the Howards that took Victoria, but he was certain that Lauren definitely didnt know about it.

Lauren said, “There is nothing to forgive you for.

Since your girlfriend is missing, its normal for you to be emotional.”

Jordan said, “I know you agreed to marry Chris because of me.

I also know that you dont fancy him at all and I hope you can cancel your wedding with him.

I dont want you to marry a person you dont love!”

Lauren shook her head and said, “This matter… can never be changed.

I wasnt acting impulsively, but rather, Ive really decided to marry him.”

“My family has groomed me and provided for me for so many years.

Its time I do something for them.”

“But…” Jordan could not bear to let her go through that.

Lauren said firmly, “Dont bring up this matter again.

Whether I get married happily or not has nothing to do with you.”

Jordan sighed and said, “Yes, I know Im in no place to control you, but we have a daughter.

Once you get married, what about our daughter”

Lauren said, “Chloe has to follow me.

Jordan, you havent been by Chloes side the last few years and I raised her single-handedly.

She means the world to me.

You cant be that cruel and take her away from me.”

Lauren was getting agitated and Jordan knew it was because Chloe was very important to her.

Jordan said, “I never intended to snatch Chloe away from you..

Im just worried that Chris Hank would mistreat her after becoming her stepfather!”


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