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Chapter 357: Elle Changes Her Name!

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Although he had only had brief contact with Chris twice or thrice, Jordan was certain that Chris was hot-tempered, irascible, violent, insensitive, straightforward and tyrannical!

Not only was he not a good choice for a husband, but he would definitely not make a good stepfather!

Besides, there was a feud between Chris and Jordan.

Chris hated Jordan to the core so he might vent his hatred for Jordan on his daughter!

That was what Jordan was the most worried about.

Chloe was adorable and outstanding.

He would never allow anyone to hurt her!

Lauren said, “Dont worry, Chris is the scion of the Hank family.

Even if he cant be a responsible father, he wont mistreat Chloe.”

“Besides, Ill still be Chloes main caretaker, so it wont be different from before.”

Since Lauren had said so, Jordan couldnt say anything else.

Soon, the two walked out of the bedroom.

As soon as they did, Chris immediately went forward and said to Lauren, “Lauren, I just called my parents and yours.

Since were about to get married, I want our families to have dinner together tonight.”

Chris was also afraid that Lauren would be influenced by Jordan and cancel their engagement, so he decided to make the first move by asking both his and her parents out for a meal in order to confirm their engagement.

Lauren nodded without declining.

“Great!” Chris was overjoyed.

“Lets get ready to set off.

Lets head to a bridal shoot studio before that.”

“Okay.” Lauren agreed and then walked towards Jordan, “Why dont you come back again tomorrow again”


Jordan said goodbye to Chloe and then watched Chris drive Lauren and Chloe away.

When he was leaving, Jordan saw the arrogant expression on Chriss face and he couldnt help but feel an urge to beat him up.

“Chris Hank, you insulted me in public on the street today and humiliated me in front of my daughter.

I wont let this matter go just like that!”

Jordan clenched his fist.

He was a vindictive person who would take revenge where it was due.

Once he found Victoria, he would leave the US.

Those who chose to mess with Jordan were totally courting death!

Before leaving, Jordan could get them killed without any scruples!

“Sir, come inside to have some tea and rest for a while.”

The maid, Felicia, greeted Jordan at the door.

A smile appeared on Jordans face and he said, “No thanks, I still have other things to handle and I have to get going.”

Walking out of the house, Jordan sneakily called Tim.

Tim exclaimed, “Mr.


Jordan called out, “Tim, you have to leave DC.

Im guessing that the Howards have already sent their subordinates to hunt you down.

Once they find you, the Howards will definitely give you a hard time.”

Tim asked, “If I leave, what will happen to your safety”

Jordan said, “If the Howards want to kill me, they would have done so when I returned the second time.

They have now abducted Victoria with the purpose of forcing me to give in and marry Lauren Howard.

They wont hurt me for now.”

Tim said, “In this case, Ill go to Houston to look for Salvatore.

I heard that theres a turnaround for his case and he might be released soon!”

Jordan had watched Martin call some people to settle the case of Pablo and Salvatore, and it seemed that he did not go back on his word afterwards.

After giving the explanation, Jordan hung up the phone.

Jordan was now penniless, and he did not ask Tim to send him cash because he did not want Tim to take the risk.

Reason being, he felt the Howards were secretly watching him!

The problem at hand for Jordan to solve was getting money and a place to stay.

Hence, Jordan checked the nearby map, and then followed it to a shopping mall named JFS mall near Laurens house.

It was an extremely upscale mall in DC and Jordan intended to apply for a job as a security officer of the mall.

Firstly, he could solve the issue of lodging, and secondly, he could earn some money.

Of course, there was a more important reason apart from that!

It was a job that was very suitable for helping Jordan find Victoria!

The mall was often crowded with people and cars, so if Jordan was being watched by the Howards, that would be the easiest way for him to get out of the Howardss sight in the shortest possible time.

Jordan clearly felt that there was more than one person following him while he made his way to JFS mall from Laurens home.

When he arrived at the office of the security department of the mall, Jordan knocked on the door and walked in.

There was a middle-aged man inside who was smoking a cigarette while watching TV on his cell phone.

The man was unattractive and didnt look too decent, but he seemed to be authoritative.


When the man turned around and saw Jordan, he thought that Jordan was a customer of the mall because of his refined aura, and thus quickly got up and said respectfully, “What can I do for you, Sir Are you lost”

Jordan said, “Im here to apply for a job as a security officer.

Are you hiring”

As soon as he heard that Jordan was here to apply for a job, the man immediately had a change of attitude.

“So youre here to get a job.

I got shocked.”

The man then returned to his seat and continued to watch TV on his phone while ignoring Jordan.

Jordan said, “I just need a couple of hundreds of dollars a month and a place to live.”

The man was surprised as soon as he heard Jordans request.

“A couple of hundreds of dollars a month Are you sure”

Such a salary wouldnt exist in a third or fourth-tier city, let alone DC.

Jordan nodded.

The man got excited and said, “Well then, youre hired.

Im the manager of the security department, and you can call me if you need anything in the future.”

“There is a set of security officers uniform in the locker.

Change into them now, then go to the parking lot of the mall on the third floor.

Replace Jay who is on duty there and tell him to come back.”

Jordan said, “I dont have any cash on me now, so you have to give me 200 dollars now.”

The manager thought about it, sized Jordan up, and felt that he did not look like a liar, so he said, “Show me your ID.”

Jordan handed the manager his ID card, and the latter checked it before taking out 200 dollars in cash from his wallet and handed it to Jordan.

“Leave your ID here.

Youre lucky today.

I dont usually carry so much cash with me.

Spend it wisely or you wont have any money for this month!”


Jordan took the money, changed into the security officers uniform, and then headed to the parking lot on the third floor.

Since it was a high-end mall, the security officers uniform was rather different from other malls.

Instead, this one resembled the uniform of an airplane captain.

When Jordan walked over, many girls gawked at him and began discussing among themselves.

“Wow, this captain is so handsome! I really want to get his number!”

“Hes not a captain! Look clearly, thats the uniform of a security officer!”

“What How can such a handsome man be a security officer Hes getting paid such a pathetic salary.

Sis, why dont we make him our boy toy”


Times have really changed.

The young women were making remarks without restraint and Jordan heard them all.

Jordan did not react much and instead went to the parking lot on the third floor, where he found the security officer who was on duty.

He asked, “Are you Jay”

Jay looked at Jordan and asked, “Yeah, are you new here”

Jordan nodded and said, “Yes, the Manager, Harry, asked me to replace you.

You can go to the office and rest.”

Jay was instantly overjoyed.

“Really Awesome.

When standing here, I cant even drink water.

Im dying of thirst.”

“Ill get going now then.”

Jordan pulled Jay and said, “Give me an introduction to the requirements of the job.”

Jay said, “Thats very simple.

You just need to check if the driver of each car has a JFS gold membership card or receipt.

Remember, only those who have a JFS membership car or have spent more than 13,000 dollars can drive their cars up here.

Otherwise, tell them to get lost!”

After saying that, Jay quickly walked away.

At this moment, it so happened that a red Ferrari sports car drove up, in which there were two very young and beautiful girls, who seemed to be about 20 years old.

However, Jordan was surprised to see the girl in the passenger seat.

He suddenly exclaimed, “Elle”

The person sitting in the passenger seat was none other than Elle!

However, the beautiful girl in the drivers seat looked at Elle in bewilderment.

“Jenny, do you know this security officer”


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