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Chapter 358: Elles Dream Of Becoming A Star!

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Elle and Jordan were both very surprised to meet each other in DC!


Elle rode in the passenger seat, still wearing skimpy clothing that accentuated her figure despite the cold.

Although the window on her side was rolled down, she didnt even look at Jordan.

After all, Jordan was now a security officer, and no rich girl in a Ferrari would care what a security officer looked like.

If Jordan had not called her name, Elle may never have noticed him.

Elle scanned Jordan up and down.

Knowing what had happened to Jordan recently, she asked, “You… came to DC to be a security officer”

Jordan nodded with embarrassment.

Jordan used to be the president of the J Corporation, who was high up in the air and looked up to by the Camdens.

Elle even threw herself at her in a skin-tight dress whenever they met.

However, Jordan was now just a security officer to Elle.

“Why are you in DC”

Jordan asked, knowing that Elle should be schooling in Orlando at this time.

Elle replied, “Im now studying at a film academy and Im preparing to become an actress!”

Jordan was shocked, and he asked, “Why did you suddenly join a film academy and decide to enter the entertainment industry”

Elle answered, “In fact, Ive been intending to learn to act and I came here last summer to sit for the examination and the interview for the film academy.

I was also accepted by DC Film Academy, but my parents refused to let me go.”

“Now that my family is broke, they agreed to let me enter the entertainment industry to make money.”

Jordan nodded.

He understood very well what Elles parents were like.

In fact, the Camdens had always thought highly of themselves and although they were a second-tier family, their requirements for their children were like that of top-tier families and that was, their children were not allowed to join the entertainment industry.

Now, the Camdens, with the exception of Hailey, who had received about 300 million dollars from Brad, were heavily in debt.

Hailey and Elle had always been at odds, and it was impossible for Hailey to give her money.

The fact that Elle was now going to join the entertainment industry was also the result of Jordans revenge on Hailey.

Jordan asked, “Did I just hear her call you Jenna just now”

Elle laughed and said, “Haha, its Jenny.


Ive changed my name to Jenny.

Jenny Camdens my stage name now!”

“I dont like my given name! Its harder for people to remember me!”

Elle was indeed a less catchy name than Jenny.

Looking at the girl in front of him, Jordan felt he didnt know her anymore.

Elle had changed too much.

Her facial features and figure had changed drastically because she had undergone plastic surgery.

Even her character had changed.

She had become more mature and understanding.

Previously, Elle had mocked Jordan on numerous occasions, but since she learned about his identity, she had been very nice to him, even though he had repeatedly become penniless.

The beautiful woman in the drivers seat smiled and said, “Jenny, thanks to this hunk, I got to know that you used to be named Elle.”

Jordan, too, smiled and looked at the beauty in the drivers seat.

Elle smiled and introduced, “This is my classmate from the filmed academy, Dakota.”

“Hello.” Jordan greeted her.

“Hello.” Dakota was rather polite to Jordan, because she knew he was acquainted with Elle.

Dakota asked, “Do I need a proof of purchase to park my car upstairs There you go.”

Dakota reached out her slender arm and handed Jordan a shopping receipt, on which a total expenditure of $30,000 was stated.

Jordan could tell that Elles classmate was from a wealthy family.

Jordan looked at it and said, “Please enter.”

“Bye, Jordan, Ill look for you for tea again when I have time.”

Elle waved her hand.

“Goodbye.” Jordan waved at the two of them.

Dakota slowly drove her car inside and, while looking for a parking space, she asked, “Jenny, who was that security officer just now”

Elle answered with a faint smile on her face, “The person who took my first kiss!”

Dakota exclaimed in surprise.

“Damn it! A security officer actually took away your first kiss That doesnt make sense!”

Elle giggled and exclaimed, “Elle smiled cheekily, “Dont underestimate him just because hes a security officer now.

He was really impressive previously! Hes the former president of Ace Corporation and my cousins ex-husband.

He used to ride in a Maybach and wear immaculate suits every day.

He was such a handsome and cool, overbearing CEO!”

“I wanted to give him my virginity too, but unfortunately, he didnt want it.”

Dakota had already parked her car and removed her seatbelt.

She laughed and said, “Good thing you didnt.

Look how terrible hes doing now.”

“Isnt it better to exchange your virginity for the lead role of a TV series”

Now that Elle had come to DC to develop, Dakota hoped to join her, too.

Elle said, “Didnt you say that Mr.

Hank from DC doesnt like newbie actresses like me”

Dakota said, “There are lots of big shots, and Mr.

Hank is just one of them.

Ill ask Scarlet to help you look around.

Dont worry, youve got a great figure and there must be lots of scions who want you.

We have to find the one with the most capital so that you can rest assured and stay in the entertainment industry.”

In this era, it was common for pretty celebrities to have backers.

Just when Jordan was diligently doing his security work, a man walked over sneakily to call Chris.


Hank, Jordan came to JFS as a security officer, and he is now here in the third floor parking lot.”

Chris was leading Lauren and Chloe at this moment and had just selected a wedding dress store.

“Lauren, lets go to JFS mall to buy a ring,” Chris said.

Lauren wasnt a fan of shopping at the mall.

“Why dont you go on your own Chloe and I will pass.”

Chris was determined to let Lauren and Chloe see for themselves how Jordan embarrasses himself.

“Lets go together.

Theres a kids playground there and Chloe can play.

“Alright then.”

Lauren didnt refute.

Since she was going to marry Chris soon, she hoped that Chloe and Chris could establish a good relationship as soon as possible.

Soon, a Lincoln Navigator drove to the parking lot of JFS mall on the third floor.

Chris was driving while Lauren and Chloe sat in the back.

He deliberately rolled down the windows of the backseat as well, so that Lauren and Chloe could see Jordan.


Lauren rarely stared at others, but Chloe could recognize Jordan at a glance!

When Lauren saw Jordan, who was clad in a security officers uniform, she immediately understood why Chris wanted to go there.

“Chloe, Lauren…”

Jordan was glad to see Lauren and Chloe.

However, Chris suddenly laughed and interjected, “Hey, whos this Arent you Jordan Steele Why are you working as a security officer!!”


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