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Chapter 359: Insulting and Humiliating Chris!

When Jordan saw Chris, he knew it was definitely not a coincidence that Lauren and Chloe were at the shopping mall.

Although the mall was full of luxury brand stores, there were many other upscale malls in DC, so there was no reason for them to be here.

He reckoned Chris must have found out that he was working there as a security officer and thus, deliberately drove there to watch Jordan make a fool out of himself!

“Damn it.

It seems that Brad Howard isnt the only one following me, but Chris Hank has also sent someone to tail me!”

Jordan was feeling troubled because he hated the feeling of being tailed.

Since he was tailed by someone, he would have no way of investigating Victorias whereabouts.

When Chloe saw Jordan, she exclaimed gleefully, “Daddy, you look so handsome in this outfit!”

A little girl who was only over three years old obviously didnt know much about the difference in statuses between people.

She merely felt that Jordan looked really suave in his uniform, which was very different from ordinary people.

However, Chris smiled and said, “Chloe, your father is wearing the uniform of a security officer!”

Chloe stared at Jordan with her eyes wide open and a look of admiration on her face.

“Wow, whats a security officer!! Thats so cool! I want to be a security officer when I grow up in the future!”

Chris hurriedly turned his head and explained, “A security officer is a very lowly…”

“Chris!” Before Chris could finish, Lauren stopped him.

She interjected, “Chloe is still young, and I dont want you to introduce the social hierarchy to her at such a young age.”

However, Lauren explained to Chloe, “A security officer is a very respectable profession.

Daddy is here to check if we have a pass to enter.

If we dont, he wont let us pass.”

Chloe nodded and asked, “Do we have one, then”

Lauren and Chloe both looked at Chris.

Jordan too, glanced at Chris and said, “Please display your gold membership card or proof of purchase, without either of which, you will not be allowed to park your car here.”

Chris laughed out loud and said, “Hahahahaha… Jordan, I suddenly feel like the main character of a novel and youre the huge villain.”

“Youre deliberately making things difficult for me and refusing to let me enter, so Ill take out my gold membership card and put you to shame! Im so familiar with this scene.


“Why would I not have a gold membership card Watch me, punk!”

Chris pulled out the gold membership card of JFS mall from his wallet and flung it out of the car at Jordan!


The gold card hit Jordans body and then dropped onto the ground.

Chris humphed coldly.

He was just humiliating Jordan on purpose because he wanted Jordan to bend down and pick it up for him!

On the other hand, Jordan indeed bent down to pick up the card.

However, Jordan didnt pick up a gold membership card, but a hospital consultation card.

Jordan looked at the card and read out loud, “DC Hospital, consultation card for infertility.

Sir, did you pick up the wrong card”

“What” Chris was stunned.

He remembered that the card he tossed out was the gold membership card of JFS mall!

Chris did not throw the wrong card out of the car, but Jordan swapped it the moment he picked it up!

A customer had thrown out that card when he came up just now.

Jordan did not have time to throw the card into the rubbish bin and instead, placed it in his pocket.

He didnt expect it to come in handy at this moment.

Jordan took the initiative to hand the card to Chris and said, “That hospital indeed has the best fertility treatment for impotent men.

Have you been treated yet”

Chris flew into a rage and couldnt help but turn around to glance at Lauren, who was hanging her head low without uttering a word.

On the other hand, Chris interpreted her action as an expression of her disappointment in him!

Chris hurriedly explained, “Lauren, this punk is framing me.

Im not ill! Ive never gone to a fertility clinic! Im in the pink of health!”

“This consultation card must belong to Jordan.

He must be the infertile one!”

Jordan sneered, “Are you kidding me If Im infertile, where did Chloe come from We had a paternity test done!”

“Hah, Chris, I heard you were once married, but you never had a child.

Surely your former wife didnt divorce you because you cant give birth”

Chris flew into a rage immediately.

“Bull**! She clearly wanted to divorce me because I hit her!”

Jordan said, “Oh, Chris Hank, you hit a woman Call yourself a man.

How could you commit domestic abuse!!”

Jordan had made Chris admit to it himself so that Lauren could see clearly what kind of person he was and thus, consider clearly whether to marry him!

“You! Bastard!”

Chris was enraged.

He got out of the car and pointed at Jordan.

“You must have swapped my gold membership card when you picked it up from the ground just now.

My gold membership card must be on you! I want to frisk you!”

Jordan asked, “What if its not with me”

Chris said, “It definitely is!”

Jordan said, “Okay, go ahead and search me.

If the gold membership card isnt with me, you shall kneel down to apologize to me and then get lost in your car!”

Without saying anything else, Chris started searching Jordan immediately, only to find that there was nothing except 200 dollars in cash, some medicine that Jordan often carried with him, and other items.

There was no gold membership card at all.

At this moment, Lauren and Chloe had also gotten out of the car.

There were two more cars behind Chriss car that were continuously honking at them.

“What are you doing Can you hurry up Get out of the way!”

“This is a 1956 vintage Cadillac! It has a f***ing manual gearbox! I dont know how to stop on a slope! If it slips downwards later and collides into another car, Ill make you compensate!”

Seeing this, Lauren said to Chris, “Chris, why dont you park in the underground parking lot instead Chloe and I will go to the mall to wait for you.”

Although Chriss family was powerful, it was only so in DC.

Generally, they wouldnt want to create trouble, especially since those who could park their cars on the third floor were all wealthy and not to be trifled with.

“Fine, Jordan, youre really gutsy!”

Chris pointed at Jordan and had no choice but to return to his car.

“Jordan Steele, dont think that you can fight me just because you can cook a few dishes and perform some magic tricks!”

“Youre a penniless man now and we have a long way ahead in the future.

Ill kill you sooner or later!”

After saying that, Chris drove down, rebuffed and dejected.

Soon, the manager suddenly rushed over and walked straight towards Jordan.

“Whats going on I heard that theres some traffic congestion here.”

Jordan explained, “Oh, its okay now.

There was a customer who came up without a gold membership card.

He stopped here for a while, but the matter has been settled.”

“Oh, good that its alright.”

Just as the manager was about to leave, he suddenly saw Jordan standing next to a woman and her daughter.

The woman was beautiful and her daughter was adorable!”

“Daddy, who is he”

The girl suddenly asked.

Jordan answered, “My superior.”

When the manager heard the girl calling JordanDaddy, she was instantly stunned.

He pointed at the girl and asked, “Is she your daughter”

Jordan nodded.

The manager pointed at Lauren again.

“That woman…”

Chloe took the initiative to answer.

“Shes my mother!”

The manager was dumbfounded to find out that the newly hired security officer was the father and husband of a cute little girl and a fairy-like woman, respectively.

‘Are these two a married couple

“You… She… You guys…”

The manager was completely stuttering at this point because he couldnt believe that a security officer who needed to ask him for a loan of 200 dollars would have such a pretty wife!


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