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At this moment, Jordan had just arrived at the office too.

Yesterday, he and Victoria had some drinks at a Japanese restaurant near Golden Pavilion, but nothing happened between them, and they quickly went back to work.

“Good morning, Mr.


“Good morning, Mr.


The employees of the company all greeted Jordan respectfully when they saw him.

At this juncture, Jordan received a call from Drew.

Jordan frowned and answered the call.

Drew ordered, “Jordan, come to my grandmothers place immediately.

Ive found evidence of you selling the watch that you stole from us!”

Jordan said, “Im too busy for that.”

Drew urged impatiently, “Jordan Steele, are you too scared to come Weve invited the person who bought the watch from you to our place.

If you have some guts, come here and confront him face to face!”

Jordan was a little puzzled because he didnt sell any watches.

So, where did Drew get the witness from

Drew said again, “It wont take you that long.

Just a couple of minutes will do.

Miss Clarke will be in the office in the morning.

She doesnt need your protection during this time slot.

So hurry up and come.”

Jordan initially didnt want to go to the Camdens place again, but he didnt want them to get the wrong idea and think he had stolen from them.

“Okay then, Ill make a trip there and settle this matter, lest you people keep bothering me.”

Jordan hung up and then said to Ashley, “Miss Rose, you can drive, right Take me to the Camdens villa.”

“Yes!” Ashley Rose immediately put down the documents in her hand, grabbed the car keys, and took the initiative to press the elevator button for Jordan.

They then boarded the elevator all the way to the underground parking lot.

As Victorias personal secretary, Ashley drew a monthly salary of quite a few thousand dollars, including commissions.

She owned an Audi A3.

However, this time, Ashley drove the companys car, a Mercedes Benz S600, because she was sending Jordan, the rightful boss of the corporation, to his destination.

That was the car that they would usually use when attending formal events or picking up clients.

However, Jordan didnt like that car because he felt it wasnt suitable for his age.

So he decided that he would free up some time to purchase a vehicle of his own.

Ashley sat in the drivers seat while Jordan took the backseat.

Ashley drove relatively smoothly and quickly.

However, throughout the journey, she would occasionally steal a glance at Jordan through the rearview mirror.

‘This is so infuriating.

Why does Mr.

Steele takes the backseat all the time

Ashley thought to herself secretly.

Recently, she considered leaving her position as Victorias secretary, in order to become Jordans personal assistant.

In this way, she would have more opportunities to become close to Jordan.

More than thirty minutes later, Jordan arrived at the gate of Old Mrs.

Camdens villa.

At this moment, Drew, Elle, Hailey, and others were standing at the entrance and waiting for Jordan.

When they saw the ostentatious car that cost more than $100,000, they were all stunned.

They then saw Ashley getting out from the drivers side before quickly going to the backseat to open the door for Jordan.

They continued to watch as Jordan alighted from the car, clad in a suit.

“Miss Rose, wait for me here,” Jordan instructed, as he buttoned his blazer.

“Yes.” Ashley bent forward and nodded respectfully.

Jordan then walked towards the door of the villa.

When Drew saw Jordan, he laughed out loud and mocked, “Hahaha, Jordan, youre so good at pretending to be a boss.

Fancy you getting Miss Rose to drive you here and open the door for you.

How much money did you pay her”

With folded arms, Elles figure was accentuated.

“Everyone knows that youre Miss Clarkes lackey in the Ace Corporation.

So what are you pretending for”

Jordan had long gotten used to hearing the mockery and snide remarks made by Drew and Elle.

However, to his surprise, it was the first time that Hailey hadnt scolded him.

Jordan glanced at Hailey with some surprise, only to realize that she was smiling at him!

“Hehe, Rachel is right.

Jordan went to Ace Corporation just to make a name for himself and impress me one day.

Today, hes pretending to be successful.

Thats just like what Rachel guessed!”

Hailey naturally also felt that Jordan was pretending, but she gradually understood the reason for his pretense.

She knew that he wanted her to stop looking down on him!

Staring at Jordan, Hailey thought to herself smugly,Jordan, Im going to take you down! Good that were divorced now.

I can marry someone compatible with me and then make you my backup!

A fantastic idea emerged in Haileys mind.

The majority of beautiful women these days would have more than one backup boyfriend.

Hailey didnt do that in the past,but she had been influenced by the women around her who did that constantly.

Jordan didnt know what Hailey was thinking, but he didnt look at her and instead turned to Drew.

“Cut the crap, wheres the witness you mentioned”

Drew said smugly, “Hes inside, come with me.”

Jordan followed Drew into the villa.

In the past three years, Jordan had come to this villa more frequently than Drew and the three of them, so he was very familiar with it.

However, as soon as he entered, Jordan was astonished.

There were close to ten scruffily dressed men whose bodies were covered in tattoos and scars, and eyes were filled with murderous gazes!

They were obviously gangsters.

‘Strange, how did they get in

Jordan walked in curiously, and all of a sudden, an indecent-looking man who had dreadlocks, walked towards him.

“Jordan, my friend, we meet again,” the man said.

Jordan glanced at him and asked, “When did we ever meet”

The man said, “You forgot, two days ago you asked to sell your watch to me, and I bought it from you for $800,000.

Im Salvatore!”

Drew humphed coldly and gibed, “Salvatore calls the shots in Orlando! Even a high school student knows him.

How can you not know who he is I bet youre just too scared to admit that you sold your watch to Salvatore.

Thats why youre pretending not to know him!”

Hearing Drews exaggerated compliments, Salvatore raised his head smugly.

Jordan could not help but feel amused.

“Salvatore calls the shots in Florida Hah, is Carmelo Anthony your idol”

Jordan had heard such a common saying before.

“Yes… so what!!” Salvatore didnt expect Jordan to spell out who his idol was.

Jordan smiled and said, “Oh, its nothing much.

I just suddenly remembered playing basketball with Lebron and Carmelo in the past.”

About a decade ago, Jordans family often arranged for him to train with some professional players to help him build a physique like athletes.

However, Salvatore refused to believe him.

“Youre really good at boasting, huh!! Arent you a hillbilly from the countryside”

“Thats enough! Stop arguing!”

At this juncture, Old Mrs.

Camden suddenly came out from her room with her poodle in her arms.

‘Jordan Steele, today I have to punish you according to the family rules! Old Mrs.

Camden thought to herself relentlessly.


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