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Chapter 360: Visiting Lauren Late At Night

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Looking at the manager, Steve, who was spluttering incoherently, Jordan asked, “Whats the matter, Sir”

Steve looked at Lauren and swallowed his saliva incessantly, even though he hadnt seen her figure thoroughly yet.

If it was summer, or if she had a penchant for wearing skimpy clothing like Elle, Steves eyes would probably fall out!

“No… no.”

Steve pretended to be calm because he didnt want to lose his composure in front of his subordinate.

Lauren graciously extended her hand towards Steve and said, “Manager Steve, right Hello, please take care of Jordan when he works here in the future.”

Steve was instantly surprised.

“No! No problem! Ill treat Jordan like my brother and take good care of him! Rest assured!”

Lauren smiled and nodded before saying to Jordan, “Jordan, Chloe and I will go to the mall now.

We wont get in the way of you working then.”


Jordan looked at Chloe and said, “Baby, Ill see you tomorrow morning.”

Chloe put her little hands on her head and then made a heart with her fingers.

She exclaimed, “Ill wait for you!”

Jordan couldnt help but laugh.

‘Chloe is really adorable!

After Lauren and Chloe left, Steve patted Jordan and exclaimed, “Kid, youre really something! You managed to get such a pretty woman!”

“Oh right, heres 400 dollars and your ID.”

Jordan was slightly surprised.

“This is…”

Steve said, “Hey no one makes 200 bucks a month these days.

Ill give you 600 dollars in advance.

Take it and spend it.

Ask me for more when you run out of money! Ill protect you from now on!”

Jordan picked up.

“Okay, thank you.”

Soon, it was two in the morning.

There were still patrons who were leaving after the midnight show at the movie theaters in the mall.

Finally, there was no one else left.

Jordan and Jay checked every corner of the mall and began strolling when he reached the first floor of the mall.

Jay said, “This is really tiring.

I have to slog my guts out everyday just to earn this bit of money.”

Jordan took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and asked, “Do you want to smoke”

Seeing that Jordans cigarettes were of the brand that he liked, Jay was overjoyed.

“Sure, lets have one.”

They started smoking and Jordan said, “Jay, can you give me a hand Lets pretend to fight here and you pretend to stab me to death before dragging me into the house.”

Jay was stunned.

“What are you trying to do”

Jordan said, “Its my first day on the job and Im really tired.

I want to take the opportunity to sleep inside for a while.”

Jay waved his hand and asked, “Youre a newbie and you want to take a nap on your first day on the job Why are you like this”

Jordan handed Jay 80 dollars.

Jay began to hesitate.

He quietly picked up before saying with a smile, “Haha, on my first day at work, I was really exhausted too.

Okay, but why do you have to continue acting”

Jordan laughed and said, “Come on.”

Jay didnt care if Jordan had any special interests.

“Okay, come on then!”

Jordan quickly nudged Jay, who immediately hit him and then pretended that his cell phone and used it to stab Jordan repeatedly with it.

Jordan slowly leaned backwards.

“Drag me in,” Jordan reminded Jay.

Jay said helplessly, “Buddy, must you make it so realistic In case you really hang up, Im going to become a murderer!”

Jordan said, “Its alright, you dont have any weapons on you.

What are you afraid of”

Since Jordan had already given him the money, Jay decided to do as Jordan said and dragged him into the room before leaving.”

Jordan took a look at the time and secretly thought,They should be coming over soon to check on my situation.

Jordan did that for the sake of luring Brad and Chriss subordinates.

Indeed, after about 15 minutes, Jordan heard the light footsteps coming from outside.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer…


The door was pushed open, and the stranger pointed his cell phone at Jordan, who was lying on the ground.

At this moment, Jordan suddenly opened his eyes and kicked the man in his face.

However, he was clearly an expert too, because he took several shots from Jordan.

However, in terms of one-on-one fights, there were very few who could defeat Jordan.

Soon, Jordan subdued him.

“Tell me, who sent you” Jordan grabbed his opponents wrist.

The man had a lot of backbone and refused to speak.

“Ah! It hurts! It hurts!”

Jordan knew how to torture a person well.

The man soon spoke up.

“Its the scion of the Howards.”

“Brad Which hospital is he in now” Jordan asked.

“Speak up!”


“Ill tell you, Ill tell you.

Hes in the VIP ward of the First Hospital.”


Jordan smacked the mans neck with his hand and knocked him straight out!

At this moment, Jordan heard the sound of footsteps from outside again, and it was obvious from the lightness of the footsteps that the person who came this time was even more inexperienced.

“Damn it, this punk Jordan didnt die, did he”

This person not only could not hide the sound of his footsteps, he even muttered to himself.

As the other party opened the door, Jordan walked straight out, giving them a huge fright!


Jordan stepped towards them and asked, “What are you here for”

The man stammered and said, “I… I was just passing by.”

Jordan said, “Did Chris send you to follow me”

The man denied with a dodgy gaze, “What did you say I dont understand!”

Jordan knocked him to the ground with a punch.

‘This man cant retaliate at all.

“Go back and tell Chris not to follow me again.

Otherwise, I wont be so kind to him! Get lost!”

The man left in fear, and Jordan confirmed that there was no one following him before hailing a cab to the hospital.

He felt Brad would definitely be aware if Victoria were in the hands of the Howards.

Before Jordan came, he changed into the clothes of the man Brad sent to follow him.

He discovered that the Howards henchmen, especially Brads underlings, were all dressed uniformly.

Their hats, shoes and clothes were all uniform.

He could tell at a glance that they worked for the Howards.

Hence, after finding the ward where Brad was, Jordan managed to easily become one of them as he hid in the doorway and eavesdropped on Brads conversation.

At this moment, Brad was still awake and lying down on the bed.

His leg was still wrapped in gauze because of the gunshot.

In the room.

Brad hollered in frustration, “It must be that bastard Jordan! He must have said something to Victoria.

Otherwise, Victoria would never be willing to marry Chris Hank, that jerk who has violent tendencies and abuses his wife!”


“If my grandfather hadnt told me not to do anything to him, I would have dealt with that beast.

It wont be of any help even if my sister protects him!”

Brad was in the hospital ward with one of his henchmen.

The henchman said, “Mr.

Howard, Miss Howard and Mr.

Hank went to the bridal store today, and it seems that they have even bought the wedding ring.

It seems that Miss Howard has made up her mind to marry Mr.


“In fact, Mr.

Hank and Miss Howard are quite compatible.

Their marriage will be beneficial to you, too.”

Brad snapped furiously, “I dont need their help! I only care about Laurens happiness! Lauren only has eyes for Jordan and she doesnt like Chris at all!”

The henchman said, “Speaking of Jordan, hes now gone to work as a security officer at JFS mall.

I heard that he can play the piano well and has excellent culinary skills.

He can easily get a job that pays several thousand dollars.

Why would he choose to be a security officer”

Brad said, “Jordan Steele is very scheming.

Dont underestimate him.

He may have chosen to become a security officer because he has an evil plan in mind.”

“By the way, have you found Jordans brother, Jamie Steele”

Jordan, who was at the door, was suddenly shocked!

“Is Jamie in DC”


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