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Chapter 361: Got Money!

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Brads henchman replied, “No, Jamie Steele is just too cunning.

All of us lost him.”

Brad frowned and said, “It seems that Jamie Steele is probably far more competent than Jordan!”

Jordan, who was at the door, humphed coldly and thought to himself,None of the three of us are weak!

Although Jamie had yet to go for his battlefield trial, he trained in martial arts from a young age, just like Jordan.

Besides, Jamie was extremely scheming like a god of trickery, just like Loki inThor.

He would always be the one to fool others, but he would never be fooled.

‘Brad Howard wants to tail him, huh

‘His mediocre henchmen are clearly incapable of that!

However, at this moment, the henchman said, “We lost Jamie, but we found a place in DC where hes hiding!”

Jordan was surprised, while Brad was overjoyed.

“Where is he”

His henchman replied, “On the outskirts of DC, in a small rural home in River Bay.”

Brad asked, “Did you find anything suspicious in there”

His henchman shook his head and said, “The house has quite a nice decor and the items in there are really luxurious.

Theres also a safe in the house, but we didnt open it because I dont know the password.”

“However, after scanning them with the detector, we found that there were only some jewelry and other valuables inside.”

“Weve sent our snipers, Anna and Dan, there.”

Brad nodded and said, “Although Jamie Steele is very cunning, so the possibility of him going back after finding out that we found his place of residence is very low, its good to stay there for a few days to observe.”

“Jamie Steele, youd better not let me catch you, or else Ill chop you into bits after I get my hands on you!”

“Okay, go out.

Im going to sleep.

Inform me immediately once you get news about Jamie.”


Seeing that Brad was going to switch off the lights and go to bed, Jordan knew he wouldnt be able to get any useful news here, so he left too.

Jordan pondered for a while as he walked out of the hospital.

This time, he did not ask about where Victoria was held captive, but he eavesdropped and found out some useful information.

“Jamies actually here in DC and he has a house in the outskirts”

Jordan was filled with curiosity, so he called a cab and headed to the residential estate on the outskirts.

It was surrounded by mountains and only about 30 meters away from the river.

The view was excellent too.

The woods were large, and the air was great.

‘Jamie has picked a nice place.

Jordan walked slowly.

The rural estate was very large, and he didnt know which one was Jamies home.

When he walked to a white house, which was rather inconspicuous, a man suddenly walked over, dressed in the “Howard family army uniform.”

“Im here to bring you guys some food.”

Jordan said, carrying a box of food that he had made a long time ago.

It was now three oclock in the morning, so it was dark outside.

Besides, the two of them didnt know Jordan at all so they didnt suspect anything.

“Great, Im hungry and my stomach is rumbling!”

The uniformed man on the other side took the lunch box quickly.

“Wheres Anna” Jordan asked.

He knew that apart from Andy, there was also another sniper named Dan.

Pointing to the roof, Dan said, “The roof.”

Snipers usually wouldnt stay around in the room and would instead choose to hide in a place that would provide a better view.

“Ill hand it to him.”

Jordan prepared two boxes of food which had been laced with sleeping pills.

Hence, anyone who ate it would soon fall asleep.

“Do you want something to eat There are oysters and duck.”

Jordan raised his head and called out to the blurry figure.

Soon, a figure with an athletic build leaped off the roof.

It turned out to be a female sniper who had quite an outstanding figure.

“Did you encounter any suspicious persons or cars” Anna asked coldly and couldnt help but grab the food container from Jordans hand.

Jordan shook his head and said, “No, its late at night.

There isnt a single soul here.”

“Hey, did you guys discover anything here”

Dan, who had already started to eat, criticized, “We discovered nothing.

Theres nothing else here except a safe.

There must be good stuff in the safe, but unfortunately, we dont know the pass code.

Otherwise, we could have stolen a few.”

“I heard Jamie is the second son of the mysterious Steele family, which is mega rich.

Anything they own is easily worth millions!”

Jordan asked, “Where is the safe”

Dan pointed at the room and said, “Inside the room.”

Jordan nodded and said, “You guys go ahead and eat while I go inside to take a look.”

The two of them werent suspecting because they knew Jordan didnt know the passcode so they werent afraid that he would take the things away.

After Jordan entered, he soon found the safe, which was exactly the same as the one that Jamie left in Café Nostalgia.

Jordan couldnt help but recall the time when he met Lauren in Café Nostalgia.

After feeling emotional, Jordan tried to unlock the safe.

The first passcode he tried was Jamies birthday.

The passcode was wrong!

“It cant be my birthday, can it”

Jordan thought,That shouldnt be the case.

When we were in New York City, the passcode was my birthday.

‘Jamie should have kept the safe for himself.

With the intention of testing the waters, Jordan punched the digits of his birthday on the keypad.


With a crisp sound, the safe was opened!

“What The passcode is still my birthday”

Jordan was shocked, and he wondered,Why is the passcode still my birthday

“Did he use the same passcode as the safe in New York City out of habit Or is it he doesnt want to let his acquaintances guess it easily”

There were two possibilities.

Maybe Jamie was afraid that others might guess it easily if he were to use his own birthday as the passcode.

Another was that the safe was meant for Jordan!

If that was the case, Jamie probably guessed that Jordan would come here!

Jordan was extremely curious.

He opened the safe and a stunning sight appeared in front of him!

There were shiny jewels, necklaces, diamonds, gold, cold hard cash, and dozens of cards!

“Damn! I finally have money now! That bastard Jamie can finally help me this time!”

Jordan was pleased to see the cash and valuables, too.

In the past, he wouldnt be tempted by these items because he used to be so wealthy that he would never run out of money.

However, things are different now that his assets had been frozen and his mobile payment services had been terminated.

He was a completely penniless man.

With these valuables, Jordan would have enough money to cover his daily expenses.

In particular, he no longer needed to accept any humiliation from Chris!

Jordan reached out and grabbed a jewel necklace, which he discovered upon closer scrutiny, that it was a necklace with 11,551 diamonds weighing a total of 383.40cts!

“This should be the most expensive necklace in the world.

ItsA Heritage in Bloom thats worth $200 million!”

“I didnt expect Jamie to own this necklace!”


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