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Chapter 362: The Most Luxurious Toy Store!

200 million dollars!

With the necklace alone, Jordan could totally dominate DC!

Besides, apart from the necklace, there were also lots of expensive items, each of which was extremely valuable!

Jordan also discovered that there was an adorable teddy bear wearing a shirt with the LV logo, which immediately attracted his attention.

Jordan fiddled with it carefully and then muttered to himself.

“This should be the most expensive teddy bear in the world, which is produced in collaboration between the German company, Steiff, and Louis Vuitton.”

The German company, Steiff, was the only manufacturer of high-end teddy bears in the world, which cost a hefty sum of money each.

Besides, the teddy bear was produced in collaboration with Louis Vuitton, thus bumping the price up to a sky-high price!

The bear was now worth about 2.2 million dollars!

Jordan took a liking to it immediately, and he said with a smile, “Ill give this to Chloe tomorrow.

Shell definitely love it.”

Jordan felt really guilty for making Chloe pay for his cab fare of three dollars this morning.

A father ought to give the best to his daughter!

In addition to these, there were also many cards.

Jordan took a quick glance at them to see that they were gold membership cards of the most prestigious level, for many high-end malls and designer brands.

With those cards, Jordan would be able to enter any high-end places and functions in DC as he pleased!

At this moment, Jordan came outside the house to take a look, only to discover that Anna and Dan had both passed out.

Hence, he returned to the house, grabbed a random plastic bag, and stowed those items in it.

He then closed the safe again and left the house.

He returned to JFS mall, where he hid all the jewelry and valuables.

Since there were too many of them, he couldnt keep all of them to himself.

He merely took the cards that could fit in his wallet, as well as the teddy bear he wanted to give Chloe tomorrow, and hid the rest in the passcode-secured locker in the mall.

The following morning, Jordan, who did the night shift, washed up and changed into a fresh set of clothes before hailing a cab to Laurens home with the bag containing the teddy bear.


Jordan knocked on the door.

Since it was seven something in the morning, Jordan thought that Lauren and Chloe were still asleep.

He had specially arrived there bright early in the morning.

Felicia was quick to open the door.

She said with a smile, “Mr.


Jordan asked with a smile, “Chloe hasnt gotten out of bed yet, has she”

However, Felicia said, “Chloe and Miss Howard woke up bright and early in the morning and left with Mr.

Hank just now!”


Jordan was shocked, and he wondered,Could it be that bastard Chris has long known that Id be coming over this morning, so he picked Lauren and Chloe up in advance

‘What an abominable bastard!

‘It seems that Ive gone too easy on his henchmen yesterday!

“Do you know where they went” Jordan asked.

Felicia answered, “Yes, I specially asked on your behalf.

He said that they took Chloe to an amazing toy shop named FAO-something.”

Jordan asked, “You mean FAO Schwarz, right”

FAO Schwarz was a toy empire and the most prestigious toy store in the United States which Jordan had visited when he was younger.

I didnt expect there to be a FAO Schwarz here in DC.

This place must be really popular among kids, just like Disneyland.

It was undoubtedly a haven for kids from wealthy families!

Ordinary families wouldnt be able to afford to bring their children there!

Felicia immediately answered, “Yes, yes, yes, thats the name.

Youre really knowledgeable, Mr.


I was so stupid.

I wont even remember the name if you tell me again.”

Jordan couldnt help but pat Felicia on her head and said, “Youre already very smart.

Thank you Felicia, go ahead and get busy.

Ill go look for them.”

“Yes, bye, Mr.



Jordan waved goodbye to Felicia before hailing a cab.

“Please take me to the World Trade City.”

The car gradually left and a man lurking in the corner of an alley sneakily popped his head out before making a call.


Hank, Jordan Steele has indeed gone to Miss Howards place bright and early in the morning.

He already knows that youve brought the kid to the toy store and hailed a cab there.

Should we send someone to stop him”

On the other end of the line, Chris laughed and said, “Nah, hes just a penniless man who cant do anything even if he comes.

He wont be able to enter the FAO Schwarz store!”

In no time, Jordan arrived at the entrance of the 2,600-square-meter FAO Schwarz store!

As soon as he stood at the door, Jordan could feel the luxury in it! Its no wonder that it was the Hermes of toys!

There was an extremely famous clock tower at the entrance namedMr.

Clock, which had a somewhat cute yet bizarre smile on its face.


Clock would sing a tune whenever an hour passed, and it had vivid expressions, making it a favorite among many children.

Jordan came to the door, looked at the windows on the left and right, which were exquisitely designed and full of luxurious toys.

Just as Jordan looked into the window, he discovered that he actually saw Chloe, Lauren, and, of course, Chris.

“Ah! Daddy!”

When Chloe saw Jordan, he hurriedly leaned over the window and called for his dad.

Lauren and Chris also saw Jordan.

Chloe tapped on the window and said, “Daddy, come in!”

Jordan also said to the window, “Okay, Ill go inside immediately.”

On the other hand, Lauren had a complicated look on her face while Chris grinned sinisterly.

Reason being they knew it was non-business hours and ordinary people wouldnt be able to enter at all!

Jordan was just about to walk in through the door when a female staff member suddenly came over and said, “Im sorry, Sir, but we open only at ten.

You cant go in right now.”

“What” Jordan was puzzled for a moment.

“How come theyre allowed inside, then”

The staff replied, “They are Diamond members of FAO Schwarz, who can explore the shop as they please during non-business hours.

You will need to spend $800,000 and above to obtain such a membership privilege.”

At this moment, Lauren and Chris both watched this scene through the window.

Chris couldnt contain his joy at all.

“Haha, what a fool.

Only Diamond-level members are allowed to enter before 10 am.

You didnt even know that and you rushed here in a hurry.

Such a dimwit.”

Even Lauren didnt have a Diamond membership.

Her membership was only at the Gold level.

He said, “Chris, can you use your Diamond membership to bring Jordan in”

Chris immediately showed his reluctance.

“What for Everything here is so expensive.

He wont be able to afford anything here.”

Lauren pressed her lips together.

She knew that the toys here were all extremely expensive, with each one easily costing several thousand dollars.

Jordan wouldnt be able to afford it at all.

She reckoned it would hurt Jordans self-esteem even further if he were to come in.

However, Jordan was Chloes father, after all, and he had rushed all the way here to see his daughter.

It would be too cruel to make him wait outside.

Besides, it was only seven-something in the morning and they definitely wouldnt stay in the store until 10 am.

“Okay, Lauren, stop looking at him.

Lets go there and pick out some toys for Chloe.

If he cant go in, hell leave on his own.”

Chris tugged Lauren and pulled her in.

At this moment, he looked at the female staff member and asked, “What exactly does the Diamond membership card of FAO look like”

“Huh” The female staff was confused.

Jordan took out his wallet and pulled out a bunch of cards, which he had taken from Jamies safe last night.

“Help me check if one of these is an FAO diamond membership card..”


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