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Chapter 363: Youre Inferior To Me!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The staff of FAO Schwarz was shocked to see all the exquisite cards that Jordan took out at once.

When he first saw Jordan and the Target plastic bag he was holding, the staff member thought Jordan was broke.

After all, the main consumer group of Target wasnt the wealthy.

Most of the items cost just dozens of dollars, which was extremely cheap.

It was on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to the luxurious FAO Schwarz.

In fact, Jordan didnt shop at Target and had merely found a random plastic bag in the security room, which he then used to carry Chloes teddy bear.

The staff member took the pile of cards and checked them one by one.

With each card she flipped through, the astonishment on her face gradually increased.

“JFS mall gold membership card, CityCenter gold membership card, Studio 21A VIP card, FAO Schwarz Super Diamond membership card!”

Hearing the staffs words, Jordan asked, “Have you found it”

Holding the card with “FAO Schwarz Super Diamond Member” written on it, the female staff said in astonishment, “No, the highest level of membership here is Diamond.

Ive never heard of a Super Diamond level of membership.

Surely… yours isnt a counterfeit card, is it”

The female staff saw Jordan was carrying a cheap plastic bag that was full of gold membership cards, each of which would probably cost at least a million dollars!

The vast number of gold cards meant he had spent a total of several million dollars across various stores!

However, in the female staffs opinion, Jordan didnt seem to be someone who had spent several million dollars!

Jordan was rather displeased to be doubted.

“Are you a newbie here

The staff member hesitated for a moment before saying, “Okay, please wait a moment while I call the store manager.”

The staff member made the call right in front of Jordan.

“Hello, sorry to disturb you during your break, but theres a customer here who has a FAO Schwarz Super Diamond membership.

Is there a Super Diamond membership level in our store”

The staff member asked.

A voice that was full of surprise came from the other end of the phone.

“Super Diamond member Whats his name”

The staff member put down the phone and asked Jordan, “Sir, may I ask what your name is”

Jordan thought for a moment before answering, “Jamie Steele!”

The staff member picked up the phone and answered, “His name is Jamie Steele.”

The store manager immediately instructed, “Serve him with the best level of service! If you dare to be negligent, Ill sack you immediately! Ill be right there!”

The staff began to get nervous too.

“Yes, Sir, Ill definitely serve Mr.

Steele well!”

After putting down the phone, the staff member hurriedly bowed to Jordan and apologized, “Sorry, Mr.

Steele, I failed to entertain angels unawares.

I wasnt aware of the Super Diamond membership level in our store.

Please come in.”


Jordan took the card and placed it back inside his wallet.

It seemed that Jamies cards were of some use.

After entering, the staff immediately asked, “Mr.

Steele, did you have breakfast this morning Do you need me to prepare a set for you”

“Oh, Ive eaten.

Thank you.”

Jordan had eaten some donuts with coffee near the mall.

“Are you thirsty, then Would you like to have some drinks Coffee Or water” The staff member continued to ask with a five-star service attitude.

Jordan smiled and said, “No, Im here to see my daughter.”

Jordan walked forward and called out to Chloe, who was picking out some toys in front of him, “Chloe.”

Chloe turned around and immediately dashed towards Jordan when she saw him.

While doing so, she exclaimed, “Daddy!”

At this moment, Lauren and Chris were astonished.


How did he get in”

Chris couldnt believe it at all.

“Baby, did you sleep well last night”

Jordan hugged Chloe with happiness written all over his face.

Chloe nodded and said, “Yes, Mommy hugged me to sleep yesterday and told me several bedtime stories.”

At this moment, the staff member next to Jordan asked, “Mr.

Steele, is this your daughter”

Jordan nodded.

The staff hurriedly praised, “Shes so pretty.

When this little girl came in just now, I was thinking that her father must be really handsome too since shes so beautiful.”

“Hey, your daughters shoes seem to be a little dirty.

Please wait a moment while I clean this little princesss shoes.”

As he spoke, the staff member took a cloth and personally squatted down to wipe Chloes shoes clean.

Lauren and Chris were shocked.

The staff here had always been aloof, because most of them were from wealthy families and had merely taken up a job for fun.

Hence, they would generally be prideful when facing customers and would never stoop low to do anything for them.

They merely gave Chris a simple greeting when he entered.

However, after Jordan came in, the staff had not only prepared breakfast but also wiped Chloes shoes.

Their service attitude was completely different!

“Thank you,” Chloe thanked the staff member politely.

Chris walked over at this moment and questioned the staff member, “Only Diamond members are allowed in during non-business hours.

Why did you let him in”

“Even if he knows us, you ought to seek my opinion before you let him in, right”

Chris thought that the staff let Jordan in because they saw him greeting Chloe at the glass window just now and thus assumed that Jordan was their friend.

After that, Chris glared at Jordan scornfully.

“Seriously, you really enjoy taking advantage of others, huh You took advantage of Lauren to have a meal at her place yesterday, and today, youre trying to get more benefits using my membership card.

As a man, can you have a little more shame Did I give you permission to take advantage of my membership card”

Before Jordan said anything, the staff took the initiative to explain, “Mr.

Hank, youre mistaken.


Steele didnt come in because of your Diamond membership.”

Chris humphed in disdain.

“Not using my Diamond membership Does he also have a Diamond-tier membership”

The staff member shook his head while Chris looked really smug.

However, the next second, the staff member said, “Mr.

Steele is not a Diamond-tier member but a Super Diamond member, which is a tier above yours!”

“What did you say” Chris froze when he heard that.

“Super Diamond Member Why havent I heard of that before How much do I need to spend to get to that tier”

The staff member answered, “Im not sure.

You might have to also be of a prestigious status in addition to spending more money.

Only then will the store manager issue a Super Diamond membership card.”

Chris flew into a rage.

“Bastard! Are you trying to say that my status is not as noble as his”

For fear of offending Chris, the staff member hurriedly explained, “Thats not what I mean…”

However, Jordan said straightforwardly, “Your status is inferior to mine! Is she wrong!!”


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