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Chapter 364: An Exorbitantly Priced Gift For His Daughter!

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Knowing that Jordan would go to Laurens place bright early in the morning to visit Chloe, Chris deliberately chose to take them to a place where only top-tier members could enter.

He was obviously out to embarrass Jordan!

If Jordan hadnt eavesdropped on Brad last night and if Brad hadnt left the safe behind, Jordan would have had to stand outside the store!

He would have to stare humbly at his daughter from outside the store while being denied entry!

He would be as ashamed as he was when Chloe paid for his cab fare yesterday!

Chris flew into a rage and snapped, “How dare you say that my status is inferior to yours You penniless man, dont you know to look at yourself in the mirror Whats your current status How dare you speak to me like this!!”

If it were in the past, Chris would still be scrupulous towards Jordan, but now that Jordans assets had been frozen and he was controlled by the Howards, Chris no longer had to be afraid of him!

At this moment, Lauren walked over and said, “Okay, stop arguing, guys.

Isnt Chloe the star for today Arent you both out with the intention to accompany her today”

Chris glanced at Chloe and said smilingly, “Yes, Chloes birthday is in two days.

I specially brought Chloe here today precisely to pick out a gift for her!”

“Jordan Steele, you should know that FAO Schwarz is the Hermes of the toy stores and only the things here are good enough for Chloe!”

“Unfortunately, you cant afford any of the things here!”

Chris did not know how Jordan got the Super Diamond membership, but he was certain that it didnt belong to Jordan.

Even if he did, it was pointless.

Membership cards were just status symbols that represent how much money one had spent in the store in the past.

They were not bank cards that could be used to store money.

Moreover, Jordans assets had been frozen, so Chris reckoned that there was no way he could afford any of the toys here, which easily cost thousands of dollars each.

Chris said to the staff arrogantly, “Recommend us some toys that are suitable for little girls.”

The staff didnt respond to his request and instead said, “Mr.

Hank, why dont I get another sales assistant to come over to serve you Im serving Mr.

Steele exclusively.”

“You…” Chris felt extremely humiliated for being unable to boss a service staff member around despite being a Diamond-tier member.

On the other hand, Jordan laughed and said, “Its alright, since were both buying gifts for Chloe,you can just be in charge of introducing the toys to us.”

“Yes, Mr.


Only after hearing Jordans instructions did the service staff get up and walk to the front.

She then guided them to the left.

She introduced, “This is the famous American brand, Bunnies By The Bay, which sells plush toys themed around long-eared rabbits that are in the color scheme of pink, blue, and beige.

They are favorites among children.”

Chloe walked over, grabbed a blue rabbit, and said, “This rabbit is so adorable!”

Chris walked behind him, stroked Chloes hair, and asked, “Chloe, do you like it”


Chloe nodded and said, “Yes!”

Chris said to the waiter, “Wrap it up.”

She then said, “Keep choosing.”

The service staff led the crowd to the right and walked to a mini Mercedes Benz minivan.

He then walked to a mini Mercedes Benz minivan and introduced, “This is a toy car.

Although its a toy, its covered in Swarovski crystals.

Its really beautiful and very expensive.”

“Oh Its very expensive How much is it”

Chris specially asked for the price when he heard the staff saying that the toy was extremely expensive.

The waiter replied, “It costs $50,000.”

“$50,000 Thats expensive.”

Lauren was shocked because she had already noticed the beautiful, shiny red car just now.

However, there wasnt a price tag on it, so she didnt know how much it cost.

She thought it would cost only a few thousands at most.

However, Chris said with a faint smile, “Its just $50,000.

Wrap it up and then continue introducing the toys!”

The service staff continued to lead them to a glittering soldier and said, “This is a soldier figurine thats embellished with Swarovski crystals but its relatively cheaper.

Its going at only $5,000.”

“Only $5,000” Chris said with disdain, not wanting to buy it because he felt it was too cheap.

Thus, Chris looked at Jordan and said, “Ill give you a chance to perform.

You can get this one since its cheaper!”

Jordan rolled his eyes at Chris before looking down at Chloe.

“Chloe, do you like this little soldier figurine”

Chloe looked at the glittering soldier and was just about to nod, but to her surprise, Lauren pressed the back of her head from behind and shook her head at her.

Although Chloe was young, she had already developed a telepathic connection to Lauren and thus understood what Lauren intended.

Chloe then shook her head and said, “No.”

Jordan didnt like the soldier either, so he said, “Lets not buy it then.”

“Hahaha.” Chris laughed when he saw that scene.

“I knew you couldnt afford it.”

Chris then picked out over ten toys for Chloe.

“Calculate the total bill.”

Soon, the service staff tabulated the total bill.

“Sir, your total bill is $205,481.”

Lauren felt he was spending too much.

“Chris, Chloe is still young and insensible.

Youre going too far by spending more than $200,000.”

Laurens family may be wealthy, but Lauren had always been frugal.

Besides, she had even become much thriftier because she refused to get married and didnt have the cheek to ask her family for money.

Chris took out his bank card suavely and handed it to the waiter.

“Payment by card, please.”

He then said to Lauren, “Since Im about to become Chloes father, I have to give her the best things.

Im not like someone over here who wont even get his biological daughter a birthday gift.”

“Jordan, there are so many gifts here, you should at least pick one for Chloe.

Dont you have a job now Cant you ask for a months salary in advance”

“Oh, you cant.

Since you work as a security officer now, Im afraid you have to ask for three months of your salary in advance to be able to afford a toy.


Jordan ignored Chris and left him be.

His hatred for Chris grew stronger, and he actually abhorred him even more than he did when they first met.

Back then, Chris was cold, arrogant and detestable, but he was a man of few words and preferred resorting to violence to solve the issue, though he ended up getting beaten up into a pulp by Jordan.

However, since Chris found out that he couldnt beat Jordan, he became more talkative, especially after learning that Jordan was down and out.

He tried every single method to bring Jordan down.

He was just like an annoying fly that was buzzing incessantly.

Jordan looked at Chloe, lifted the Target plastic bag in his hand and said to her, “Chloe, Daddy bought you a present.”

Only then did Chris notice the bag in Jordans hand, and he soon said with contempt all over his face, “Target That poor mans store where toys never cost more than 20 bucks Youre actually giving Chloe such a cheap gift”

Without uttering a single word, Jordan took out the bag containing the teddy bear that was worth 2.2 million dollars!

As soon as he took it out, everyone in the store was dumbstruck!


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