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Chapter 367: Lauren Slips Into Danger!

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Miss Monroes car was a white Porsche Taycan, which was a fully electric car.

Chloe fell asleep right after she got inside the car.

She could barely stay away, perhaps because she was exhausted after three hours of continuous playing in the store.

While driving, Jordan said to Lauren, “If youre tired, you should take a nap.

Ill wake you up when we reach home.”

Lauren shook her head and said, “No, Im not sleepy.”

Keeping his eyes fixed on the road ahead, Jordan recalled what happened in the morning and said, “You should have guessed the relationship between the store manager, Miss Monroe, and my brother, Jamie, right I remember how I thought you were Jamies woman when I first met you in the cafe in New York City.”

“I know him too well.

He definitely wont let a pretty woman go when he meets one.”

“By the way, apart from throwing you to me, he hasnt bullied you or anything, right I dont have any other intentions.

I just want to say that if he has bullied you, Ill beat him up when I see him again!”

Hearing Jamies name, Lauren remained calm and said, “No, Jamie still treats me with respect.

Besides, Im not a woman who would easily sleep with any man.”

Hearing this, Jordan hurriedly explained, “Of course, I know youre not, and I dont mean it that way.

Please dont get the wrong idea.”

However, Lauren said, “I dont mean what you think either.”

“Huh What do you mean” Jordan was a little bewildered.

‘What does she mean, then

Lauren suddenly felt like changing the subject.

She closed her eyes and said, “Im a little tired, too.

Wake me up when we get home.”

Lauren closed her eyes.

It was unclear if she was really asleep or just pretending to be so.

However, while waiting for the traffic light to turn green, Jordan glanced at Lauren and Chloe, finding them to be really beautiful and adorable.

Jordan couldnt help but secretly take a picture of them and save it on his phone.

The moment he pressed the shutter button, Jordan clearly felt a subtle change in Laurens expression.

Jordan realized Lauren was pretending to sleep.

“It seems that Lauren is still hiding something from me.”

However, everyone has secrets.

Jordan himself came from a mysterious family, and even his familys secrets were kept hidden from him.

Thus, he saw no need to probe and find out the secret of another mans fiancée.

After sending the two of them home, Jordan prepared a sumptuous lunch for them before driving the car back to the toy store to return it to Miss Monroe.

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He then took the subway to work.

Soon, at 11,30 p.m., Jordan and Jay went about their daily patrol while the drunk Steve was chatting with them.

Jordan suddenly heard Chloes voice.


Following the voice, he turned around and saw Chloe running towards him.


Jordan was surprised that Chloe and Lauren would come here at such a late hour because the mall was closed a long time ago.

Laurens hair was tied into a ponytail and she was wearing a dark down jacket and a pair of black skinny jeans, which accentuated her slender legs.

She smiled and walked over.

“I dont know whats up with Chloe today, but she refuses to go to bed, no matter how I coax her.

She insists on coming to visit you.”

Jordan smiled, elated to hear how much his daughter missed him.

That was proof that his relationship with Chloe was getting better and better.

Holding onto Jordans hand, Chloe pointed to a fountain outside the mall in front of her.

She said, “Daddy, I want you to take me there to play.”

Jordan was put in a spot.

Of course, he was glad to play with Chloe, but he was still working.

The manager, who reeked of alcohol, waved his hand, and exclaimed, “Jordan, go play with your daughter! Let Jay do the job alone!”

Chloe hurriedly said, “Daddy, lets have a race.

Whoever reaches there first wins!”

Chloe started running after saying that and, without uttering another word, Jordan started racing with her.

Watching them leave quickly, Lauren smiled with pleasure and got ready to walk over slowly.

As soon as Lauren walked past Steve, he stiffened in place when he smelled the scent of her shampoo and her bodily fragrance, and saw her exquisite beauty in the night.

“How can there be such a beautiful woman in this world!”

Steve had just drunk a lot of wine during a meal with his friends.

As the saying goes, wine is liquid courage.

Steve had been dreaming about Lauren and fantasizing about her since the last time he met her.

He even jerked off at the thought of Laurens beauty.

This time, he was meeting Lauren again on his turf in the wee hours of the night.

He felt that it was a great opportunity!

“Hey, Lauren,” Steve called out to her all of a sudden.

Lauren stopped in her tracks and looked at Steve.

Steve pretended to be serious and asked, “Its so late.

How did you guys get here”

Lauren answered truthfully, “I drove.”

Steve asked again, “Where did you park your car”

Lauren pointed to a parking space in front of her and said, “There.”

Steve suddenly pretended to be flustered and said, “Hey, you cant park your car there.

The construction team will come to repair the road later.

Why dont you drive to the fountain area Itll be easier for you to leave later too, lest your daughter have to walk too far.”

Lauren knew that he was the manager of the security department who had some authority, so she said, “Thats not very appropriate, is it”

Steve waved his large hand and said, “Its okay.

Ill accompany you there to drive your car over.”

Lauren took a look at Jordan and Chloe, who had already run away, but she didnt suspect anything, so she walked over together with Steven.

However, Steve did not go the way Lauren came and instead pointed to another road.

He said, “This route is closer, and its brighter here.”

Lauren followed him over, but he didnt discover anything unusual.

However, it turned out that this road would only allow them to walk past the resting room of the security officers.

“Lauren, this is my personal resting room.

You must be tired, huh Why dont I bring you in there and you can take a seat for a while”

At this moment, Steve suddenly revealed his ill intentions.

Lauren hastily refused, “No, Steve, you may go get some rest while I go move my car on my own.

I dont need you to accompany me.”

Lauren had realized that something was amiss, but since Steve had painstakingly lured her there, how could he possibly let her go easily

The manager tugged Laurens arm and dragged her towards the resting room.

“Come on, sit down for a while and have a cup of tea.

It wont take too long.”

With a malicious smile on his face, the manager dragged Lauren into the resting room before locking the door immediately.

Looking at the fairy-like Lauren, Steve started drooling non-stop.

“Lauren, youre really gorgeous.

Having lived for so many years, Ive never seen such a beautiful woman with such a superb figure!”

“How about you get together with me”

Steve kept walking towards Lauren as he spoke.


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