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Chapter 368: Is Lauren Ill

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Lauren immediately panicked and kept retreating backwards until she reached a corner where there was no space for her to retreat further.

She was from DC, where most girls were rather tough.

Her younger brother, Brad, could take on five people alone in a fight.

Lauren also enjoyed skiing and other sports, but since she gave birth to Chloe, she became a full-time mother and stopped working out for several years.

After all, Lauren was a woman and there was no way she could deal with an adult like Steve, who was also a security officer.

Hence, Lauren said, “Steve, I know youve been drinking, so youre not very sober now.

Open the door and let me out, and Ill pretend that this matter did not happen, okay”

Steve smiled and asked, “Let you go That wont do.

How can I miss such a great opportunity”

“Lauren, why dont you sleep with me once and Ill raise your husbands salary”

The foolish Steve actually thought that Jordan and Lauren were ordinary people and that he could use his power and authority as the manager of the security department to make his subordinates wife sleep with him!

Lauren said, “Steve, look at my clothes clearly.

Look at every single piece of my clothing.

Each one of them costs at least a few thousand dollars! Im not from an ordinary family and neither is Jordan.

Hes here to work for fun.

Were not ordinary people!”

“If you dare to try anything funny, youll have to bear serious consequences!”

Steve was so drunk that he couldnt tell if Lauren was wealthy or not.

“Hmph, so what if youre from a rich family Youre so pretty.

I dont mind going to jail for a few years!”

At this moment, Jordan and Chloe had already arrived at the fountain.

Jordan turned around, only to realize that Lauren didnt catch up to them.

“Thats strange.

Wheres Lauren”

Jordan was a little worried, and he said to Chloe, “Baby, stay here, dont move around.

Ill go get Mommy to come here and play with you, okay”

“Okay!” Chloe was very obedient.

Jordan walked back, but Lauren was still nowhere in sight.

Hence, he called Lauren.

As soon as his phone rang, he heard Lauren exclaim loudly, “Jordan, come save me quickly!”

“Bitch, how dare you call him!!”

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Jordan heard Laurens and Steves voice at the same time.


After the past two days of interacting with Steve, Jordan could tell that he wasnt a good person.

Besides, he had drunk a lot of wine today, so Jordan knew he might harm Lauren in a drunken stupor!


Jordan quickly ran towards the resting room for security officers.

He was so fast that he was like a phantom darting across!

Jordan sprinted towards the resting room like he was doing a 100-meter race, kicking the locked door!

At this moment, Steve was fighting with Lauren.

“Bastard, youve got a death wish!”

Jordan dragged Steve over and then punched him in the face.


After throwing a punch at him, Jordan was still dissatisfied and thus proceeded to punch him again.

Jordan managed to knock Steve unconscious with just two hard punches.

However, Jordan didnt stop and instead continued to hit him!

At this moment, Jay hurried over, and hurriedly pulled Jordan when he saw that Steves face was swollen and battered with bruises.

He frantically pulled Jordan and exclaimed, “Jordan, stop hitting him! If you keep hitting him, hell die!”

Jordan was enraged.

“This beast must die!”

Jay said, “Dont be reckless.

If you beat him till he dies, youll have to go to jail, too.

No one will protect your wife and kids anymore.”

Jay and Steve were on good terms with each other and Jay had known Steve for much longer than Jordan did, so he knew what kind of person Steve was.

He looked and knew right away that Steve was trying to take liberty with Jordans wife.

Jay pointed to Lauren and deliberately tried to distract Jordan.

“Jordan, quickly look at Lauren and see why shes trembling.

She must have been agitated.

Quickly comfort her.”

After Jordan arrived, he only focused on beating Steve up and only then did he notice Lauren, who was cowering in a corner with her arms around her knees and her body trembling incessantly while tears streamed down her face non-stop.

“Lauren, Lauren, are you okay”

Fortunately, Jordan came in time and didnt let the beast, Steve, get his way.

However, Steves actions scared Lauren nevertheless.

While Jordan was comforting Lauren, Jay also hurriedly dragged Steve out.

After being beaten up by Jordan for such a long time, Steve was probably crippled even if he didnt die.

Seeing that Lauren was emotionally unstable and her gaze was blank while her body was trembling continuously, Jordan immediately took out his personal medicine box.

The drugs in the box were all rare in the world and not open for sale to the public.

Only the Steeles could obtain the drugs through other channels.

There were some for curing diseases and some for harming others.

Jordan took out a white pill, which was actually a sedative that would calm ones emotions down.

“Lauren, take this medicine and youll feel much better.”

Jordan handed the pill to Lauren, but she didnt take it and instead, seemed to have recalled something.

“Medicine… medicine.”

Lauren panicked, picked up her cell phone, and made a call.

At such a juncture, Jordan thought Lauren would call her family, but to his surprise…


Gale, quickly come and save me.”



‘Is he Laurens personal doctor

It wasnt surprising for these wealthy people to have a personal doctor.

Seeing that Lauren was still cowering in the corner of the room and refusing to move, Jordan hurriedly brought Chloe over.

However, after Chloe came over, Lauren merely held Chloe tightly in her arms while remaining in the corner.

At this moment, Jordan came to a sudden realization.

‘Maybe Lauren has some kind of illness.

Soon, a handsome and smart-looking bespectacled man who was about 30 years old quickly strode over.

“Miss Howard! How are you, Miss Howard”

The man was wearing a doctors white coat, so Jordan reckoned he should be Dr.

Gale, whom Lauren had just called.



Seeing that Dr.

Gale had arrived, Lauren suddenly seemed to have a sense of security.


Gale squatted on the ground, checked on Lauren, and then turned around to look at Jordan.

“What exactly happened”

Jordan said truthfully, “Just now, the manager of the security department here tried to violate Lauren, but I stopped them in time.

I reckon she suffered a huge emotional blow, so shes cowering in the corner and refusing to come out.”


Gale barked with a furious expression, “Damn it! How dare a mere security department manager lay his hands on Mr.

Howard Sr.s granddaughter!!”

As Dr.

Gale said that, he took out a box of medicine from his pocket and said to Lauren, “Miss Howard, please have a sedative pill.”

Lauren was very compliant, and she took the pill obediently.

Jordan was very certain that the pill that the doctor gave her definitely couldnt compare to the one that he had just taken out.

However, Lauren trusted the doctor more and was very reliant on him.

After Lauren took the medicine, Dr.

Gale helped her up and said, “Im going to take her to the hospital for treatment immediately.”

Seeing this, Jordan felt a little jealous.

“Let me help her.”

However, Dr.

Gale refuted immediately, “Miss Howard cant be touched by a stranger.

Youre the Howards bodyguard, right Please take her daughter along and come with me..

My car is right in front.”


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