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Chapter 369: Laurens Perfect Lover!

Jordan did not reveal his identity to Dr.

Gale and instead got inside the car with Chloe.

Chloe was a little frightened.

After getting into the car, he had been sitting still without uttering a single word while Jordan had been holding her hand to give her a sense of security.

On the other hand, Lauren, who was seated in the passengers seat, was still leaning against the door, overwhelmed with insecurity.

Along the way, Dr.

Gale kept comforting her verbally.

Soon, Dr.

Gale drove to a place that seemed to be a private hospital.

After driving into the parking lot and parking the car, Dr.

Gale helped Lauren out of the car.

Jordan, too, took Chloe out of the car, and only then did he notice the name of the hospital on a sign beside the garden.

It was named “Peace Hospital”.

Jordan could tell that it was not a regular large hospital, so he asked Dr.

Gale, “What kind of doctor are you


Gale said with utmost confidence, “Im the best psychiatrist in the whole of DC.

No, the whole of US.”

After saying that, Dr.

Gale took Lauren into the building and then to his private office.

His office room was extremely luxurious and unique, one that couldnt be found in another hospital at all.

“Miss Howard is in shock right now and I have to hypnotize her now so that she can quickly get some rest.

Please take your daughter out for a while.”


Gale said to Jordan.

“I dont want to be away from Mommy,” Chloe said.

Jordan didnt want to leave Dr.

Gale alone with Lauren, either.

He discovered that the two of them were very close and the doctor knew Laurens condition better than Jordan did!

For some reason, Jordan actually felt a little jealous…

Jordan said bluntly, “Dr.

Gale, Im sorry, I dont trust you.”

At this moment, Dr.

Gale picked up a remote control and aimed at the window, after which he pressed a button.

Only then did Jordan realize that the transparency of the window could be adjusted.


Gale said, “You may look in through the window.”

At this moment, Jordan finally brought Chloe out and the two of them stood outside the window, keeping their eyes fixed on the room the entire time.

On the other hand, Dr.

Gale told Lauren to lie down on an extremely comfortable couch, after which he began to hypnotize her.

Soon, Lauren closed her eyes and fell into a deep slumber.


Gale draped a blanket over Lauren and then walked out of the room.

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“Have you notified the Howards” Dr.

Gale asked Jordan.

Jordan shook his head and said, “I dont have their phone number.”


Gale was shocked, and he asked, “How is that possible Arent you the Howards bodyguard”

At this moment, Chloe took the initiative to say, “Hes not a bodyguard but a security officer whos my father!”

“What did you say” Dr.

Gale was suddenly surprised.

Only then did Jordan reveal his identity.

“Yes, Im Chloes biological father.”


Gale flew into a rage immediately.

“So youre the bastard who… hurt Miss Howard back then!”

Jordan frowned and questioned, “How did you learn about this”

Since this matter concerned the reputation of Lauren and the Howards, it was impossible for ordinary people to find out.

Instead of explaining, Dr.

Gale continued to scold Jordan, “Do you know how badly you hurt Miss Howard back then!! If it wasnt for you, Miss Howard wouldnt have ended up developing this disorder today! You criminal, Im going to teach you a good lesson for Miss Howard!”

In a moment of anger, Dr.

Gale lifted his fist and swung it towards Jordan!

However, Jordan did not dodge and instead grabbed Dr.

Gales wrist with one hand, rendering him immobile.

Jordan said, “Dr.

Gale, your hands are good for healing patients, but fighting is not your forte.”

“On the account that Lauren trusts you so much, I wont hit you, but you have to tell me everything about Lauren and her condition!”

Jordan desperately wanted to know what was wrong with Lauren and the reason for her extreme reaction.

He wanted to know if it had anything to do with him.


Gale was in pain because of how hard Jordan was grabbing him.

He glanced at Chloe and asked, “You dont want to review your glorious past in front of your daughter, do you”

Jordan patted Chloes head and said, “Chloe, Mommy was in shock just now and is now asleep.

Go inside and sleep next to her for a while,okay”

“Okay.” Chloe was very sensible and obedient.

She walked in quietly and sat down on another chair to look at Lauren, who was fast asleep.

“Chloe is really the most sensible daughter in the world.”


Gale said emotionally before continuing, “Come with me.”


Gale took Jordan to the room next door and then pulled the curtains apart.

He then opened the window and lit a cigarette.

Jordan couldnt help but ask, “What exactly is your relationship with Lauren Why do you know so much about her”


Gale took a drag of his cigarette before saying, “My name is Matt Gale and Im Miss Laurens personal psychiatrist.”

“Four years ago, Brad, the scion of the Howards, specially invited me over and asked me to treat Miss Lauren.”

“At that time, Lauren was in a terrible state.

She was anorexic and refused to eat.

She also suffered from chronic nightmares and, of course, these were all because of you!”

At the thought of Laurens state back then, Matt was extremely hostile towards Jordan.

Jordan felt great sympathy for Lauren because he was completely clueless about what Lauren had gone through.

Matt said, “I tried many ways to get her out of her slump and overcome the trauma, but none of them worked.”

“So, I tried a method that my teacher mentioned before, which might be feasible.”

Jordan immediately wondered about two things.

One was just who Matts teacher was.

Despite being at a young age, Matt actually dared to claim that he was the best psychiatrist in the US and he also had quite an impressive office.

Jordan also went to school in the United States, so he reckoned he knew Matts teacher.

Another question, of course, was one that Jordan eagerly wanted to know.

“What method did you apply”

Matt sighed and said, “I really shouldnt have used this method and I really regret my decision now!”

“If I hadnt used that method, Miss Lauren wouldnt have developed such a strange illness today and she might have been able to start another marriage happily a long time ago.”

On the other hand, Jordan hollered impatiently, “Tell me immediately, what method did you use!!”

Matt stared hard at Jordan while the cigarette between his fingers burned rapidly, its smoke constantly wafting up and circling around his hand.

After more than ten seconds, Matt finally replied to Jordan.

“I told Lauren to stop hating you and treating you as a crook and a rapist.

Instead, I told her to treat you as…”

Matt paused again, seemingly reluctant to tell the truth.

However, Jordan was incredibly anxious, and he grabbed Matt by his collar before barking, “Treat me as what!! What have you been telling Lauren to treat me as in the last four years! Speak!”

Jordan yelled at the top of his lungs because he was extremely bothered by this matter!

Matt swallowed his saliva and drawled, “As the perfect lover!”


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