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Old Mrs.

Camden held hundreds of millions of dollars worth of assets.

She had authority and prestige, both in her family and the city.

She was infuriated by the fact that Jordan had repeatedly tried to provoke her, and she was bent on making Jordan kneel down and subdue her.

However, at this moment, the poodle that Old Mrs.

Camden was holding in her arms suddenly leaped out of her embrace and pounced onto Jordan when it saw him.


Old Mrs.

Camden was astounded, and she hurriedly called out to her poodle, Lucky, but it refused to listen and sprinted towards Jordan!

Jordan picked up Lucky smilingly while the latter licked Jordans hand incessantly in joy.

For the past three years, Jordan had been taking great care of Lucky as he would be the one to clean up its feces and take it to the vet for jabs whenever it fell sick.

Jordan could be considered the person whom Lucky was the closest to in this family.

However, that scene made Old Mrs.

Camden feel incredibly embarrassed.

Her beloved dog actually refused to stay with her and instead ran to Jordan, the good-for-nothing in her eyes.

Seeing this, Drew said sneeringly, “Oh, its true that dogs like mingling with other dogs.

Well, we cant help that they share the same language.”

“Hahaha.” Elle, Salvatore, and the others began laughing one after another.

While stroking Lucky, Jordan said, “Ive lived with the Camdens for three years, and now that Im back today, all of you are mocking me.

Lucky is the only one whos treating me the same as before.

In my opinion, some people are even worse than dogs!”

“Scoundrel, how dare you say that about us!!” Benedict snapped.

Sylvie barked, “Good-for-nothing! Youre getting more and more unruly!”

Old Mrs.

Camden was furious too.

She barked, “Trust you to have the cheek to say that! Even a dog that Ive raised for three years knows not to bite me and to wag its tail to please me, but what about you You hit my grandson and stole my watch! Youve been raised by the Camdens in vain!”

Jordan straightened his back and exclaimed, “I didnt take your watch!”

Old Mrs.

Camden took out the Richard Mille watch and said, “Then how did this watch end up with Salvatore This is a global limited edition watch, and each of its counterparts has an exclusive logo.

There is no mistake!”

Salvatore walked towards Jordan smilingly and said, “Kid, you brought this watch to me and asked to sell it to me.

You even said that youd spend the money I gave you for a one-week stay in the presidential suite of West Lake Hotel.

If you didnt take those $800,000 from me, where did you get the money to stay in the hotel”

Salvatore and Drew looked at each other with a smile.

They had long rehearsed their lines with each other.

They knew that Jordan didnt steal the watch, but they were confident that the money Jordan spent on the stay in the hotel was definitely acquired through dubious means.

Jordan paused for a moment and let out a long sigh.

‘Perhaps, its time to let them know the truth!

Jordan said slowly, “I initially intended to get along with you guys as an ordinary person, but I didnt expect to end up hearing these sarcastic remarks from you guys.”

“Alright then, I shall come clean with you guys.

Im the president of Ace Corporation! Im a multi-billionaire! Is this reason good enough!!”

After saying that, Jordans body trembled because of how agitated he was!

He knew that this truth would definitely be a massive blow to everyone, especially Hailey!

He was looking forward to seeing if Hailey would regret betraying him after learning of his true identity!




Everyone except Old Mrs.

Camden burst into laughter!

Even Salvatores underlings, who looked austere and aggressive, laughed out loud too.

Jordan wasnt bothered.

Drew clutched his stomach while laughing.

“Do you think youre acting in a movie Hahaha, I cant stop laughing!”

Elle was laughing so hard that her upper body trembled.

“Jordan Steele, why are you so fond of pretending to be rich If you were the president of Ace Corporation, both Hailey and I would be willing to marry you and take turns to serve you!”

Jordan was puzzled.

In fact, what he had said just now was a classic line from a famous movie.

However, Jordan rarely watched movies, so he wasnt aware of it.

Salvatore laughed and patted Jordans shoulder before saying, “My friend, just stop pretending.

We all know where you stand.

Just obey, kneel down and kowtow to Old Mrs.

Camden and Drew.

Rest assured, as long as you apologize, they wont send you to prison.”

Salvatore was willing to make a false account because he knew that Old Mrs.

Camden did not intend to hand Jordan over to the police.

Hence, he wouldnt be punished by the law.

At this moment, Hailey chimed in too.

“Jordan, youve been my husband for three years, after all.

On account of what we had in the past, the Camdens wont send you to prison.

You may have spent hundreds of thousands but dont worry, you can take your time to repay us in the future.

All you have to do now is kneel down and admit your mistakes, then we will let you go.”

Jordan was confused by Haileys reaction because she stayed in the parking lot to curse her heart out for a long time after she was slapped by Victoria.

Hence, he thought that she should have scolded him aggressively.

‘Why has she become so gentle

Jordan remained firm in his stand and exclaimed, “If I didnt do anything wrong, I wouldnt kneel down.

Even if I did something wrong, you Camdens are not worthy of me kneeling down!”

Old Mrs.

Camden slapped the table furiously.

Sylvie said, “Call the police, call the police, send this good-for-nothing to prison and let him serve a jail term of decades!”

When he heard them mention the police, Salvatore felt a little scared.

After all, he had made a false testimony.

Salvatore knew that Old Mrs.

Camden just wanted Jordan to kneel down, and it didnt matter if he meant it or not.

Hence, Salvatore said with a ferocious expression, “You have to kneel down even if you dont want to today!”

“Guys, press him down and make him kneel!”

At this moment, two of the gangsters standing at the door walked over, and each grabbed one of Jordans arms.

“Get on your knees!”

Jordan did not care at all about the two people who grabbed his arms.

Instead, he looked at the Camdens and said, “I said, you people are not worthy!”

In an instant, Jordan kicked the crotch of the gangster behind him and broke free from his grasp.

Jordan then used his left arm to beat them down!

Salvatore exclaimed in shock.

“You do have what it takes.

Guys, take him on together!”

The remaining eight men pounced onto Jordan together.

Woof! Woof! Lucky shielded Jordan and yelled at them.

Elle hurriedly carried Lucky away.

For the first time, Lucky did not want to stay in her arms and instead barked incessantly.

Old Mrs.

Camden barked, “Jordan Steele, Ill give you another chance.

Take the initiative to kneel down and admit to your mistake if you dont want to suffer physical pain!”

Staring at the eight professional fighters in front of him, Jordan sneered, “Ill repeat myself.

Youre not worthy!”


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