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Chapter 372: Sleeping In Separate Rooms!

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Chris was an extremely chauvinistic man who cared about the pride of men.

After learning that his fiancée had actually shared the same room as another man in the hospital for an entire night, he flew into a rage.

On the other hand, Lauren hurriedly stood up to explain, “Chris, you need concrete proof before you speak.

You dont know anything at all.

Who are you to say that to me and Jordan”

Jordan was extremely displeased too and the three of them were having breakfast happily, but Chriss arrival disrupted the ambiance.

Jordan put down his cutlery and said to Chris, “If you like being a cuckold, I can make you one.

Do you want me to”


Chris was so furious that he gritted his teeth while thinking to himself that Jordan was really sharp-tongued.

Be it in terms of fighting or arguing, Chris was no match for him!

Not wanting them to continue arguing, Lauren interjected, “Chris, I have something to say to you.”

Chris humphed coldly and said, “I have something to say to you too!”

Lauren said, “Lets go to my room to talk.”

Looking at Chriss furious expression, Jordan was worried that Chris might get physical with Lauren, so he called out to her, “Lauren, call me if anything happens.”

“Okay.” Lauren smiled at Jordan with a nod.

Afterwards, Jordan and Chris looked at each other with equally resentful gazes in their eyes.

Arriving at Laurens bedroom, Chris was instantly charmed by the alluring aroma in the bedroom and Laurens scent.

Looking at the gorgeous Lauren, Chriss tone became much gentler, and he said, “Lauren, lets move in together.”

“What” Lauren was surprised that Chris had requested to cohabit with her premaritally.

Chris said, “Were only a few days away from the 1st of April.

I hope we can live together in advance, so that if you or Chloe fall sick, I can send you guys to the hospital immediately.”

“I dont want last night to repeat itself.

In case this gets out, how am I going to hold my head high again”

Lauren lowered her head and said, “Actually, thats what I want to talk to you about, too.”

Chris asked in surprise, “Are you also planning to move in with me before we get married Thats great.

Move to my place right away then!”

As he spoke, Chris grabbed Laurens hand in a bid to take her away.

Chris had long wanted to take possession of Lauren, who was lauded as the greatest beauty ever.

He was extremely eager, even though Lauren was about to marry him soon.

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It was fine if they were not engaged but now that there was a set marriage date, Chris had been feeling terrible these days!

He wished he could live these ten days in fast forward and skip to their wedding night where they would consummate their marriage.

Lauren let go of Chriss hand and said, “You misunderstood.

I wanted to talk to you about living together after we get married.”

Chris was immediately bewildered.

“Whats there to talk about”

‘Isnt it only right for a married couple to live together after marriage

Lauren said, “I hope that we can live in separate rooms after getting married.”

“What did you say” Chris flew into a rage immediately.

“Stay in separate rooms Who do you think I am Do you think Im your live-in husband Im about to marry you gloriously, and you want to live in a separate room from me”

Just as Lauren expected, Chris was extremely repulsed by this matter and felt that it was a huge insult to him.

Jordan had also experienced that situation before.

He had been married to Hailey for three years and never went to stay in the same room as her, which made him feel extremely embarrassed.

It was a condition that no normal man can accept.

Lauren explained, “Chris, I dont mean that I dislike you, but rather, I have no choice but to do so because Im sick, so theres no way we can consummate our marriage.”

“You… youre sick”

Chris subconsciously took a step back, clearly a little terrified.

‘Could it be that Lauren is not as pure as she seems on the surface Does she have a very complicated relationship history

Lauren did not want him to misunderstand and think of her as a loose woman, so she explained, “I mean, I have a mental illness.”

“Mental illness What kind of mental illness” Chris probed.

It was a very complicated illness.

If Lauren wanted to explain it to Chris clearly, she would inevitably have to tell him the entire story right from the beginning.

Lauren did not want Chris to know that Jordan was the only person she could accept at the moment.

Thus, Lauren said, “Its a very complicated illness that I cant explain clearly.

Anyway, I swear on my family that Im not lying to you.

I really dont have a choice, and I hope youll understand my plight.”

“Weve known each other for longer than a year or two.

You should know me well enough.

I wont lie to you.”

Chris naturally had faith in Laurens character.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have been so eager to marry her!

However, as Laurens fiancé, he really wanted to know what kind of illness Lauren had contracted!

Chris was in a dilemma, thinking to himself that it would be pointless to marry Lauren if she really had such a disease.”

Feeling rather ashamed as well, Lauren said, “Im sorry, Chris.

If you feel you cant accept it, we can just cancel the engagement.

We will apologize and compensate the Hanks.”

Chris immediately got extremely agitated.

“Cancel the engagement No way! Everyone in DC knows that Im getting married and all the prestigious figures in the US will come to attend my wedding on the 1st of April! I will never let them see me become a laughingstock!”

Seeing how determined Chris was to marry her, Lauren continued, “How about you secretly get another woman after we get married Ill turn a blind eye to it and I wont mind as long as the Howards arent put in a spot or embarrassed.”

Lauren actually agreed to let Chris have an extramarital affair!

Chris was extremely excited, although he originally intended to do the same, anyway!

However, Chris was a very hypocritical person, so he refuted immediately, “Bastard! Lauren Howard, what kind of person do you take me for Id definitely treat you well and be devoted to you wholeheartedly after we get married.

How can I possibly let you and your family down!!”

“Lets talk about this matter another day.

Since youre unwell, get some rest.

Ill get going now!”

After saying that, Chris pushed open the door and left Laurens house.

He walked out of the house and got inside his Lincoln SUV.

He said to Robb, “Check Laurens medical records in the major hospitals for the past year, no, the past three years.

Bring all the doctors that she has consulted back to me!”

“Yes! Mr.

Hank, what are you planning to do with that”

“I want to know what kind of illness she has!”


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