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Chapter 373: Chris Finds Out The Truth!

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Chris knew Lauren wouldnt just make up a reason to deceive him.

Thus, he believed she was really sick since she said so.

Thus, as Laurens husband, he had to get a clear understanding of Laurens relationship history!

The Hanks held great power in DC and an extensive network of connections everywhere, so it was rather easy for him to check Laurens medical history and hospital consultation records.

In one days time, Chris summoned many famous doctors from major hospitals in DC, all of whom were extremely busy and would only do appointment-based consultations with ordinary patients.

Yet, they were all called to Chriss home.

However, Chris didnt get any results even after questioning them one by one.

By five oclock in the afternoon, Robb had forcefully brought Matt to Chriss residence.

“Let go of me! This is kidnapping!”

Matt reluctantly walked forward, with two tall and burly fighters following behind him.

Robb found Matt, who had guessed what Chris was going to ask and thus refused to come, but Robb brought him over by force.

Robb chuckled and asked, “Dr.

Gale, I advise you to cooperate with us and be very honest.

The prestigious doctors in DC, who are more famous than you, have all come over personally.

Youre just a junior psychiatrist.

Why are you being such a snob and pretending to be busy”


Hank is just going to ask you a few simple questions.

Just answer me honestly!”

As he spoke, Robb grabbed Matts arm and pulled him into the living room by force.


Hank, Matt Gale is here,” Robb reported.

Chris was drinking tea when he heard that.

He looked at Matt and said, “Dr.

Gale, right Have a seat.”

Matt humphed coldly and exclaimed, “Mr.

Hank, if you want a consultation session with me, wouldnt it be more appropriate to go to my office Youve gone overboard by catching me and taking me here by force!”

Chris smiled and said, “Dr.

Gale, dont be angry.

I have to meet more than ten doctors today, and they are all from different hospitals.

Wouldnt I be exhausted if I had to go to every single hospital in person”

Robb added, “Exactly.

Dont you know what Mr.

Hanks status is Since he wants to question you, of course he wants you to come here!”

Matt hated Chriss domineering attitude, and the thought of Lauren marrying such a man, he felt extremely worried about her marriage.

Matt sat down and said in displeasure, “Mr.

Hank, quickly ask the questions that you have for me.

I still have some matters to handle at the hospital!”

Chris got straight to the point.

“Youre Laurens personal psychiatrist, right”

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As soon as Laurens name was mentioned, Matt immediately became cautious because he knew that since Chris dared to bring him here, he should have already known about their relationship.

Hence, Matt didnt deny it and nodded instead.


“Very good.” A smile appeared on Chriss face and he continued, “A psychiatrist definitely knows more than any other doctor.

Im sure you know her condition very well.”

“Tell me, why cant she get intimate with me”

Matt didnt expect Chris to be so direct as to ask the key question right away.

Matt became really nervous and started stammering.

“Huh What do you mean What, cant she share a room with you”

Chris humphed coldly.


Gale, drop the pretense.

Ive checked the records of Laurens visits to your office.

She stays for at least several hours each visit and sometimes, she even stays overnight at yours, including last night!”

“Tell me, what was Lauren doing at your place!!”

Seeing that Chris was enraged, Matt got a little scared.

After all, Chris looked very ferocious and had a tall and burly figure.

Matt said stammeringly, “We didnt do anything.

I just gave her treatment.”

Chriss patience was wearing thin, and he exclaimed, “Im asking you, what kind of treatment did you give her! Why did it take so long! If you dont tell me clearly today, forget about walking out of my door alive!”

Seeing this, Robb also immediately took action against Matt by pulling him up from his seat with one hand and kicking him to the ground.

“F**k! How dare you not answer Mr.

Hanks question!!”

Matt was not intimidated by the violence at all.

He vehemently refuted, “Miss Laurens condition is her privacy.

Unless Miss Lauren agrees, I definitely wont tell you!”

Chris kicked Matt angrily as well.

“You really do know!”

Robb kicked Matt in his face, causing him to bleed immediately.

“Quick, speak up!”

However, Matt still chose not to give in.

“I will never betray Miss Howard!”

Chris looked at Matt, grabbed his hair and said, “Dr.

Gale, it seems that youre also very fond of my fiancée.

Throughout these years, you must have been using treatment as an excuse to take advantage of my fiancée, right”

Matt would rather get hit than have his personality insulted.

Thus, he quickly denied, “Nonsense! I have never taken advantage of Miss Howard! I just want to make her happy and stop her suffering!”


Chris slapped Matt on the face and exclaimed, “Punk, so you really like Lauren!”

Robb chimed in from the side, “I heard Gale is good at hypnosis.

Could he have hypnotized Miss Howard and then taken advantage of her”

“Nonsense! Im not that lewd!” Matt barked at Robb.

Chris looked at Matt and felt that the latter seemed quite decent.

He knew that the person Lauren trusted should have quite a good character.

“You wont tell me, right I have ways to make you talk.”

Chris got up, picked up the information his underlings had collated for him long ago and read, “Matt Gales father is the deputy director of Capital Friendship Hospital while his mother is the director of neurosurgery.”

“You say that your parents have worked as doctors all their lives and are about to retire.

Do you think they hey break down and want to commit suicide if they are found to have accepted bribes or something before they retire”

At this moment, the expression on Matts face immediately changed.

“Chris, its up to you to kill me or hit me.

Just come at me, dont mess with my parents! My parents have worked hard as doctors all their lives and have never done anything against the law!”

Chris laughed and said, “You should know that with my power, I can easily frame someone or promote someone.”

“As long as you tell me about Lauren honestly, I can not only leave your parents alone but also make your father the director.

How does that sound”

Matt really began to hesitate, because he knew Chris was not joking.

He really adored Lauren and didnt want to betray her, but for the sake of his parents, he had no choice but to tell Chris the truth.

“Okay, Ill tell you everything…”

Matt told Chris everything about Laurens condition, from the first meeting to what happened last night.

After hearing it, Chris flew into a rage!

“Ah!!! Jordan Steele! You bastard, how could you be the perfect lover for my fiancee! Youre actually the only man in this world who can get intimate with her!”

“Why do you deserve that!! Why!”


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