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Chapter 374: Luring Lauren!

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After hearing Matts account, Chris boiled with fury, like a bull that had gone berserk.


Chris broke one leg of the mahogany chair that was worth over $15,000 after kicking it!


With just one hand, Chris pushed the gilded teapot and teacups on the table all onto the ground, causing them to break and the tea to spill all over the ground.

Seeing that Chris had flown into a rage, Robb quickly rushed forward to comfort him.


Hank, simmer down! Its not worth getting angry over such a woman!”


Hank, you must stay away from a woman like Lauren who has such an illness.

Jordan Steele is the only one in this world who can get intimate with her.


Hank, you must not marry her!”

“If you were to go on a long business trip after you marry her and not return for more than half a month, she might get lonely and bored at home alone, and go to Jordan Steele for some relief.”

“Lauren isnt getting any younger.

As the old saying goes, women are more lustful the older they get.

Besides, Jordan is Chloes biological father, so he has the right to see his daughter.

The chances of them reconciling are very high!”

Chris slapped Robb on the face and barked, “I dont need you to tell me that!”

Matt said, “Mr.

Hank, I know youre a male chauvinist who will never accept the fact that your wife is in love with another man.”

“So, I suggest you cancel your marriage with Miss Howard as soon as possible.

Thatll be better for both you and her.”

Chris clenched his fist, extremely furious about the fact that his fiancée was completely head over heels in love with another man and was not destined to become a normal married couple with him.

How could Chris accept that!

However, he had gone through great pains to marry Lauren, so he obviously couldnt cancel the wedding!

It suddenly dawned on Chris that since the doctor could manipulate Laurens consciousness to make her fancy Jordan and treat him as a perfect lover, he should also be able to replace Jordan with Chris as the perfect lover!

Chris lifted up Matt, who was on the floor, and put him on the seat.

He said, “Dr.

Gale, since you could glorify Jordan Steele and turn him into the perfect lover in Laurens heart, can you also do the same for me Let me replace him and become the only man that Lauren adores!”

At this moment, Robb also came forward gleefully and said, “Yeah, Mr.Hank, how intelligent of you! I didnt even think of it! This is actually simple,we can just have Dr.

Gale hypnotize Miss Howard again, and replace the perfect lover in her heart with you!”

“Haha, once you become the perfect lover in Miss Howards heart, you will no longer have to worry about her cheating on you with someone else, Mr.


Even if you leave for a long business trip in the future, you wont have to be worried!”

Chris smiled, thinking that it was a good way to kill two birds with one stone.

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Prior to this, he had never known that it was possible to manipulate a womans consciousness to prevent her from loving another man.

In fact, the reason that Robb repeatedly reminded Chris to be careful of Lauren cheating on Jordan after marriage, was because Chriss former wife had committed adultery.

Chris was a martial arts fanatic who spent all his time doing business and rarely came home.

Thus, he rarely showed concern to his wife.

Hence, his former wife started talking to another man and once Chris looked through her cell phone, only to discover that she had been chatting with other men and the content of their conversation was awfully lewd.

That was the reason that Chris exacted domestic violence on his ex-wife.

Matt did not expect Chris to make such a request, so he said, “Mr.

Hank, Im afraid this… wont work.”

“Why wouldnt it work!! You managed to glorify Jordan Steele, so why cant you do the same for me How much money did Jordan Steele pay you to help him!!” Chris was furious.

Robb reminded, “Dr.

Gale, dont just think about yourself whenever you decide.

Spare a thought for your parents, too.”

Hearing the threat, Matt bit his lips and said, “Mr.

Hank, if you want to replace Jordan as the perfect lover in Miss Howards heart, we will have to conduct continuous hypnosis to get her immersed in a made-up world.”

“I also have to make you even more perfect.”

Chris nodded and said, “Thats right.

Make me even more perfect than Jordan!”

Matt said, “Things are not as simple as you think.

You cant just paint a perfect image,you have to fit the image well yourself too, in order for it to work.

Otherwise, the illusion that weve worked hard to create might fall apart immediately after you return to the real world.”

Chris said, “Are you trying to say that if I want to take Jordans place, I have to be more outstanding than Jordan”

Matt nodded.

Chris humphed coldly, and he said confidently, “Am I not better than him in real life!”

Robb frantically rushed forward to curry favor.

“Look at Mr.

Hanks physique and appearance.


Jordan Steele is not comparable to you at all!”

“In terms of height, Jordan is at most 1.8 meters tall while Mr.

Hank is 1.9 meters tall.

He definitely trumps him! In terms of physique, Mr.

Hank definitely isnt inferior to him at all.

Do you know how many women sneakily take photos of him and ask for his number when he goes swimming”

“In terms of family background, Jordan is now a penniless man who has no parents to care for him.


Hank is from a top-tier family in DC!”

“In terms of character and the masculine charm of a mature man, Mr.

Hank is definitely better.

He was once married and is older than Jordan Steele, so he knows how to be a good husband.”

“No matter what, Mr.

Hank definitely trumps Jordan Steele!”

Hearing Robbs praises, Chris nodded in satisfaction.

Matt criticized in his heart,Is this punk Chris Hank still so oblivious He trumps Jordan Steele in every aspect You cant even compare to me, let alone Jordan Steele!

However, Matt naturally could not voice his thoughts out loud in front of Chris.

Chris said, “Dr.

Gale, do as I say and bring Lauren to your hospital tomorrow morning for a hypnosis.

Then, cancel all the perfect images about Jordan that youve painted for Jordan!”

“I want Lauren to hate Jordan and treat me as the love of her life!”

Matt had no choice but to agree.

“Okay, Ill try my best.”

Bright early the next morning, Lauren, who received a call from Matt, went to Matts hospital alone and entered his personal office.

Lauren knocked on the door and walked in.



“Miss Howard, youre here.

Please have a seat.” Matt hurriedly greeted Lauren.

After taking a seat, Lauren smiled and said, “Dr.

Gale, what did you ask me here for”

At this moment, Matt felt rather guilty while facing Lauren because he was about to give in to Chriss request and do something that was against Laurens wishes!

As a friend, a doctor, and Laurens admirer, he did not want to do so.

However, for the sake of his parents, he had no choice but to do it again!

Matt said, “Miss Howard, based on the incident that happened two days ago, your illness is very serious, so I have to perform hypnotherapy on you and manipulate your consciousness again!”


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