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Chapter 375: Manipulate Consciousness!

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“Are you going to manipulate my consciousness again”

Lauren was speaking calmly, without any fear or repulsion towards Dr.

Gales hypnosis and consciousness manipulation.

On the contrary, there was a hint of inconspicuous excitement and anticipation amidst her calmness.

Not just anyone can have their consciousness guided and manipulated.

It had to be someone like Lauren who had experienced great trauma and was living an unfortunate life.

The reason was simple.

What should a person with a blissful life immerse himself or herself in a made-up world

However, Lauren couldnt be with the person she was in love with in real life, so she would want to be immersed in an illusory world where she could be together with Jordan and obtain happiness.

Matt nodded and said, “It might take a long time this time.

Do you want to call someone at home to inform them”

“Okay.” Lauren picked up the phone and called her maid to give her an explanation so that she would take care of Chloe.

Afterwards, Matt made a cup of coffee for Lauren, which although, looked like coffee, was also laced with some drug that would leave a patient immersed in a hypnotic state she could not get out of easily.

Matt then instructed Lauren to lie down on the sofa and close her eyes in the most comfortable and relaxed state.

It was so quiet in the room that the sound of a pin drop could be heard, because Matts office was soundproofed to the standards of a recording studio.

Even if there was a huge ruckus going on outside the room, they wouldnt be able to hear it outside the room and similarly, the people outside wouldnt be able to hear them.

There was warm air coming out of the central air conditioner and Matt took off his jacket before taking out a black hourglass timer.

He then turned it over and started timing.

Matt stretched out his left index finger and gently fiddled with a black pendulum-like object, which began to swing at a rate of 40 BPM.

At this moment, Matt said slowly, “Youre now on a cruise ship, which is in the middle of an endless sea.

Youre feeling terrible and youve drunk a lot of liquor at the bar.”

“A waiter helped you back to your room, and you were swaying unsteadily, so he held onto your waist, put you on the bed, closed the door, and then began to pounce onto you…”

At this moment, Lauren had already been hypnotized and was completely immersed in the scenario Matt had made up due to the spiked coffee.


Lauren seemed resistant, and her body was swaying too because she was extremely repulsed by it.

Matt continued, “That man who pounced on you is quite handsome, but hes a total lecher.

He may be a little refined, but hes a wolf in sheeps clothing.”

“No… No…” Lauren still refuted.

However, Matt said, “You know that man, too.

Besides, he had just hurt you previously.

His name is Jordan Steele!”

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At this moment, in the room next door.

Chris said, “Thats right.

Its that beast, livestream!”

Chris and Robb stared at the surveillance camera footage in front of them.

They could watch and hear in real time the situation in the room where Matt was.

Robb chuckled and said, “Dr.

Gales hypnotism is pretty impressive.

He managed to hypnotize Miss Howard within such a short period of time.

Besides, after the hypnosis, shes surprisingly half-awake, as if shes immersed in another world.”

“What an impressive method.

If he uses this trick to get up to something evil and get some female celebrity to come here, wouldnt that be such a thrill”

Chris cursed, “Idiot.

Such hypnotherapy doesnt work for anyone.

It has to work for someone like Lauren who desperately wants to escape from reality.”

“Oh, I see.” Robb nodded and stared at Lauren, who was quietly lying on the sofa like a meek little sheep, with Matt next to her.

Robb nodded and asked, “Mr.

Hank, once Miss Howard is immersed in the illusion, she wont know what happens in reality.

Will Gale use this opportunity to take advantage of Miss Howard”

“Its wintertime now, so shes wearing thick clothing and that isnt too bad.

If it were summer and shes dressed in a short-sleeved shirt and shorts… Its not like you dont know that no man can resist Miss Howards long legs.

I dont believe that Gale doesnt have any designs on her!”

Chris was extremely displeased.

“Why do you keep talking about these things to upset me Lauren is my fiancée, mind your words!”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Robb didnt dare to say anything else after being reprimanded.

However, after lashing out at Robb, Chris said, “When Matt is done helping me out with this matter, you can find a time to interrogate him and ask him if he has ever taken advantage of Lauren during the treatment he gave her in the past.”

It seemed that Chris was pretending not to believe him, but he was actually full of suspicions.

After all, the exact same thing happened with his ex-wife.

Robb chuckled and exclaimed, “Yes!”

At this moment, Lauren slowly spoke, and the two of them began to listen attentively.


Lauren, who had been trying to get out of the dream and struggling to resist, suddenly stopped.

He became extremely composed!

“Damn it, why isnt she resisting anymore!!”

Chris was extremely surprised.

Lauren was rather repulsed about this matter just now, but after learning that the man was Jordan, she suddenly became extremely calm.

Matt continued, “You desperately wanted to break free from Jordans clutches, but hes too strong so you cant push him away.”

Lauren remained calm.

Matt said, “At this very moment, a tall and burly man kicked the door to enter and he told Jordan to let go of his woman.”

“Who… who is it” Lauren asked with curiosity.

Matt said, “This man is more than 1.9 meters tall and hes very burly and muscular.

Hes a manly gentleman, and hes someone that you know, too.

Hes Chris Hank!”

“Hahahaha, Mr.

Hank, youre the hero whos going to save the damsel in distress!”

Robb, who was in the other room, began guffawing.

Chris also smiled in satisfaction, and he couldnt help but smoke a cigarette.

“Youre not praising me enough.”

Matt continued, “It hurt Chris to see you getting violated by Jordan Steele so he dashed over to punch Jordan in the face, causing Jordan to flee.”

“Chris stepped on Jordan and said to him,Punk, listen up.

Lauren is my woman and I will never allow anyone to hurt her! Get lost now! “

“Then Jordan ran away after a failed attempt.”

In the room next door, Robb applauded merrily while exclaiming, “Mighty Mr.

Hank! How domineering! Mr.

Hank, you beat Jordan Steele up into a pulp.

Now, Miss Howard must think that youre stronger than Jordan.

Your image in her heart must be even more majestic now!”

Chris nodded with great satisfaction.

In fact, Chris was the one who asked for that scene to be added.

Chris had been beaten up badly by Jordan in front of Lauren, and being an extremely prideful man, he felt that this incident must be the reason that Lauren thought he was inferior to Jordan.

However, a mans ability to fight is actually not an indicator that a woman would use to evaluate her partner.

Lauren never cared about that factor at all.

However, at this moment, Lauren suddenly asked softly, “Is Jordan… injured”

Chris was dumbfounded.

So was Robb..



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