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Chapter 376: Lauren Falls In Love With Chris

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Chris threatened Dr.

Gale and tried his best to create a scene of Chris being a hero that saves the damsel in distress from Jordan, the lecher who ends up fleeing.

The original intention was to make Lauren be grateful to Chris while despising Jordan.

However, after Jordan was brutally beaten up by Chris, Lauren was actually concerned about whether Jordan was injured or not.

That was not the stereotypical ending of a hero saving a damsel in distress.

For more than an hour after that, Matt continued to manipulate Laurens consciousness and made up plenty of scenes and stories.

Like the previous ones, they all negated Jordans perfect image and portrayed Chris as a perfect man.

When the sand in the hourglass had flown to the bottom, Matt made Lauren go to sleep and then brought a cup of water to the room next door where Chris was.

After speaking non-stop for more than an hour, Matt was parched, so he took a few big gulps of water.

He then said to Chris, “Mr.

Hank, as you can see, Miss Howard is somewhat repulsed by you, while her feelings for Jordan are already deeply rooted in her heart.”

It was a normal sign because Lauren had really had intercourse with Jordan, after all.

Jordan was a very important person in Laurens heart, be it reality or in the illusory world she was in during the hypnosis.

Besides, Jordan had to be glorified, but Chris didnt.

Lauren didnt care if Chris was the perfect man or not and even if he was, she would at most admire him like a fan worshiping her idol.

However, Chris refused to give up and said, “Anyway, there are still ten days before Lauren and I get married.

There is no hurry.

Brainwash her 24 hours a day with high intensity.

Oh no, I mean, manipulate her consciousness.”

“In short, I want her to fall in love with me in her illusory consciousness first!”

Matt said, “It is true that I have to carry out uninterrupted consciousness manipulation in order to achieve the desired effect, but is it okay for Miss Howard to stay here for a long time What if the Howards come looking for her”

Chris said, “Dont be afraid, if the Howards come looking for her, I will deal with it myself.”

Chris frowned, thinking to himself that Jordan would definitely take Lauren away by force if he were to know that he was there.

Robb, who was at the side, humphed coldly and barked, “If he dares to come, Ill break his legs!”

Chris held out his hand and said, “Its a critical period for brainwashing Lauren now.

I shouldnt be going hard against Jordan at this moment, lest I disturb Dr.



Gale, if Jordan comes, help me lie to him.

Dont ever reveal what happened between you and me to him.

Dont think that Jordan Steele can save you after you tell him the truth.”

“Dont joke with your parents reputation!”

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Matt, who had been threatened, clenched his fist in displeasure and replied indignantly, “I know.”

Chris patted Matts shoulder with satisfaction and said smilingly, “Very good.

Work for me.

I wont treat you badly.”

“By the way, when we manipulate Laurens consciousness later, shouldnt you arrange for me to have some intimate relationship with her Like kissing or… you know, hahaha.”

Matt secretly cursed,Chris Hank, you dont deserve to be Laurens man!

However, since he was being threatened by Chris, Matt had no choice but to concede and do as Chris wanted him to.

The only thing to be thankful for was that it was just a manipulation of her consciousness and not reality.

At eight oclock in the evening, Jordan was carrying Chloe in his arms and playing with her in Laurens home .

He was now no longer working as a security officer at the mall, and Steve, who tried to molest Lauren, had also been admitted to the intensive care unit for resuscitation.

Jordan blamed himself a little for it because if it wasnt for him, a daughter of a wealthy family like Lauren wouldnt have been in contact with a lowlife like Steve.

Hence, Jordan also became more concerned about Lauren.

“Felicia, have you called Lauren Its already eight oclock.

Why isnt Lauren back yet”

Jordan asked Felicia.

Felicia was setting the table.

She replied, “I called just now, but Miss Lauren didnt pick up.

She said she might be back later today.

Sir, lets have dinner.”

However, Jordan was still worried because Lauren wasnt back yet.

He stood up and said, “Ill go to Dr.

Gales office.

Have dinner with Chloe.

You dont have to wait for us.”


Jordan took a cab to Matts luxurious hospital.

This time, things werent as smooth-sailing because Jordan had to get the receptionist to relay his message, followed by the assistant doctor, before he could see Matt.





Clad in a white coat, Matt initiated a handshake with Jordan.

Jordan had quite a good impression of Matt.

He had asked around about the famous psychiatrist whom Matt said was his student, and learned that it was indeed the case.

That psychiatrist even had a lot of respect and awe for Matt.

Matt was very competent and also very young, with a bright future.

Besides, he looked rather decent and seemed to have a good character, which made others feel comfortable around him.

However, Jordan probably felt good about Matt because he had taken the initiative to suggest turning Jordan into Laurens perfect lover.

Matt was the one who saved Jordan from being hated by Lauren forever by improving his image in her heart.

In hindsight, Jordan felt that he really had to thank Matt.

Jordan was rather polite too and asked, “Dr.

Gale, I heard Lauren came over to see you today.

Has the treatment ended yet Its already eight oclock now and Chloe is waiting for her to have dinner together.”

Matt said, “Mr.

Steele, Im afraid Miss Howard wont be able to return tonight.”

“Why” Jordan asked.

Matt said, “To be honest, Im manipulating Miss Howards consciousness today.

For the next two days, she will be completely immersed in that illusory world that I conjured.

In order to ensure that the treatment is effective, she will have to be completely isolated from the real world.”

Jordan frowned and asked, “Why does she need to do that”

Matt laughed and said, “Youre the reason.

Only after being hypnotized by me can she enter the illusory world where she can really have you.

Thats the only place where she can feel the greatest bliss.”

“Have you watchedInception”

Jordan nodded.

He had not only watched “Inception”but was also close friends with the director of “Inception”, Christopher Nolan.

It can be said that the third-generation descendants of the Steeles were all fans of Christopher Nolan.

When the explosion scene of the movie was shot in the center of Paris, Jordan happened to be in Paris and even went to visit Nolan at work.

Jordan was having tea and watching Leonardo chatting with a young beauty outside a cafe when the street exploded.

Jordan thought the explosion scene would be created with post-production CG effects, but Nolan actually used real bombs, which frightened Jordan to the point of dropping his milk tea and scurrying away.

In terms of madness and imagination, Nolan was really on par with Musk.

Matt said, “There is a group of people in “Inception” who enter their dream at a fixed time each day because they need to escape from reality and enter the wonderful dreamland where they can truly be satisfied and blissful.”

“Its the same for Miss Howard.

She cant be with you in reality, but youre the perfect lover to her.

Hence, she can only be with you when she enters the illusory world after being hypnotized by me.”

Jordan was shocked to discover that Lauren was here for the sake of being with him in the illusory world…


Gale, I want to see her..”


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