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Chapter 377: Experiencing Laurens Life!

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Matt did not refuse Jordans request and led him to his personal treatment room.

At this moment, Lauren was lying on the sofa with her eyes closed, but she wasnt sleeping.

Instead, she was being hypnotized.

Matt walked up and said to Lauren, “Jordan has come to see you.”

Matt then said to Jordan, “You can hold her hand.”

Jordan walked over, finding this scene to be rather amazing too, as he slowly hooked Laurens fingers.

Lauren said slowly, “Jordan… hug me…”

Laurens words made Jordan feel very awkward.

Matt explained to Jordan, “She cant tell between reality and the illusory world.

Dont mind her.

When she wakes up, youd better not mention it either, lest she get shy.”


Jordan finally understood why Lauren liked him that much.

It turned out that in these years, she would go to Matt for consciousness manipulation and in the illusory world, she had been on countless dates with Jordan and hugged him God knows how many times!

Since Lauren liked him and wanted to have him in the illusory world, Jordan couldnt bring himself to interrupt her.

Jordan and Matt walked out of the room.

Jordan asked, “Is she going to spend the night here tonight”

Matt nodded and said, “People usually go to bed at night and its the best time for hypnotherapy because it will be twice as effective.”

“I know what you are worried about.

Miss Howard is such a beautiful woman.

After all, youre definitely going to be uneasy about leaving her with a male doctor like me.”

“Theres a surveillance camera in my room.

Ill send you the footage for tonight, tomorrow morning.”

Jordan said, “Thats not what I meant.”

Matt smiled and said, “Its better for you to watch the footage so that you can have a peace of mind.

Im not only going to send it to you, Im going to send it to Mr.

Hank, too.”

Jordan knew Chris was much more paranoid.

Besides, Lauren was his fiancée, so he was much more concerned about Lauren and Matt than Jordan was.

“Okay, Ill get going then.”

Jordan was not Laurens husband or even boyfriend.

Hence, he had no right to stop her from getting treatment here.

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However, Jordan was rather surprised because Chris was a male chauvinist who enjoyed getting jealous all the time.

Yet, he allowed Lauren to spend the night there.

Jordan guessed that Chris would cancel the engagement after Lauren requests for them to sleep in separate rooms after marriage.

If that were the case, Jordan would be elated because Chris wasnt good enough for Lauren at all!

After leaving the hospital, Jordan took a cab back to Laurens home.

Along the way, Jordan couldnt help but send a text message to Director Nolan, whom he admired the most.

“Youll never be able to understand that the bridge scene in Inception that you wrote actually happened in a certain luxurious hospital in DC.”

“A beautiful woman hid in an illusory world just for the sake of escaping from reality and getting me! Oh my God, can you believe it This is incredible!”

When he reached the destination, Jordan received a text message from Nolan as soon as he just paid the cab fare.

“Jordan, youre way too narcissistic.

Hurry and find a spinning top.

Spin it and see if youre still dreaming!”

“Also, go see my new movie Creed immediately! All your siblings have already watched it!”

Jordan got out of the car and read the text message.

“Damn, Nolan actually called me narcissistic.

Even he cant believe that this happened!”

Jordan smiled helplessly before walking into Laurens home.


Chloe leaped over when she saw Jordan.

Felicia was cleaning up the cutler.

Upon sight of Jordan, she immediately asked, “How is it Is Missy coming home tonight”

Jordan shook his head and said, “Shes staying over at Dr.

Gales clinic.

By the way Felicia, has Lauren spent the night at Dr.

Gales place before”

Felicia thought about it and said, “I dont think it has in recent years.

She would usually stay for an afternoon or come home after a few hours, but she had once slept over three years ago.

When she was pregnant, she would sometimes stay for a few days at his clinic!”

Jordan nodded.

At that time, Lauren was having an emotional breakdown and required long periods of continuous treatment.

Felicia seemed to understand what Jordan was worried about and said, “Sir, Dr.

Gale is a decent man and Missy trusts him very much.

Besides, he knows what Missys family is like, so he wont dare to do anything to her.”

Jordan smiled and said, “I know.”

Afterwards, Jordan pinched the flesh on Chloes face and said, “Baby, Mommys not coming home tonight.

Be good and go to bed with Felicia, got it”

However, Chloe grabbed Jordans hand and said, “No! I want to sleep with Daddy!”

Felicia also said, “Yes, Dear, why dont you stay here tonight Missy isnt around tonight, anyway.

Even if Mr.

Hank finds out, he wont say anything about it.”

Jordan thought about it and felt that it was indeed an opportunity to sleep next to his daughter, which he had been wanting to do for a long time!

“Okay, Ill stay here tonight.”

“Yay! Lets go.

I want you to tell me a story.”

Chloe took Jordans hand and brought him all the way to Laurens room, where she told Jordan to take off his shoes and get into bed.

Since it was Laurens bedroom, Jordan was too awkward to sleep on her bed.

“Chloe, why dont we go to another room” Jordan asked.

Chloe said reluctantly, “No, I want to sleep here.”

Felicia tried to persuade Jordan, too.

“Sir, you can sleep here.

I just wont tell Missy when she comes home.”

Seeing that Chloe kept requesting, Jordan couldnt bring himself to turn her down.

“Okay, but I have to shower.”

Jordan had not taken a bath for the past two days and he had been working as a security officer and running errands everywhere.

Hence, he wouldnt sleep on Laurens bed without taking a shower.

“Okay, Ill go fill the tub with water,” Felicia said happily.

“Its alright, Ill just use the faucet,” said Jordan, who didnt want her to go to that hassle.

However, Felicia insisted, “How can that do Sir, since youre staying here, I have to serve you the same way I serve Missy.

Please wait a moment.”


Jordan couldnt convince her.

He reckoned that the maids of major families were probably just like that.

“Sir, its ready.”

Soon Felicia brought Jordan to the bathroom and asked, “Sir, are you satisfied with this”

There was a crystal carved bathtub that was even more expensive than a Ferrari sports car in the bathroom.

It was filled with bubbles and some petals…

There was a longboard for placing things in the middle of the bathtub, a glass of red wine, aromatherapy candles, and a Bluetooth speaker.

“Why are there so many bubbles…”

Jordan felt it was a little too girly and he couldnt accept it.

Felicia smiled and said, “Missy enjoys taking bubble baths, and the bubbles can cover the surface of the water, to prevent the water from cooling down too soon.”

Jordan thought of Lauren at this moment, who was in the illusory world in the hospital and fantasizing about being with him.

He really wanted to experience Laurens usual life, too!


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