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Chapter 378: Falling In Love With Lauren!

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Jordan said, “Okay then, Ill try this bubble bath.

By the way, I see that there is red wine and Bluetooth speakers here.

Does Lauren usually drink wine and listen to music when she takes baths in the tub”

Felicia nodded and said, “Yes, Missy loves listening to music when shes taking a shower.”

Jordan asked, “What is her favorite song”

Felicia said, “Need You Now by Lady Antebellum, and many more.

Ill sort out the playlist for you afterwards.”


“I wont disturb you any longer, then.

Ill go outside now.

Call me if you need anything.”

“Okay, thank you.”

After Felicia left, Jordan began taking a bath in the million-dollar luxurious bathtub and imagined how Lauren felt during her baths in the past.

Jordan couldnt help but pick up the glass of red wine glass and take a sip out of it before connecting to the Bluetooth speaker and playing Laurens favorite song,Need You Now.

Jordan had not heard of that song before.

However, he was instantly attracted to it.

‘What a nice love song!

At this moment, Jordan felt he had seriously underestimated the music scene.

Jordans favorite music genre was R&B.

“Picture perfect memories scattered all around the floor…”

“Reaching for the phone cause”

“I cant fight it anymore…”

“Its a quarter after one.

Im all alone and I need you now…”


Listening to the song and enjoying the red wine, Jordan imagined Lauren must have done the same while thinking about him three years ago.

Jordan once again remembered the words that Lauren had said to him in the hospital just now.

“Jordan, hug me…”

Laurens voice kept running through Jordans mind, and her stunning beauty kept surfacing in front of him.

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Jordan felt as if his heart had been struck by an arrow.

“I… seem to… like Lauren.”

“No way.

How is that possible Victoria is my rightful fiancée and my future partner!”

As soon as that idea came to mind, Jordan forced himself to stop thinking about Lauren, although he knew he wouldnt be able to stop himself if he were to really fall in love with her.

It wasnt something that could be changed just by thinking about it.

However, Victorias whereabouts were now unknown, so there was no way hed fall in love with another woman because that wasnt fair to Victoria.

After taking a bath, Jordan headed to Laurens room and lay down on her bed.

He then held Chloe in his arms while telling her bedtime stories and coaxing her to sleep.

Jordan spent every waking minute with Chloe for the next two days.

However, although she had her fathers company, Chloe was still very reliant on Lauren because she had been following by her side for the last three years.

“Daddy, I miss Mommy.

Why is Mommy still hospitalized Can you wake her up”

Chloes eyes were glistening with tears.

In the last two days, Jordan had taken Chloe to Matts place, but Lauren would lay in bed during all their visits.

Jordan also felt that Lauren had been hospitalized for a long time.

“Chloe, Ill wake Mommy up now and ask her to come back to accompany you!”

Jordan was initially reluctant to interrupt Laurens hypnotherapy because the purpose of it was for her to enter the illusory world where she could be with him.

However, regardless of the reason, Jordan had to wake Lauren up because she was Chloes mother, after all.

She couldnt get addicted to being immersed in the illusory world and ignore her daughter, who existed in real life!

“Jordan, youre here.”

Matt saw Jordan coming and greeted him.

However, this time, Jordans attitude wasnt too friendly.

He said with a firm tone of voice,: “Dr.

Gale, I need to take Lauren home immediately.

Chloe misses her badly, quickly wake her up.”

Chris had threatened Matt into brainwashing Lauren round the clock for several days, so he obviously wouldnt dare to let Lauren leave.

Being put in a spot, Matt said, “I cant do that.

Miss Howard has to undergo continuous hypnotherapy for a week this time.”

“One week straight Does she not want her daughter anymore I cant let her continue being immersed in that illusory world!”

Jordan pushed Matt away and barged into the treatment room where Lauren was.

“Hello, Jordan.

What do you want”

Matt also hurriedly chased after him.

In the room next door, Chris and Robb were still watching.

“Damn it, that punk Jordan Steele is here again!” Robb said in displeasure.

Jordan walked towards Lauren and held onto her hand before shaking it and saying, “Lauren, quickly wake up.

Dont be immersed in an illusory world.

Chloe misses you very much.”

Chloe was still half-awake.

She closed her eyes and murmured softly, “Jordan… Chloe…”

“Lauren, Lauren!”

Jordan called Laurens name loudly.

He even patted Laurens face with his hand, but Lauren just wouldnt wake up despite hearing him!

If it were an ordinary person, she would have definitely woken up!

Jordan flew into a rage and turned his head to look at Matt.

“What drug did you feed her Why didnt she wake up even when I tapped her”

Jordan suddenly felt that Matt was a little scary for giving her such medicine.

In her current state, Lauren was completely immersed in the illusory world.

No matter how Jordan patted her, she just wouldnt wake up.

Moreover, she was completely unaware that Jordan was patting her and calling her in real life.

That was extremely dangerous because the consequences would be imaginably dire if someone were to take advantage of the opportunity to take liberties with her!

Matt also wanted to make Lauren wake up because she had been immersed in the illusory world for too long, but he couldnt do so because Chris was watching from the room next door.

“Jordan, just leave.

Whats wrong with letting her immerse herself in illusion Can you give her happiness after she wakes up Can you marry her”

Matt retorted.

Jordan pointed at Matt and said, “Fabricated happiness isnt real happiness at all! I must bring Lauren back to reality today!”

Robb, who was in the room next door, chuckled and said, “If you want to wake Miss Howard up, you have to have what it takes.


Gales drug is very strong, and that said, I have to take some of such drugs from him.

If I meet a woman I like, I can give it a try.


Chloe was bold and fearless, thinking that as long as Matt does not help him, Jordan will definitely be unable to make Lauren wake up.

However, Jordan suddenly took out a box of medicine from his pocket and stuffed a red pill into Laurens mouth.

Matt immediately tensed up and pulled Jordan.

“Hey, what kind of medicine are you giving Miss Howard!! You cant feed her any random medicine.

Are you trying to get her killed”

“Get lost!”

Jordan pushed Matt to the ground and then fed Lauren the pill.

The pills in Jordans box were the finest products in the world, each of which cost a bomb.

They were all produced by the worlds top medical experts, which could not be found on the market.

Even the topmost figures of the upper-class society may not enjoy it!

In less than a minute, Lauren slowly opened her eyes!

‘Shes about to wake up!


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