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Chapter 379: Failed To Brainwash!

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In the room next door, Robb saw Lauren slowly opening her eyes, and he immediately panicked.

“Bad news, Miss Howard is about to wake up! She has been hypnotized for such a long time.

You should be the first person she sees after you wake up!”

Chris panicked and quickly scurried out of the room before dashing into the room where Lauren and Jordan were in.

Like a brute bull, he knocked Jordan away and squatted down in front of Lauren.

“Damn it!”

Jordan was knocked to the ground.

Although he could defeat Chris, Chris was much heavier than him and thus, he could knock him to the ground easily.

At this moment, Lauren was still somewhat dazed after waking up and opening her eyes.

She rubbed her eyes continuously in an adorable manner, like a teenage girl.

When her vision slowly cleared up, the first person she saw was Chris.


Lauren called out affectionately and intimately.

Compared to before, her tone and attitude towards Chris was obviously much gentler.

That made Jordan rather surprised.

In the past, Lauren would speak to him in a rather austere tone.

Yet, she now sounded extremely gentle.

However, Laurens next sentence made Jordan flabbergasted!

Lauren looked at Chris and said, “The worlds most perfect man…”

“Haha, it worked!”

Robb, who was behind him, exclaimed in amazement.

Chris and Dr.

Gale had been brainwashing Lauren into thinking that Chris was the most perfect man in the world!

Jordan was dumbfounded, too.

“How did that happen!!”

Chris was overjoyed.

He held onto Laurens hand and exclaimed, “Yes, I am the most perfect man in the world.

Im the man you love the most in this world! Lauren Howard, I love you!”

Chris wanted to strike while the iron was hot.

He wanted to kiss Lauren while she was full of admiration for him!

However, just as Chris was about to move his face closer to hers, he was punched in the face!


After Jordan got up, he punched Chris and knocked him to the ground.

How could he stand by and watch Chris take liberties with Lauren!!

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Afterwards, Jordan looked at Lauren and said, “Lauren, dont let him fool you.

Hes not the most perfect man in the world, but an absolute scumbag!”

Lauren was surprisingly more agitated after seeing Jordan!

“Jordan! Are you okay Are your fingers fine Is your body okay”

Lauren burst into tears immediately.

The way she looked at Jordan was as if she was looking at a deceased person who had come back to life.

Lauren held Jordans hand and checked his fingers one by one.

When she saw they were all intact, she smiled, but her tears fell on Jordans fingers, one by one.

“Lauren, Im fine, dont worry.” Jordan said comfortingly.

In a moment of agitation, Lauren leaped into Jordans arms to kiss him!

Even Chris was stunned by that scene.

He questioned loudly, “Why is this happening Havent we already brainwashed her Why does she still like Jordan so much”

Both Chris and Jordan knew Lauren was still immersed in the illusory world.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have initiated a kiss given how restrained she was.

Matt shook his head and said, “Ive warned you long ago.

Jordans image has long been deeply etched in Miss Howards heart and no one can make her waver.

She only admires you now, but she truly loves Jordan!”


Chris was exasperated.

As Laurens fiancé, how could he watch his wife embrace another man!

Chris obediently picked up an ashtray on the table and prepared to smash it at Jordans head from behind!

At this moment, Matt took a step forward and exclaimed, “Mr.

Hank, you mustnt act impulsively! Let me try waking Miss Lauren up.”

Matt grabbed a long bottle that was like a spray bottle before spraying it on Laurens face a few times.

Soon, Lauren let go of Jordan and suddenly sobered up.

Once she did, she looked at Jordan again with shyness written all over her face.

“Im… Im sorry for what I did just now.”

Jordan looked at Lauren gently and said, “Its okay, good that you woke up.”

Afterwards, Jordan glowered at Matt and Chris in exasperation before questioning, “Just what have you people done to Lauren in the last three days!”

Lauren was shocked, too.

“What Ive already been here for three days”

Matt dropped to his knees in front of Lauren and began crying with a guilty expression on his face.

“Im sorry, Miss Howard, I lied to you.

In the last three days, Ive been manipulating your consciousness and trying to replace Jordan with Chris as the perfect lover in your heart.”


Hearing this, Lauren and Jordan were both astonished.

Matt cried and said, “I had no other choice.

Chris threatened me with my parents future.

If I refused, my parents lives would be ruined!”

Jordan knew Matt had always been good to Lauren, and he had previously even hit Jordan for hurting Lauren.

It was all because of Chris!

Jordan asked, “What did you guys do to me in the illusory world the last three days Did you cut off my fingers”

After Lauren woke up just now, the first thing she did was to check if Jordans fingers were intact.

Thus, he guessed that his fingers must have been severed in the illusory world.

Matt didnt dare to hide it at all.

“No, not only were your fingers severed, you were also… castrated according to Chriss request.

Although you were no longer a complete man, Miss Howard still did not leave you!”

“Screw you!”

Hearing this, Jordan could no longer hold back and instead, he charged towards Chris.

Chris was a little scared, too.

After all, he had a guilty conscience and took a step back.

Robb shivered and stood out.

“What do you want Thats all fake.

Its not real at all.”


Jordan kicked the scrawny Robb away before punching Chris in the face.

Chris was not a pushover either.

He hated Jordan too!

Chris punched him back, and the two of them exchanged blows.

However, Jordans fist was as hard as steel and he couldnt be shaken at all!

Chris knew he couldnt beat Jordan with his fists and feet alone.

Hence, he tried to use his advantage in size to hit Jordan!

Chris suddenly lowered his center of gravity and bent down, thus becoming much shorter than Jordan.

He then grabbed Jordans upper body with both hands and pressed his head against Jordans body before charging forward in a bid to push him against the wall!

“Jordan, watch out!”

Lauren reminded when she noticed Jordan was in danger.

Jordans body weight was slightly lighter.

Besides, he was caught off guard, so he retreated quickly and was about to collide with the wall with great force.

However, at this moment, the back of Jordans foot first touched the wall, after which he launched himself off from the wall and propelled upwards, knocking Chris onto the ground with his arm, subduing him completely!


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