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Chapter 380: Premarital Testing

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Matt seemed to be completely dumbfounded by the fact that Jordan had managed to easily subdue the ferocious Chris, despite being smaller than the latter!

“Jordan was so suave!”

Matt couldnt help but praise.

He was the doctor who had once constructed a perfect image of Jordan and, in his opinion, the image of Jordan that he had created was really unrealistic.

However, when he saw the real Jordan, he actually discovered that the real Jordan was even more excellent and powerful than the image he created!

Jordan absolutely hated Chriss despicable means.

He punched Chris in the face, but Jordan suppressed him, leaving him with no means to retaliate.

At this moment, Lauren walked over and tried to persuade them.

“Stop fighting!”

Lauren pulled Jordan away and then said to Chris, “Since you already know my secret, lets cancel the engagement and pretend that we dont know each other in the future.”

Chris got up from the ground, grabbed the tissue that Robb handed over, and wiped the blood that dripped out of his nose after he got punched by Jordan.

“Ill never cancel the engagement!”

Chris said firmly, “I-I can accept sleeping in a separate room from you after we get married.

I can also accept you still loving Jordan after marriage!”

His words had taken Lauren aback.

She had known Chris for many years, but she couldnt believe that these humble words had come from Chris!

Lauren said softly, “Chris… why are you doing this I know youre a chauvinistic alpha male and this will make you too aggrieved.”

Robb also hurriedly said, “Yes, Mr.

Hank, how can you accept such an unreasonable request!! If you stoop low and give in to Miss Howard so easily, shell definitely cheat on you with Jordan after you get married!”


Jordan slapped Robb on his face and barked in exasperation, “Bastard! What do you take me and Lauren for!!”

Robb was just treating Lauren like a wanton woman who would easily cheat on her spouse, just like Hailey!

Chris was exasperated, and he too felt embarrassed after saying those words.

However, he would never cancel the engagement.

“Lauren, I would rather be with a woman whom I love but doesnt love me than a woman who loves me, but I dont.”

“Besides, were marrying for the interests of our families and our marriage will be beneficial for both the Howards and the Hanks.

So, we have to continue with the marriage!”

Lauren chose to marry Chris, only for the sake of her familys interests.

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Seeing that Chris had agreed to sleep in a different room than hers after they got married and wasnt bothered by the fact that Lauren had feelings for Jordan, Lauren said, “Okay then, since you can accept those conditions, I can marry you.”

As an outsider, Jordan was in no place to say anything.

Chris glowered at Jordan and left in exasperation.

As soon as he walked out of the hospital, Robb kept persuading, “Sir, whats wrong with you today How can you agree to such a humiliating condition”

“If you cant sleep in the same room as her and consummate with her Besides, she also has a crush on others and sooner or later, the two of them are going to hook up!”

Robb was rather loyal to Chris.

He knew that Chriss ex-wife had cheated on him, which led to the divorce.

This time, Lauren clearly had a reason to cheat on him, so he didnt want Chris to be betrayed again.

Chris sat in the car, closed the door, and then said viciously, “Once she officially marries me on the 1st of April, shell become my wife.

Who is she to say anything”

Robb also sat in the drivers seat, turned around, and looked at the backseat.


Hank, do you plan to resort to force That doesnt seem appropriate, does it Hasnt Dr.

Gale mentioned it before If you try to possess Miss Howard by force, it will trigger great repulsion from Miss Howard.

She might face an emotional breakdown!”

Chris humphed coldly and exclaimed, “I dont care if she faces an emotional breakdown or not! When shes my wife, I can do whatever I want to her! Even if she dies, thats no big deal! Keep driving!”

Four days later.

It was already March 29th, which was less than three days till the 1st of April, the day of Chris and Laurens wedding.

In the past few days, Jordan would sometimes dream of himself crashing Laurens wedding and snatching the bride away!

At eight oclock in the morning, Jordan had just had breakfast with Chloe in Laurens home.

They were now playing in the yard.

All of a sudden, two graceful and elegant middle-aged women walked in smiling.

Jordan knew one of them.

She was Laurens mother, Marissa.


Chloe scurried towards Laurens mother as soon as she saw her.

“Hey, my dear baby,” said Marissa, who happily picked Chloe up in her arms.

The middle-aged woman beside Marissa smiled and asked, “Chloe, do you still remember who I am”

Marissa laughed and said, “Chloe, this is Uncle Chriss mother, whom youve met at a meal previously.”

Only then did it occur to Jordan that Chriss mother had arrived.

At this moment, Marissa and Chriss mother also saw Jordan.

“Maam,” Jordan greeted Marissa politely.

However, Marissa humphed coldly and shot Jordan a look of displeasure.

Previously, Jordan had beaten up her son, Brad, who was now still hospitalized.

The doctor even said that Brad may have to limp for the rest of his life and would never be able to wakl properly like he used to.

Hence, Marissa absolutely hated Jordan!


Howard, whos this”

Chriss mother glanced at Jordan and asked in confusion.

Marissa looked at Chloe and answered, “Hes Chloes biological father.”

Chriss mother instantly smiled without showing her teeth.

“Oh, so hes that lawless punk.

Lauren is such a good girl and yet, she had a child with him.

What a shame.”

At this moment, Lauren also heard the commotion and walked towards the courtyard.

“Mom, Aunt Carol, what brings you here” Lauren asked.

Chriss mother said smilingly, “My dear daughter-in-law, Im here to take you and Chloe home for a few days.”

“Huh Isnt the wedding three days away Why are we…” Lauren was bewildered.

Marissa explained, “We have a rule in our family where our daughter-in-law-to-be has to stay in our family for two days before the wedding, so as to get familiar with the rules of the family and to get along with us.

You can take it as a premarital trial.”

Marissa said, “This rule has been in place since a century ago and weve been following it till this day.

It was the same for me when I married into the Hanks back then.”

“Youll be staying in mine and Chriss fathers home for the next two days, not your matrimonial home.

Its okay, dont worry, I wont let you share the same room as Chris for the next few days.”

The Hanks were a notable family, after all.

It wasnt strange for them to have such a rule.

“Okay.” Lauren didnt refute either.

“Alright, quickly pack your bags then,” Chriss mother said happily.

“Wait a minute!” Jordan suddenly interjected!



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