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Chapter 381: Lauren Gets A Beating!

Jordan looked at Marissa and Chriss mother before saying, “Im Chloes father.

Shouldnt you be informing me before taking Chloe away”

Chriss mother sneered and asked, “Why do I have to inform you Who do you think you are”

Chriss mother obviously despised Jordan because she knew he had no foundation and connections in DC.

Marissa also said, “Chloe has always been by her mothers side.

Chloe has to go wherever Lauren goes.

Why must I inform you!”

Jordan was extremely displeased, and he requested, “I dont care what stupid rules the Hanks have.

No matter what, I want to see my daughter every day.”

Chriss mother refuted vehemently, “Impossible! The Hanks will never allow someone like you to enter as you please!”

“Forget about seeing Chloe for the next three days.

You can request it again after we get married!”

Chriss mother was very insistent and harsh, so Lauren couldnt retort either.

She said to Jesse, “Jesse, just bear with it for two days, okay”

Jordan glanced at Chriss mother in displeasure before nodding at Lauren.

“Okay, Ill send you there then.”

Lauren and Chloe were about to move into Chriss parents home, but Jordan still didnt know where they lived.

He decided he had to find out their exact address.

Jordan drove Laurens Jeep and fetched her and Chloe to a villa cluster named Royal Mansions.

Not only was this place strategically located and expensive, but the interior of the villas was also top-notch.

The palm trees, and artificial boulders accentuated its uniqueness.

It definitely cost a bomb to bring the palm trees and plantains that would usually survive only in the tropics to DC.

Arriving at a grand and posh bungalow, Jordan pulled over, knowing that it was Chriss parents home because he had already seen Chris standing at the door.

Chris walked over and helped Lauren carry her luggage.

Jordan got out of the car, too.

Chris glanced at Jordan and said, “I didnt expect you to come too.

I dont intend to let you stay for dinner.”

Jordan looked at the villa and recognized the location carefully.

“I dont intend to go inside either.”

Jordan handed the car keys back to Lauren and said, “Im leaving.

Call me if you need anything.”

He then waved goodbye to Chloe and said, “Baby, remember to call me when you miss me.”

“Okay, bye bye, Daddy.”

Chloe was carrying a little backpack, looking extremely adorable.

Jordan looked at Chloes lovely face and couldnt help but pinch her little face again.

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‘How adorable.

Unfortunately, I wont be able to see her for the next two days.

If Chloe gets mistreated here, I wont spare the Hanks!

“Okay, quickly head inside.

Its time to eat!”

Chriss mother said loudly, looking at Chloe scornfully.

Lauren waved her hand at Jordan before taking Chloes hand and bringing her inside.

After entering the living room and walking to the dining hall, Chloe saw the spread of food on the dining table.

The little glutton then scurried over and reached her hand out for a bread roll.

However, Chloe was just about to do so.

Chriss mother slapped her hand.

“Have you washed your hands Youre grabbing it with them just like that! Why dont you have any manners at all!”

Chriss mother lashed out at Chloe and began to lecture her.

This time, the blow was so hard that Chloe immediately started sobbing with tears in her eyes.

Lauren hurried over and hugged Chloe.

“Chloe, dont cry.

Lets go get your hands washed.

You can eat only after your hands are washed.

Have you forgotten”

Lauren took Chloe to get her hands washed before sitting on the chair.

Chloe tried to take the bread roll with her hand again, but Chriss mother stopped her again.

“No one is allowed to eat before everyone is seated!”

It turned out that Chriss father was still upstairs.

A maid went upstairs to invite him to come downstairs.

Soon, a tall and domineering middle-aged man made his way down the stairs.

“Laurens here.”

The man nodded at Lauren, smilingly.

“Hello, Uncle Dominic,” Lauren greeted respectfully.

He knew the Hanks earned their present glory, largely because of Chriss father, who had a high status in DC.

After Chriss father sat down, Chriss mother said, “Lauren, dont eat yet.

Scoop a bowl of soup for each of us.”

Lauren asked, “Isnt there a maid here”

In the Howard family, the servants were usually the ones to scoop the soup and stuff.

The Hanks were wealthy and powerful enough to have lots of servants.

There was no need for Lauren to do that at all.

Chriss mother said, “This is the rule of our family.

The daughter-in-law must serve the soup and you have to do so for every single meal when you live with Chris in the future.

You must serve his meals to him.”

At this juncture, Chloe suddenly interjected, “Daddys always the one who serves our meals back at Mommys place!”

Chriss mother humphed coldly and exclaimed, “Your father is a commoner.

How can he compare with the Hanks Since hes competent, of course he has to serve the meals!”

Chloe immediately argued, “My father is very competent!”

Chriss parents immediately frowned.

Lauren didnt want to make a scene as soon as they entered, so she quickly said, “Okay, Ill go serve the food.”

Lauren gave Chriss parents and Chris a bowl of soup each, and then one for Chloe.

She then began to eat.

The Hanks were very picky and had strict requirements for their food, which was probably the reason for their robust figures.

“Youre not allowed to make so much noise when youre eating!”

Chriss mother lashed out at Chloe and began to lecture her.

Chloe, who was innocent, naïve, and enjoyed smiling.

She immediately began to get scared and didnt dare to eat, laugh, or speak loudly.

The atmosphere made Chloe feel suffocated.

“Lauren, you dont need to do the dishes.

Come to my room.

I have something to say to you.”

Chriss mother said to Lauren after finishing the meal.

Lauren followed Chriss mother to her room, and after sitting down, Lauren asked, “What instructions do you have, Aunt”

Chriss mother had a serious expression on her face and she wasnt like a benevolent mother at all.

She said coldly, “I want you to give birth to two sons within three years of marrying Chris.”

“Heres a box of folic acid tablets.

Take them.”

Lauren seemed to be put in a spot and she exclaimed, “Aunt Marissa, whether Chris and I have children or not and how many we have, should be decided by us, shouldnt it Im sorry I cant accept this request of yours!”


Seeing that Lauren had the audacity to refuse, Chriss mother slapped Lauren on her face!

Chriss mother was stronger than the average middle-aged woman, so the slap was particularly hard!

Chriss mother said angrily, “Lauren Howard, dont think that you can act however you please in our home, just because you are Martin Howards granddaughter!”

“You have to give birth even if you dont want to!”


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