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Chapter 383: Daughters Plea!

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Jordan spent every single day with Chloe in the last two weeks that he had been in DC.

Chloes feelings and reliance on him had already grown stronger and stronger.

Hence, when Chris insulted Jordan and called him a good-for-nothing, Chloe cried while yelling at the top of her lungs.

She would never allow anyone to say that about her father!

Although Chloe was young, she had a strong willpower because she didnt want others to insult her father or put her to shame.

Chloe, who was completely out of energy at first, forced herself to regain her balance and steady herself in the horses stance.

She kept saying to herself, “Im Daddys daughter.

I can definitely do it! I cant embarrass Daddy!”

Chris humphed coldly in disdain.

Time passed, minute after minute, second after second.

Chloe had already been in the horses stance for more than ten minutes and her legs had long been trembling involuntarily.

However, she was still holding onto her breath and persevering.

The only reason for her perseverance was the fact that she was Jordans daughter! She didnt want others to look down on them!

However, Chloe was still a little girl, after all.

Some time later, Chloes eyes suddenly rolled backwards and she passed out, thus falling onto the ground.


Chloe fell to the ground.

“Indeed, the daughter of a loser is a loser, too.

You actually passed out doing the horses stance! Someone, come here!”

Chris called out.

The middle-aged maid walked out and patted Chloe to wake her up.

At this point, Chloe could no longer stand up and her legs were completely powerless, as she would fall as soon as she stood up.

Chloe cried.

For as far as she had lived, she had been pampered by her mother and had never suffered such mistreatment before.

“I want to go home and look for Mommy and Daddy.”

Chloe screamed while crying.

Chris was exasperated.

“Stop crying and scram back to your room! This place is your home from now onwards!”

He then said to the maid, “Take her to her room.”


Chloe refused to leave and there was no way she could leave either.

Knowing that she was the “illegitimate child” that Lauren had with another man, the maid had an extremely hostile attitude, too.

She began to drag Chloe away forcefully.

While being dragged reluctantly, Chloe cried and exclaimed, “Mommy! Mommy!”

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Lauren immediately came out of the room when she heard Chloe crying.

However, as soon as she came out, she was stopped by two men.

“Miss Lauren, you cant go out unless you agree to Madams request.”

Lauren flew into a rage and hollered, “Get lost! Im going to see my daughter!”

The bodyguard still refused to let her go.

“Please dont make things difficult for us.”

Lauren was so distressed and worried about Chloe that she tried to force her way out, only to be forcibly carried back to her room by the two bodyguards.

The door was then closed.

For the past four years, Lauren had been living with Chloe alone, far away from her family.

Chloe mattered to her as much as her life!

She can stay calm at all times, but not when her daughter was hurt!

She could do anything for her daughters sake!

At this moment, Lauren was enraged by the fact that the Hanks had the audacity to do that to her despite the fact that she was a Howard!

Lauren immediately picked up the phone and called her grandfather in a bid to complain to him so that he could seek justice for her.

Given Martins status in DC today, the entire Hank family would have to get on their knees to apologize to Lauren as long as he gave an order!

However, Martin did not answer the phone.

She knew that her parents loved Brad too much and were still resenting her for what happened to him, so she didnt call them.

She thought of Jordan, Chloes father.

Since Chloe has been mistreated, he ought to be the first person she calls.

However, she could not call him.

She knew Jordans current situation and was aware that he wouldnt be able to deal with the Hanks alone so she would be doing him harm by asking him to come over.

Thus, Lauren chose to call her brother, Brad, who had always been fearless and shared close ties with her.

At this moment, Brad was still hospitalized.

As soon as the call was answered, Lauren immediately said urgently, “Brad, send someone to the Hanks home to save me and Chloe.

They beat me up and locked me in the room.

Chloe has been crying, I dont know what they have done to her but Im really worried.

She has never been through any suffering before.”

Hearing this, Brad flew into a rage.

“What The Hanks are really brazen! How dare they hit you and Chloe Ill send someone over to raid their home!”

Brad had always despised the Hanks even though they were indeed very powerful.

Even though Lauren had yet to officially marry Chris, they were already so old as to do such a thing to her.

They would probably abuse Lauren and Chloe to death after their official wedding on April 1st!

Brad ordered, “Send someone to the Hanks to bring Lauren and Chloe home!”

“Damn it, if my leg wasnt injured, I would have gone over myself to beat Chris Hank up till his face is swollen!”

Soon, Brads subordinate immediately arranged for people to go to the Hanks home.

However, it didnt take long for them to return again.

Brad asked in surprise, “Whats going on Didnt I tell you to personally bring some people there Why are you back Did the Hanks refuse to let them go”

His subordinate replied, “No, Mr.

Howard, we were stopped by Officer Clyde before we even reached Chris Hanks place.”

Soon, a tall and burly man who was about 40 years old walked in.

He was Clyde, Martins most capable subordinate.

He was often described as outstanding by Martin.

Although he was Martins subordinate, he was very resourceful and had connections with both the police and triads.

“Clyde Why do you want to stop my people from going to the Hanks” Brad asked in confusion.

Clyde smiled and greeted Brad and then said, “Mr.

Howard, this is your grandfathers order.”

Brad was confused.

“Why is Grandpa stopping me! Is he going to let the Hanks bully Lauren!”

Clyde said, “Mr.

Howard Sr.

said that youre not to send anyone to the Hank or else it would be deemed as a provocation to the Hanks.

Now that their wedding is just around the corner, Mr.

Howard Sr.

will not let you do something that will affect the peace between the two families.”

Brad was enraged.

“In this case, I order you to bring Lauren and Chloe back from the Hanks! Doesnt Grandpa always say that youre outstanding and brilliant like powerful ancient generals In that case, Ill give you a tank.

Go kill them!”

Clyde chuckled and said, “Im sorry, but I only take orders from your grandfather.

You cant order me around.”

“Besides, Mr.

Howard, you flatter me.

The Hanks are way too powerful.

Im afraid I wont be able to enter, even if I tried to barge in.”

“Im here to tell you to rest and recuperate well in the hospital.

The Hanks wont dare to do anything to harm Miss Lauren.

Rest assured.”

“Rest assured, my foot!” Brad cursed furiously.

A trace of displeasure appeared on Clydes face!


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