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Chapter 384: Barging Into The Hanks Home Alone!

Although Clyde was Martins subordinate, he was quite a big shot and respected figure in the country, outside of the Howards!

The fact that Brad was speaking to him so rudely when he was a junior made Clyde very annoyed.

Brads subordinate, who knew Clydes strength, hurriedly said to Clyde, “Simmer down, Mr.

Howard is just flustered.

He doesnt mean anything else.”

Clyde humphed coldly and left.

After Clyde walked out of the ward, his subordinate said in confusion, “Mr.

Howard, Clyde has always been away from DC and never shows up easily.

Why did he suddenly return to DC today”

Brad was puzzled, too.

“Yeah, this guy is my grandfathers trump card.

He usually comes back only when something big happens in DC.”

His subordinate seemed to have thought of something and said, “I think I heard someone saying that there was a commotion at the airport just now.

Surely he isnt here because of this, right”

“Its possible.” Brad did not want to think about it for the time being.

“Forget about it.

The problem now is that we must bring my sister and Chloe out of the Hanks home!”

The henchman was put in a spot, too.

“Your grandfather doesnt agree to let us go over and snatch them away.

Who else can have the ability to bring Miss Lauren out”

“Why dont we just let Miss Lauren suffer for two days Anyway, she has to officially marry him sooner or later.

Its only a matter of time before shell have to accept their rules.”

Brad lost his temper and slapped his subordinate on the face.

“Bastard! No one can make my sister sacrifice and suffer for the greater good in this world! Who does Chris Hank think he is!”

“The obnoxious Hanks must be putting her in a spot because theyre upset that she has given birth to Jordans child.”

“Oh right, Jordan Steele!”

Brad suddenly thought of Jordan.

Due to the circumstances, he couldnt send the Howards army to save Lauren and Chloe, he had no choice but to send Jordan!

Brad was very reluctant to call Jordan.

He was still hospitalized and couldnt get out of bed for many days now, all thanks to Jordan.

However, for the sake of Lauren, he eventually still called Jordan!

At this moment, Jordan, who was in a hotel near Laurens home, was surprised to receive Brads call.

“Why is he calling me”

Jordan answered the call with some bewilderment.


Brad didnt spout any nonsense, nor did he scold Jordan, but he mentioned about hurting Brads leg.

He said straightforwardly, “Jordan, your daughter is now about to be tortured to death by Chris, and my sister was also beaten up and locked up by them.”

“If youre a man, go to the Hanks now and bring my sister and Chloe out!”

Jordan immediately got nervous, too.

“What did you say What happened to Chloe!”

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Brad didnt know the exact situation and hence,merely made it sound more serious.

“Dont you know what kind of person Chris Hank is His fiancée had a child with another man.

He can have a good attitude”

“Chloe is now crying so hard that her voice has gone hoarse.

The more she cries the more the Hanks hits her.

Shes being mistreated precisely because of an incompetent father like you!”

Jordan clenched his fist.

About to explode!

Chloe was a part of Jordan and the person he cherished the most!

She was cute and pretty, like an angel that descended on earth.

Jordan absolutely loved her and would never allow anyone to hurt her!

However, Jordan was also worried that it might be Brads trap to lure him to confront the Hanks, so as to take revenge for the gunshot he suffered.

Jordan said, “Brad Howard, youd better make sure youre not lying! I hate being lied to!”

Brad hollered, “I wish I could shoot you dead! Can I possibly have the time to lie to you If my grandfather hadnt stopped the people I sent out to save them, I wouldnt have taken the initiative to call you!”

“The Hanks are just behaving so obnoxiously and lawlessly because my grandfather is advanced in years and suffers from cerebrovascular disease, so his days are numbered.

On top of that, the second generation of the Hanks is doing better than my Dad!”

“Jordan, believe it or not, thats your daughter, anyway.

If you can accept your daughter being trained like a dog by the Hanks, suit yourself!”

After saying that, Brad hung up the phone.

Inside the ward, his subordinate brought a glass of water to the enraged Brad and said, “Mr.

Howard, Jordan is alone.

He cant barge into the Hanks home unless he summons that UFO-shaped aircraft.”

“But your grandfather has issued an order for the UFO to be annihilated at the first opportunity whenever it appears again…”

Brad took a big sip of water, and said with a dull gaze in his eyes, “Although I dont like Jordan, I have to admit that if there is only one person who can bring my sister out from the Hanks home, and that is, Jordan Steele!”

Jordan came out of the hotel as quickly as he could.

He could tell that Brad was not lying to him, and there was no reason for him to deceive him using Lauren, his sister, and Chloe!

As soon as he stepped on the street, a female driver happened to step out of a white Volkswagen Golf and stopped Jordan when she saw him.

“Hey, handsome, I cant back up well.

Can you help me back up my car to the parking space”

Jordan did not utter a single word and instead, got inside the white Volkswagen.

The female driver thanked him smilingly, “Thank you, handsome.

Seems like there are still many good people these days!”

While the female driver was praising Jordan, he stepped on the gas pedal and instantly drove the car away.

The female driver blinked and froze for a full five seconds before breaking down and yelling while running, “Someone stole my car!”

Jordan drove the Volkswagen car as fast as he could and arrived at the Hanks villa.

Since it was one of the most high-end residences in DC, the security was also very strict.

Visitors are not allowed to enter without a pass.

Jordan was extremely annoyed, and he kept honking at the security officer to get him to open the door.

The security officer also came out and said to Jordan, “Youre not a resident here, are you You want to enter this estate with such a lousy car”

Jordan extended his left hand and grabbed the security officer.

Pressing him against the rearview mirror, he demanded fiercely, “Open the door for me immediately!”

It was the first time that the security guard encountered such a ruthless person.

Out of fear, he hurriedly pressed the remote control, opened the door, and let Jordan in.

Afterwards, the security officer immediately went back inside the house and picked up the intercom to inform the others, “There is a white Volkswagen Golf breaking in.

Buddies, go out immediately to stop him!”

Jordan quickly drove to the Hanks villa and as soon as he got out of the car, he was stopped by the gatekeeper.

“What are you here for”

Jordan said coldly, “I want to see my daughter.

Get out of my way!”

The guard at the gate said, “What a joke.

Do you know that this is the Hanks villa in DC Do you think you can see the people inside as and when you please Hurry up and get lost…”

Before the guard finished speaking, Jordan had already knocked him to the ground with one punch!

“No one can stop me from seeing my daughter!”


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