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Chapter 386: 800 People Barging Into THe Hanks Residence!

The bald man was none other than the former tyrant of Orlando, Salvatore!

Salvatore had already been released from prison.

Tim found him in Houston.

He didnt expect to hear Jordan being in danger as soon as he arrived in DC!

The hot-tempered Salvatore obviously couldnt tolerate this!

Salvatore yelled in Thai, “All of you, come with me to save Mr.


Ill kill anyone who dares to stop me!”


In front of the Hanks home in Royal Mansions.

Jordan was now facing a few hundred people on his own, but he still didnt give up the urge to dash in.

As a sensible boss, he should wait for Tim to arrive before acting.

However, his daughter would suffer a second longer if he were to enter a second later!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Jordan fought ten of them alone and managed to knock all ten of them down.

It was already the umpteenth “group of ten”.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

While smoking a cigarette, Robb applauded and said gleefully, “Not bad, not bad, well done! Haha, another ten of you, fight him! I shall see how long he can last!”

Robb did not let these hundreds of people attack Jordan together.

Instead, he sent ten at a time.

At first, Jordan was able to easily fight ten of them on his own, but as his physical ability gradually declined, he began to take blows from time to time while feeling extremely anxious about his daughter.

After thirty minutes, Jordan couldnt take it anymore.

He fell to the ground with his hands against the ground, almost getting on his knees!

He had already defeated a hundred people, but he was almost drained of his physical energy!

“Carry these good-for-nothings away and send ten more!”

Robb sat at the side and ordered.

Soon, ten more people appeared in front of Jordan.

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Jordan broke down when he saw that there were at least one or two thousand people behind the ten people in front of him!

Jordan knew he could not take out two thousand people by himself!

He stopped fighting and dashed towards the gate of the Hanks home.

However, he was stopped by the Hanks henchmen.

“Let go of me! Let me in!” Jordan shouted.

Robb chuckled.

“Hey, Master Steele, Warrior Steele, hero, why did you stop fighting Keep fighting.

I have more than two thousand people here for you.”

“You want to go in, huh Thats impossible.


Hanks home is not a place that someone of your status can enter.”

Jordan was about to lose his mind.

“Ill kill you! Im going to annihilate Chriss family!”

Robb humphed coldly.

“You dont know any better.

Damn it, you cant even get in, and you still want to destroy Mr.

Hanks family Go eat some sh*t!”

“Brothers, teach this kid a good lesson.


Hank said that the first group of ten to defeat Jordan will be rewarded $150,000 each!”


Hearing the reward, these people immediately surrounded Jordan excitedly.

However, at this moment, a familiar voice sounded.

“Who has the guts to touch my master!”

When Jordan heard it, he turned his head and looked, only to see that it was Salvatore!

Robb suddenly stood up in shock and barked, “Damn it, why are there so many people from Southeast Asia Where did they come from”

At this moment, Clyde arrived at Martins residence and instructed the guards he brought at the entrance, “Stay alert.

Arrest any Southeast Asian that you see!”


Clyde slowly walked into Martins room and greeted respectfully, “Master, I have tightened the surrounding security.

The people at the airport are not to be underestimated.

The airport staff, and the hundred people I sent there, were almost instantly wiped out by them.”

“They are very strong, and I dont know if they have weapons.

I was afraid that they were coming for you, so I rushed over.”

Martin looked at his favorite henchman and said heartedly, “Clyde, thats very thoughtful of you.”

“However, I just received a call from Jim and he said that a group of people had gone to the Hanks.”

Clyde asked in shock.

“The Hanks Theyre targeting the Hanks The ones who are about to become your in-laws”

Martin nodded and said with a smile on his face, “If I guessed correctly, they should be Jordans henchmen.

Im afraid the Hanks are doomed today!”

At this time, in the Royal Mansions.

The gate of this luxury villa cluster had long been demolished into scrap iron.

The palm trees had also been uprooted because they had been getting in the way.

The palms that were over ten meters high were being stepped on or carried by the henchmen as weapons!


Jordan was overjoyed to see the subordinates that he hadnt seen for a long time!

Salvatore came to Jordan and immediately got on his knees.

“Greetings, Mr.


At the same time, the burly men behind Salvatore all kneeled down to Jordan and said in broken English, “Greetings, Master!”

They were loud and majestic!

Robb and the Hanks henchmen were all dumbfounded!

The penniless Jordan actually managed to gather so many people!

Jordan helped Salvatore up and asked happily, “Youre fine now Wheres Pablo”

Salvatore nodded and said, “I didnt commit any crime in the first place.

I was released after that traitor dropped the false charges against me.”

“However, there was evidence against Mr.

Dalton for something that he had done in the past, so he was sentenced to a one-year jail term.”


Salvatore was acquitted while Pablo was only sentenced to one year in jail.

It seemed that Martin had fulfilled his promise to Jordan.

Salvatore continued, “Before I came out, Mr.

Dalton specially instructed me to go to Southeast Asia after I got released and gather all the remaining 800 or so fighters he secretly trained there.”


Dalton is afraid that something will happen to you, so he asked me to gather these people to help you!”

Jordan looked at the huge crowd behind him to see that they were all looking at him with a respectful gaze.

“Since Mr.

Jordan is Mr.

Daltons master, Mr.

Jordan is my master, too.

We pledge allegiance to Mr.


The leader said with a heavy Thai accent.

Jordan nodded.

Pablo had done him a huge favor!

Jordan no longer held back and raised his arm.

He exclaimed loudly, “All of you, follow me in.

Kill anyone who gets in the way!”


His voice echoed, and Jordan led 800 people to barge into Chriss house!


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