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Chapter 388: Chris Begs For Mercy!

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Watching his daughter crying in misery, Jordan too, could not help but tear up.

His teardrops trickled down his face and fell onto Chloes long black and silky hair.

Jordan had experienced the battlefield, witnessed numerous deaths, and also been a live-in husband who had experienced several betrayals by Hailey.

Even death and betrayal did not make Jordan shed a single tear.

However, seeing his daughter in such a plight made Jordans heart feel like it was squeezed by a tight fist!

Taking care as he wiped Chloes tears with both hands, Jordan discovered that her legs were completely powerless.

He took off the little red cartoon socks that she was wearing, only to find her toes little swollen and her calves similarly bruised.

Jordan looked at Chloe gently and asked, “Daddys good girl, tell me.

What happened”

Chloe cried and said, “Uncle Chris made me practice martial arts and taught me to get in the horses stance.

I stayed in it for a while but my legs started hurting so I couldnt continue.

Then he said that since Daddy is a good-for-nothing, I must be a good-for-nothing too.

“My daddy isnt a good-for-nothing! Daddy isnt a good-for-nothing!”

Jordan clenched his fist, wishing he could chop Chris into minced meat!

Jordan looked at Chloe and said, “You kept insisting on staying in the horse stance in order not to let him look down on you.

So thats why your leg is cramping up now, right”

Chloe nodded miserably as she said defiantly, “I cant let others look down on Daddy!”

Jordan never thought that Chloe had now ended up in such a plight just to prove to Chris that he was not a loser and good-for-nothing!

The only reason his daughter Chloe was undergoing such pain was for Jordans sake!


Jordan held Chloe in his arms, and at this moment, he was crying incessantly.

He had only started to show concern to Chloe and take care of her two weeks ago.

He had been absent for the last three years!

How was he deserving of her love

Chloe said to Jordan, “Daddy, I want to go home.

I dont want to live here, the people here are so mean.

Will you take me and Mommy out of here”

Jordan nodded and said, “Were going to look for Mommy now.

Lets go.”

With that, Jordan picked Chloe up in his arms, walked to the door, and immediately carried Chloe up the stairs when she heard Lauren screaming upstairs.

He didnt expect there to still be bodyguards of the Hanks on the third floor.

“Who are you”

As soon as Jordan appeared, two bodyguards rushed up to him.

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Jordan had just beaten up ten people alone.

Although he had exhausted most of his physical strength, he was filled with adrenaline after learning that his daughter had been bullied.

Bam! Jordan kicked the two men to the ground without putting Chloe down at all! He then pushed open the door and entered, only to see Chriss mother yanking Laurens clothes and hair!

“Wretch, you havent even officially married Chris.

How dare you get your lover to come and barge into our house.

You disloyal and shameless bitch, I must teach you a good lesson today!”

Chriss mother was tall and burly, with a stature of 1.75 meters.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have given birth to a big man like Chris who was 1.9 meters tall.

Lauren was relatively vulnerable and weak, so she was completely no match for this fierce middle-aged woman.

Her beautiful, long tresses were messed up by Chriss mother, just like her clothes.

“You must have a death wish!”

Jordan put Chloe on the chair and immediately hurried over to drag away Chriss mother, who was pulling Laurens hair.

Although he wanted to seek justice for Lauren, he didnt want to hit someone in front of his daughter.

It was because of the education that Jordans grandfather had given him.

If he wanted Chloe to grow up healthy and happy, he couldnt let her experience these ugly fights and squabbles between adults.

Hauling Chriss mother out, he closed the door to the room from outside.

Furious, Chriss mother screamed as she launched herself at him, “Jordan Steele you bastard, who allowed you to enter our house!”

Jordan slapped his opponent in the face!

“How dare you hit me”

Chriss mother still seemed to be in disbelief.


Jordan slapped her again.

“Son, save me, son!”


Jordan slapped her again, knocking her out this time.

He then pushed open the door and walked into the room, only to see that Lauren had already picked up Chloe.

“Jordan, what brings you here”

Lauren asked curiously as she hadnt called him at all.

Jordan didnt have time to explain and only said, “Lauren, stay with Chloe in this room for now while I go downstairs to take care of some things.

Ill pick you guys up later to leave.”

Seeing the murderous glint in Jordans eyes, Lauren knew that if Jordan could barge in, it proved that he had already won.

Lauren stretched out her slender hand, pulled Jordan, and advised, “Jordan, dont do anything foolish, just take us away.

Dont touch the Hanks.”

Since Chris was compatible with Lauren in terms of family background, it proved that the Hanks were also very powerful in DC.

She was worried that if Jordan was to harm Chris, it would only lead to negative consequences in the future.

Jordan said indifferently, “Dont worry, I know my limits.”

He slowly made his way downstairs with a murderous aura, and when he came to the hall on the first floor again, the eight hundred fighters under his command had already knocked out the Hanks henchmen!

The only people left standing were the ten or so people in front of Chris.

Chris, his father, and Robb were cowering in the corner, all drenched in cold sweat from fear.

“Master! What do we do with these three people” Salvatore sauntered up and asked.

There were now only over ten people in front of them, while Jordan had 800 unscathed people.

The outcome of the battle was no longer uncertain.

Jordan walked step by step towards Chris and the rest.

He then pointed at the lewd Robb.

“Throw that scum out, I dont want to see this person again in the future.”


Salvatore immediately took action, and the dozen or so people were also captured one by one in less than ten seconds.

All of them were knocked to the ground.

As it happened, Robb kept begging for mercy from Jordan, “Mr.

Jordan! I was wrong! Warrior Steele! Please just treat me like Im non-existent and let me go! I wont dare to do it again next time!”

During this period of time, the lacky, Robb, had said many insulting words to Jordan, and Jordan had long wanted to make him disappear!

After Robb was carried away, Chris started shivering.

“Jordan Steele, I did have some disagreements with you in the past but no matter what, our paths were fated to cross.

My fiancée is your old flame.

After I marry Lauren, I will definitely treat her well and also sleep in a separate room from her.

I will also treat your daughter as if she were my own daughter!

“After Lauren and I get married, you can come to my house every week to see Chloe.

No, you can come every day, you can spend the night at my house if youd like! In fact, I go overseas all the time so I cant take care of Chloe and Lauren..

If you dont mind, you can come over to accompany them…”


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