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Chapter 389: Giving The Howards An Explanation!

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Chris was terrified!

He had always been a male chauvinist.

Yet, he actually suggested that Jordan could come over to his house at any time and accompany Lauren.

From his words, it was clear he agreed to let Jordan and Lauren keep in touch as they pleased even after he married Lauren.

Who would have thought that one from the esteemed Hank family would say such humiliating words

However, Chriss plea for mercy now was too late!

Jordan looked at Chris and said with an icy expression, “Chris Hank, since I came to DC, you have angered me countless times but I hadnt had a chance to deal with you properly.

But today, you provoked my daughter and touched my bottom line! Do you think Id let you off so easily”

Chriss father could see that Jordans killing intent had surged at this moment so he frantically burst in, “Young man, dont do things that you will regret! If you dare to touch my son, I will make you wish you were dead!”

Jordan glanced at the middle-aged man and humphed coldly.

“I repeat, since youve provoked my daughter, youre in no place to bargain with me!”

“What… what are you trying to do!!” Chris was so frightened that he kept retreating again and again.

Jordan looked at Chris and said, “Dont worry, I wont kill you, Im a very fair person.

Im only going to pay you back in your own coin.

Do you still remember what you did to me through consciousness manipulation at Dr.

Gales clinic”

The words made Chriss face immediately turn pale!

A few days ago, he chopped off Jordans finger and castrated him in the illusory world through consciousness manipulation!

No! Chris shook his head continuously and blubbered, “No, Jordan, I didnt do that! Dont listen to that bastard Matt Gale.

Hes an unscrupulous doctor and a liar! Everything he said is untrue! I didnt do that at all! Dont believe Matt Gale, hes just a bastard and a gangster!

“In the past few years, he took advantage of Lauren when he was giving her treatment.

He even slept with her! You cant believe a scumbag like him!”

Jordan humphed coldly and asked, “Am I supposed to believe you instead”

“Someone, get in here!”


Salvatore immediately came forward.

Jordan instructed Salvatore, “Let him become the next Tyler Collins!”

“Got it!”

Salvatore quickly led his underlings forward.

Chris was proficient in martial arts and he resisted with all his might.

But he couldnt fight more than one opponent at a time and he was subdued by just three men.

They soon heard Chris wailing and shrieking.


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Chriss father hollered in helplessness.

Salvatore walked to Jordan, pointed at Chriss father.

“What about this man”

It was the first time Jordan and Chriss father met.

There was no feud between them, and he didnt hurt Lauren or Chloe, so Jordan wasnt going to get physical with Chriss father.

However, he knew very well that if he were to harm his son, Chriss father would definitely use all of his power to deal with him.

Hence, Jordan wanted to deprive him of that power!

“Tim.” Jordan called Tim over and instructed, “Go and check his cell phone and go to his room to search for some documents or contracts or the like.

Im sure the Hanks must have lots of sordid income for them to be where they are today.

Let him stay behind bars for the rest of his life.”


If anything, Tim liked punishing wealthy scions and tycoons the most.

After settling these matters, Jordan ran to the third floor again and brought Lauren and Chloe down.

They wanted to leave this place quickly.

However, when they came to the courtyard, Jordan discovered that Laurens Jeep car had been smashed to the point that even the tires were missing.

“Bastard, who smashed Miss Howards car How outrageous!” Salvatore hollered angrily.

One of his underlings came forward and said, “Salvatore, it was you who smashed it.”

Salvatore was stunned, and he quickly slapped himself while apologizing to Lauren.

“Sorry, I hadnt seen your car before this.”

Lauren smiled faintly and said that she didnt mind.

It seemed that Chloe also remembered this bald man, as she piped up with a smile on her face, “Its Mr.


Jordan said, “Ill compensate you for your car another day.”

Lauren shook her head.

“No, dont bother with these things, lets leave.”

While leading the way, Salvatore said, “There are a lot of cars we drove over outside this estate and the keys are still in the car.


Jordan, just pick one as you please.”

Jordan nodded and instructed Salvatore, “Take your men and leave this place quickly.”

After saying that, Jordan picked a Cadillac Escalade and took Lauren and Chloe away.

This SUV had a fully bulletproof steel chassis.

In the United States, most of the people in Cadillac Escalades are not to be trifled with because there is a 98% probability that they carried weapons.

While driving out of this area on the road, there was finally reception and Laurens phone rang.

“Hello, Grandpa.

Yes, Im with Jordan.

Okay, I got it.”

After hanging up the phone, Lauren said to Jordan, “Grandpa wants you to take us to his place, and he also wants to see you for a while.”


Jordan drove to Martins residence.

The cars of Salvatore and the others followed behind very quickly.

After arriving at Martins manor, Jordans car passed smoothly, but Salvatore and the others vehicles were stopped.

Salvatore immediately called Jordan and asked, “Mr.

Jordan, our cars cant enter.

Should we break in”

Jordan said, “No, you guys stay put and wait for me.

The Howards wont do anything to me.”

His feud with the Howards had been settled long ago, and this time, he had just saved Lauren, so the Howards could not be more grateful to Jordan.

They wouldnt harm him.

With that established, Jordan, Lauren and Chloe, slowly walked into the hall.

Jordan was surprised to find that the hall was filled with the Howards!

Just like the first time he had come here, Martin, Laurens father, mother, stepmother, Clarice, Alex, as well as their respective partners, were all around.

Even Brad, whose leg injury had yet to fully recover, had rushed home from the hospital!

‘Thats strange.

Why are all the Howards here

Jordan vaguely felt that something was not right.


Howard Senior,” Jordan called out to Martin.

“Grandpa,” Lauren greeted.

Martin nodded expressionlessly.

Seeing that Chloes face was stained with tears, he said, “Someone, take Chloe to wash up.”

“Lauren, go to your room and freshen up too.”

Laurens hair and clothes were also a bit messy now.

After all, they were a notable family and Martin valued etiquette greatly.

However, Lauren glanced at Jordan, not wanting to leave him because she was worried that Martin would make things difficult for Jordan.

Martin could tell what Lauren was thinking and he said, “Our conversation with Jordan wont begin until you come down.

Go and get changed.

Since youre known as the top beauty in DC, you have to look like it.”

Jordan also smiled at Lauren and said, “Go ahead, Ill be fine.”

Lauren nodded and headed upstairs.

Jordan found a seat and sat down.

The large room was filled with a dead silence and not a single person uttered a word!

However, they were all looking at Jordan!

‘What exactly do the Howards… intend to do!

Jordan could not help but feel anxious..


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