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It was just a Richard Mille watch and a few antique paintings in the Camdens home basement.

They were nothing to Jordan!

The only thing Jordan couldnt bear to part with Lucky the poodle, whom he had taken care of for three years because it was the only thing that he knew to be grateful to him!

After Jordan left, Salvatore and his underlings left the villa in a disheveled manner.

As soon as Salvatore got inside the car, Drew scurried over.

Drew was grateful to Salvatore for keeping his lips sealed and not exposing him even when he got beaten up just now.

“Salvatore, you… Are you alright” Drew asked with a look of embarrassment.

Salvatore flew into a rage when he saw Drew.

“Punk, how dare you give me such a tough job!! You must give me $150,000 more and compensate for the medical expenses of my underlings!”

Drew said, “Money is not a problem, as long as you can teach Jordan Steele a hard lesson.

Salvatore, are you going to have him killed”

Salvatore waved his hands and said, “Okay, Ill take care of this for you.

Im rushing for time.

I have to get going now!”

Salvatore drove away quickly in a commercial vehicle.

After leaving the villa neighborhood, Salvatore spat some saliva out of the window.

“Damn it, Drew Camden is such a fool.

If I still have underlings now, why would I take action personally for the sake of earning $800,000 from you”

In fact, all of Salvatores shops had been seized, and he was already penniless.

However, Salvatore was bent on taking revenge after being humiliated in public and having his finger broken by Jordan.

“Book me a ticket to Thailand immediately!”

Salvatore was going to go look for Pablo!

Jordan returned to the office and held a meeting in the conference room that only the top management executives could attend.

The meeting was mainly meant for a discussion to decide if they should invest in the Camdens top-class private residence project or not.

The top management executives, including Victoria, basically agreed to invest 11 million dollars into the project.

Firstly, it was because it wasnt a large sum of money for the company.

Secondly, it was because it was a promising project with good prospects.

They were confident that once the residences were built, it would definitely attract the top-tier families in Orlando and other cities.

Ace Corporation also planned to add a clause in the sales contract that stated that the condition to buy one of the residences was to go into business cooperation with Ace Corporation.

Ace Corporation owned many businesses, many of which did not have much competitive power.

Hence, if they could get the help of those top-tier family businesses, it would definitely be a significant enhancement.

Hence, not only would the project benefit the Camdens, but it was also favorable for the interests of Ace Corporation.

Since Jordan was the one who proposed the project, there was no need for him to veto his own idea.

Jordan was seated in the presidents seat in the conference room.

“Okay, since everyone agrees, lets officially start cooperating with Landmark Realty from now on.

Victoria, tell the Camdens… Inform Landmark Realty to send someone over and give me a detailed explanation of this project.

Id like to check on them and see how prepared they are.”

“Yes, Ill inform them right now,” Victoria said.

After the meeting ended, Victoria immediately called Herman.

As of this moment, the Camdens were still in the villa discussing whether Mr.

Camden Senior had forced Hailey to marry Jordan because of his excellent martial arts skills.

Herman was highly excited to pick up Victorias phone call.

“Mom, Miss Clarke just called me to say that the president of Ace Corporation has agreed to invest 11 million dollars in our project! But I have to meet him in person to discuss the project and demonstrate how well-prepared we are.”

Old Mrs.

Camden was extremely excited too.

“Great, cooperating with the Ace Corporation would be a huge leap forward for us and Landmark Realty!”

“Herman, you must perform well and leave a good impression on Mr.

Steele so that we can continue cooperating with them in the future!”

Herman said, “Yes! I will definitely perform well in front of Mr.


Elle whispered, “Dad, take a closer look at Mr.


I heard that he is young and handsome, unlike most presidents of established companies.”

Seeing how gleeful Elle looked, Hailey knew that she must be harboring designs on him.

“Elle, no matter how handsome Mr.

Steele is, hes already attached.

Have you forgotten that Miss Clarke and Mr.

Steele are lovers”

Elle rolled her eyes and said, “What does that have to do with you Theyre just lovers.

Theyre not married yet.

Besides, Im younger than Victoria Clarke, and I have a better figure too.

Why cant I snatch Mr.

Steele from her”

Drew chimed in to speak up for his sister.

“Exactly, I support Elle too.

Hailey, I heard that Victoria Clarke slapped you, so you should support Elle now that she wants to snatch her boyfriend!”

Even Old Mrs.

Camden nodded in approval too.

“Elle is right! Brilliant men are scarce in this world, and you must snatch what you want.

Elle, go with your father to meet Mr.

Steele at Ace Corporation.”

“Ah! Really Thank you, Grandma! Youre the best!”

Elle jumped up excitedly and pecked Old Mrs.

Camden on her wrinkled face.

Benedict and his family seemed extremely disgruntled.

Hailey was clearly the one who proposed the top-class private residence idea.

Yet, Herman was appointed as the person in charge.

Hailey said indignantly, “I want to go too.”

Sylvie hurriedly spoke up for her daughter.

“Yeah, let Hailey go too.

Putting aside her competency, Hailey is the most beautiful girl in this city! Besides, shes now divorced, and she got slapped by that bitch Victoria Clarke.

I support the idea of having Hailey snatch Mr.

Steele away from Victoria Clarke!”

Elle scoffed and said scornfully, “Will you please look in the mirror Why would Mr.

Steele marry a divorced woman”

Old Mrs.

Camden also spoke up for Elle.

“Elle is right.

Hailey might be more beautiful, but I plan to help Elle get together with Mr.


Hailey, youd better make do with that Tyler Collins.”

When she was cheating on her husband, Hailey was proud to have found a man like Tyler who was compatible with her.

However, compared to Mr.

Steele, Tyler seemed to be inferior.

Soon, Herman and his daughter, Elle, arrived at Ace Corporation together.

Due to the fact that Jordan was meeting other clients at the time, he told Ashley to arrange for them to wait in the meeting room and instructed her not to serve them any drinks.

The Camdens, especially Herman, were extremely mean and malicious to Jordan.

Since they had arrived on Jordans territory, he definitely wouldnt serve them with good hospitality.

In the meeting room.

Elle was dressed in a skin-tight dress that accentuated her figure while making her look elegant, enchanting, and irresistible to men.

However, Elle seemed displeased with the dress as she asked, “Dad, why did you make me wear this dress It might show off my curves, but it covers up the other parts of my body.

Dont you know how great my figure is Hmph.”


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